How to use Proxies and VPS for affiliate marketing on Jarvee

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Are you finding it difficult to make money on Instagram through affiliate marketing? Then you need to read this guide as I am going to reveal a secret the Instagram gurus are hiding away from you.

Yes, people make big money on IG by earning commission on the products and services of others they sell. And guess what? You too can if you follow my step by step guide.

So, what do we need to get started? In this guide, you will need proxies, windows VPS, and an Instagram automation bot like Jarvee and Follow Adder. These tools are the secret nobody told you about. Yes, many Instagram marketers are using automated tools and they aren’t telling you.

This is because growing an audience on Instagram takes a long time unless you use automated bots or you were just lucky to trend – and as you know, such lucks do not come all the time. So, the only option we have as small marketers is to automate. Let get started.

What is a VPS and Why Do You Need It?

The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a remote computer that you can have access to and use it from any location on another computer. While it seems to be a separate computer, in most cases, it is just a space you are given on a computer shared among users. However, only you have access to your files and settings.

You can save your files on it, install applications on it and do almost all the things you can do with a physically available computer. However, this one is remote and you need your physically available computer to access and operate the VPS.

If you are using a Windows operating system and you do not want to run your bot to carry out your affiliate marketing task 24/7, you do not need a VPS. However, if you are not using a Windows computer, you have to use VPS as most Instagram bots are Windows-based – including Jarvee.

Even though you are using a Windows OS, the need to run your bot for 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week will get you to use a VPS. Let face it, you cannot leave your system running this long so just hang on VPS and thank me later.

There are many VPS service providers out there. While many of these are expensive, some are cheap and even free. However, I won’t advise you to go for a free VPS service. If you do not have much money, I will advise you to use Vultr because their subscriptions are cheap. Head now to their website and create an account.

Vultr -

After creating an account, you will be required to make payment. After making the payment, you will be given the necessary credentials required to access your VPS. Follow the steps below to login and access your new remote computer.

  • Launch the “Remote Desktop Connection” application. You can access this software from the start menu. For me, I used the search feature of my Windows 10 computer.

Remote Desktop Connection

  • Enter the IP address of the VPS server you subscribed to in the field named computer above. Then click connect.
  • You will be required to enter a username and password to authenticate after which your remote computer is launched.
  • As for mine, Windows 10 was installed.

Your system data, operating system, and files get hidden and the VPS becomes your system. It is on this new interface that you will install your automation bot, set it up and launch it. After the launch, you are expected to switch back to your physical computer and the VPS will be on for as long as you want it and your subscription is still active.

Why You Need an Automation Bot and How to Set It Up

Like I stated above, many marketers on Instagram use bots. They need them to create and manage multiple accounts. Some marketers have as much as over 200 Instagram accounts. Do you think they were able to create this number of accounts without using automated means? I doubt!

Many accounts owned by one person or a group of people created for specific marketing purposes are known as Instagram accounts farms. They might use these accounts to fake interaction with content they created with one of their accounts in other to get the content to trend so they can leverage on the popularity of the content that trended to sell their affiliate products.

Jarvee control panel

In this guide, I will be using Jarvee as an Instagram automation tool. Below are the steps required to download and set up Jarvee for the purpose of Instagram automation. You will be doing this on the VPS. They're no different from doing it on your PC.

Instagram Marketing Automation

  • After creating an account, you are given a password to use in the app and a link to install Jarvee
  • Jarvee setup file is a 137 MB .msi file you are expected to download and install before you can use it.
  • After installation, if you launch it, you are expected to enter your username and password.
  • If the login was successful, the next thing for you to do is to add the Instagram accounts you need to use for the affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Head to the social profile section and click add a profile and choose Instagram as the social media of choice
  • You are then expected to enter the username and password of the account. Do this for all the accounts you want to use for the campaign.

Jarvee is now ready for use. However, we need to set up proxies on it so that we can use multiple accounts without getting caught and penalized.

Why You Need Proxies and How to Add Them to Jarvee

Proxies conceal your IP address by presenting other device IPs as your IP addresses. With them, you visit a website a hundred times with the same computer but the website will think the 100 visits are from different computers.

You only need proxies if you need to automate more than 3-5 accounts. If you try using it for automation tasks on one or two accounts, you are wasting money because there is no need of using them. Below are the steps to set up proxies on Jarvee.

