Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency: The Guide to Buy

Trade Cryptocurrency

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies focuses on making a profit. The activities occur in the crypto market. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrency differ in the processes involved. Both buying and selling cryptocurrencies require the use of a similar cryptocurrency. An example is bitcoin, which you can use for exchange. The process of trading cryptocurrencies

7 Best Technologies to Engage Your Customers in 2021

Technology tool for Customer Engagement

In the digital era, customers have higher expectations and demands from companies. Nontraditional marketing techniques are getting adopted to accommodate this growing customer population. Technology has been a massive tool in making this happen. It has made customer engagement much more accessible and faster than it ever was before. Companies are incorporating technology as much

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How Much Can You Trust the Experts

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Trading in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is a very challenging prospect. You cannot rely on word of mouth or social media to decide whether it is the right time to buy or sell yourdigital currency. What is Technical Analysis? What you need is a trading strategy that helps give you reliable results. Here’s when technical analysis

Benefits of Adding Bitcoin to Your Investment Portfolio

Bitcoin hasn’t become what it was originally created for yet. But with the crypto becoming more and more mainstream by the day, the chances are that the pace of Bitcoin’s universal adaption will gain some traction as well. For now, it’s booming as an alternative trading asset. And contrary to what many traditional investors who

Advantages of Automated Bot Trading of Bitcoin

advantages of Using Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Bitcoin investing seems to be the new buzzword these days, and with its value soaring high, it’s easy to see why. But, with trading in Bitcoin being extremely easy these days and the allure of a high return, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s investment and end up losing your hard-earned money. Luckily, there

4 Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin You Should Know About

Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

As the progenitor of almost all the other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Even though the number of cryptocurrencies is now in the thousands, Bitcoin usually takes center stage. And even though other currencies are not tied to Bitcoin per se, but many cryptocurrencies do feel an impact when Bitcoin

3 Ways to Short Bitcoin

Ways to Short Bitcoin

Most people buy bitcoins and trade them, hoping that their price will rise. Many people aren’t aware that you can make money on financial assets even when their price drops. This is called shorting or short selling. Short selling can be a great way to maximize your profits on Bitcoin, given how its price fluctuates

Bitcoin Trading App Advantages

Bitcoin Trading App Advantages

One of the first questions that those who are interested in trading in Bitcoin ask themselves is, “How do I start?” Contrary to popular belief, trading in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter is relatively easy, provided you follow the right steps to get started. A major factor to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency vs. Traditional Assets

Cryptocurrency vs. Traditional Assets

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now, and it is no wonder that more and more people are exploring that avenue and trying to see what the hype is all about. One question that is particularly piquing everyone’s curiosity is how cryptocurrencies are different from traditional investment options, such as bonds, stocks, or foreign exchange (Forex).

Bitcoin Value is Soaring: But Will it Last?

bitcoins price is going up

Investing in Bitcoin is an exciting prospect for many experienced and novice investors, and rightly so. The cryptocurrency hit an all-time high, reaching $40,000 less than a month after breaking its previous record. While the consistently upward trend of Bitcoin value has gotten many investors excited to see where it will go, there are few

Bitcoin Trading Vs. Long-Term Holding: What’s The Difference?

Bitcoin Trading vs. Holding

In the age of technology, one of the gifts that the internet has bestowed upon us is that it has made a lot of things within everyone’s reach. Thanks to free/affordable tools and apps and the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, a number of people can take several important life decisions and make

The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Bitcoin Trading Strategies to Live By

Trading or investing in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) seems to be the new buzzword these days. But, ask any battle-hardened investor, and they will tell you that Bitcoin trading is no joke. And with the current value of Bitcoin soaring high, even a slight mistake or oversight on your part could end up costing you

Bitcoin Predictions For 2021

Bitcoin Predictions

Although 2020 was dominated by headlines of COVID-19, lockdowns, and economic uncertainty, it was one of the biggest years in Bitcoin’s brief history. The cryptocurrency’s price rose exponentially during the year, reclaiming its stratospheric highs of 2017 after finding support from some of the world’s most prominent investors and Wall Street. With its prices currently soaring above $30,000

Can Bitcoin Be More Than Just An Investment Asset?