  • Launch Jarvee and navigate to the proxy manager section

login into Jarvee

  • Look at the screenshot above. Can you see the Add Proxy button? That is the button you need to click.
  • After clicking this button, an entry is entered into the list of proxy and you are expected to fill the blank spaces with information of the proxies you intend to add to the software. You are also expected to link each proxy added with a particular Instagram profile

If the information entered is correct, Jarvee will confirm that and immediately Jarvee certifies it valid, you can use it for automation without any fear. Now that we are done with setting up VPS, Jarvee, and proxies, and I would suggest you use the 4G mobile proxies or residential proxies for Jarvee. it is now time to go into how to engage in affiliate marketing on Instagram in detail.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revenue generation model whereby an independent marketer sells products of a company and earn a commission from it. Affiliate programs are developed by businesses to help them make more sells and widen their market by tapping into the audience base of their affiliate partners.

On the Internet, affiliate partners are given unique ID or links which they use to promote the products they want to market. If anyone buys through that link, they are paid a commission.

There are a lot of affiliate programs available on the Internet. The most popular ones are the Amazon affiliate program and Clickbank. Aside from these two, a lot of companies including some small businesses are beginning to embrace it, thereby making it becoming popular among online marketers.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Instagram wasn’t made for marketers. If you look at the way the platform is structured, you will agree with me that they discourage any form of activity that will take their users out of the platform. Unlike other social networking platforms that you can drop links on numerous places, Instagram is very restrictive in this regard. If you drop a link in your comment, it will not be hyperlinked.

On Instagram, there is only one place you can drop a link and it will be hyperlinked and that’s your bio area. Unfortunately, if you drop an affiliate link there and Instagram discover, you will be penalized. So how then do you successfully market affiliate products on Instagram?

  • Get a Good Profile

make sure your main account has an interesting and professionally taken image or designed. Get the account a good bio and post a good number of non-promotional images and videos. Make it real and interesting so that people will want to follow it because seriously, people on Instagram are mindful of who they follow and as such, you have to work on their psyche. I advise you get this done manually unlike the step below that needs to be automated for it to be efficient.

  • Build a Follower Base

Before you can talk about marketing on Instagram, you need to have followers. And as you already know, building a following on Instagram is not an easy task and for someone that needs an audience to sell to like yourself, things become worse. However, you can game the system and get quick results by using automation bots – in this case, Jarvee. You are building followership for only one account. We need the other accounts to fake engagements in other to a trend.

How do you use automation tools to build a follower base? You can set Jarvee to start following people in the niche of the product you intend to sell. This can be done through the help of hashtags and keywords. Many users on Instagram will naturally want to follow you back and because your bot follows a large number of people, many of them follow you in return and before you know it, you have gotten huge followership on Instagram.

Aside from following users based on their hashtags, you can also follow users that follow you using Jarvee. Jarvee can also be used to drop comments. As your bot goes out there and acts on your behave, it gets you more popular.

  • Promoting Affiliate Link

If you have built enough following, you can then start thinking of marketing the affiliate products. enough following here means different numbers to different people. In my own case, I regard having 10K followers as being enough to earn you profit if you market a product to them since they are niche targeted audience.

I have to mention again that Instagram users do not like hard selling. If they discover you are trying to sell a product or service, your post will be ignored. To make matters even worse, you cannot even place a link in your posts. The only place you can drop the affiliate link is the bio area. I will advise you use a URL shortening service to conceal your affiliate link from being discovered as one.  How then do you get people to click on the link in your bio?

The best way to do that is to make a post describing the problem you had and how the product helped in solving that problem. After making the post, you can now automate Jarvee to get the other account you created to interact with the post.

This will get it to trend, thereby making a lot of people see it. This together with the fact that you already have many people following you will result in a lot of sales and you will be paid a commission per customer that buys the product through your affiliate link.


With the huge number of people using Instagram in recent times, if you aren’t making money on Instagram, you are definitely losing out. And one of the ways to make money on it is by using proxies and VPS to sell affiliate products.

The process is a simple one as described above. If you follow the guide and carry your gut along with you as you start your journey as an Instagram marketer, you will surely succeed.


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