Bitcoin trading and investing

Bitcoin trading and investing have become quite mainstream nowadays. The investor community considered it to be just a phase, especially after the bubble burst in 2017, but that’s not the case. Bitcoin reemerged in 2020, more vital than ever. It’s now down from its recent peak, but this crypto is on the rise again. There

5 Environmentally-Friendly Companies in the Tech Space

Environmentally-Friendly Companies in the Tech Space

Technology has made incredible strides over the last few years. We have gotten closer to perfecting artificial intelligence, developed 3D printers for household use, and advanced the use of virtual reality. New technology is very impressive, but it is important to remember the environmental impact that it has on the planet. Many tech companies have

A Detailed Guide to cryptocurrency Platforms and Arbitrage Trading Bots

Arbitrage Trading Bots

Learn more about different types of cryptocurrency platforms, the basics of arbitrage trading bots, their advantages and special features. What are Cryptocurrency Platforms? Cryptocurrency platforms are interfaces that allow users and investors to exchange a digital currency with another. It also permits the exchange of fiat currency with electronic currency and vice versa. These platforms

A Detailed Guide for Bitcoin Trading and Investing

Do you want to start trading or investing in Bitcoin? If yes, here are essential things to know before you trade Bitcoin or invest in it. Bitcoin is among the first modern cryptocurrencies. The popularity of this cryptocurrency has been growing since its invention in 2009. Today, people are using Bitcoin as an exchange medium

How to Use Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are undoubtedly not going away. People are investing in and trading Bitcoin to make passive income. Individuals that started trading or investing in Bitcoin early have made significant profits. However, some individuals are yet to start because they don’t know how to trade or invest in Bitcoin. Luckily, cryptocurrency auto trading platforms

How to Spend Bitcoins

Spend Bitcoins

You probably know that you can trade or invest in Bitcoin. But how do you spend Bitcoin? Here are some of the best ways of spending your Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of digital or electronic money. It’s not something a person can stick in their pocket. Also, Bitcoins can’t be kept in a bank

Useful Tips to Know Before You Invest in Bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency and a fashionable investment. Its value has been appreciating over recent years. Whether you opt to trade or invest in this cryptocurrency, it’s among the best-performing assets today. And, you can invest in Bitcoin in different ways. But, Bitcoin remains volatile and risky. That’s why individuals are advised not to

Tips for Choosing Your Bitcoin Trading Software

Bitcoin Trading Software

Using the best Bitcoin trading software comes with many benefits. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you get maximum returns from your investment. The current market is awash with trading software with varying features. Some Bitcoin trading apps are downloadable. Others are launched directly from web browsers using a desktop computer or

Buying Trading Software

Bitcoin Trading Software

Buying trading software can help you achieve your goals with ease. Here are useful tips and insights to help when choosing a trading platform. Every trader knows the importance of relevant market information. But, having market information alone is not enough. A cryptocurrency trader should have the right tool to evaluate different patterns of the

What You Should Know About Bitcoin Trading Software

Bitcoin Trading

It’s no secret that some Bitcoin traders have made a lot of money. And, a lot is happening in the cryptocurrency market right now. The market capital for big retailers is increasing. There is also a booming Fintech industry. So, people that are yet to start trading or investing in cryptocurrency should think about it.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Online Trading

Online Trading

You have probably heard stories about people that are making money through online trading. And, this may have caught your attention. But, what does online trading entails? Well, online trading is a popular way to perform buy-and-sell transactions. For instance, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin online. You can also execute contracts for

Exploring The Trend Towards a Digital World in 2021

Exploring The Trend Towards

It’s a fact – the world is trending towards digital, in all ways. Here are 4 digital trends to watch if you want to use the digital world to your advantage.  The world has been leaning towards digital for a while, and the arrival of Covid-19 has only accelerated the movement.  Whether your business has

10 Best Wifi Packet Sniffers of 2021

Wi-Fi Sniffer

Do you want to monitor data traffic and analyze data packets without any glitches? Choosing one of these top 10 best Wi-Fi sniffers allows you to effortlessly monitor network activity, usage, and discover network vulnerabilities. A Wi-Fi sniffer is a kind of packet analyzer. A packet analyzer, also called packet sniffer, is a hardware or

9 Coolest Jobs in Crypto in 2021


Cryptocurrency is the new way of life in transacting business. It’s not a surprise that jobs in cryprocurrency had arosed from engineers to journalists. The Bitcoin boom has created jobs that are rooted in a variety of skill sets. Now is the time to invest your talents within the cryptocurrency job market. These days, the

What is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know


In these modern times, technology has made unbelievable advancements compared to any past time. This evolution has redefined the life of man in almost every aspect. This evolution is an ongoing process, and thus, human life on earth is continuously improving day in and day out. One of the latest inclusions in this aspect is

3 Best Tech-Related Accessories You Can Buy in 2021

Tech Related Accessories

It seems as if we are constantly being bombarded with the latest technologies, devices and wearable accessories. This only stands to reason when we take into account how quickly modern tech is progressing. However, some suggestions represent nothing more than short-term fads while others will provide a handful of amazing benefits. Let us, therefore, take

Absolute Digital Media: 5 Ways To Your Marketing Potential

Digital Media

Marketing can often be overlooked as an unnecessary service that can be cut down on, but this can prove detrimental to your business. There is so much potential from a well-designed marketing strategy, working with an agency can help to separate your businesses from the others. Marketing doesn’t always have to take the traditional route;

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