Instagram Growth Services (Organic Growth) Vs Automation Tools (Ig Bot)

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If you had wanted to grow your Instagram audience base, chances are there that you have been sold the ideas of either using Instagram growth services or the much popular and cost-effective automation tools.

While the two help you increase your followers on Instagram, their approach is different. And these become the basis of the difference between Instagram growth services and Instagram automation bots.

I will be discussing these differences. But before then, let take a look at the meaning of the two terms.

What is an IG Automation Tool?

An Instagram Automation Tool, on the other hand, make use of a script to automate your Instagram account management. In this, no human is actively involved in growing your account follower base.

In fact, it is advisable you do not interact with your account manually any period you are using an IG bot to avoid tripping the Instagram anti-spam system.

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  • Ingramer: Web IG Bot – VPN/Proxy added – $67 / account
  • Social Captain: Web IG Bot – VPN/Proxy added – $39 per month
  • Instavast: Web IG Bot – No – Socks proxy Needed – $15 per month
  • Instamber: Web IG Bot – No – Socks proxy Needed – 10$
  • Jarvee: Software – No – HTTP proxies Needed – 29.95 /month (10 accounts)

What Is Instagram Growth Service?

Instagram Growth Service is an Instagram account management service whereby your account is given to a social media manager to help you interact with Instagram users and grow your account followers organically.

In Instagram Growth Service, you outsource your Instagram account management to someone else usually much more experienced than you in Instagram account management. Because of the experience, your account will gain followers fast.

Difference Between Instagram Growth Service and Instagram Automation Tool

You will agree with me that automated actions cannot be the same as human intelligence-backed action. So, let take a look at the differences.

Factors Growth Service Automation Tool
Legitimacy Yes No
Speed of Growth Slow Fast
Audience Engagement Very high Low
Cost Expensive Cheap
Customer Support Excellent Good

  • Legitimacy – Risk of IG account get banned

Legitimacy is one of the most important factors you should consider when you are trying to use any service. This is because Instagram, as a company has its own terms and conditions, you need to follow to ensure your accounts are not blocked.

While I am not advising you to stick to their term and condition completely, you need to know when you have crossed the line. How legitimate is Instagram Growth Services and Automation Tools?

  • Instagram Growth Service

Outsourcing your account management task is completely legal. In fact, most big brands, businesses, politicians, and celebrities do it. Instagram does not have a problem with another person managing your account provided it is not done in a spammy way.

If the account manager genuinely interacts with other users on Instagram and gets followers because they find the account follow-worthy, then there is no problem with that.

  • Instagram Automation Tool

However, in the case of Instagram automation, the APIs used are private APIs, and as such, they are completely illegal. Instagram is one of the anti-bot social networking sites.

To make things worse, they are spammy in their approach. They send more than enough request to Instagram per minutes. They drop non-sensical comments and send generic messages. This makes them a target for Instagram ban.

  • Speed of Account Growth

Growing a follower base is a very tedious task, and this is the major reason you are looking for a service to help you manage your account in the first place. Let take a look at how the two methods stand in terms of the speed of growing accounts.

  • Instagram Growth Service

This method, though faster than if you were to manage your account by yourself is slower than bots. This is because it is done organically and usually, the manager usually has other accounts he/she is managing.

He needs to research and come up with ways to better interact with others. Comments and direct messages have to make sense, and the manager has to be sure the person he is trying to follow is the kind of person he wants to have as a follower.

  • Instagram Automation Tool

On the other hand, using bots is a different ball game. A bot can go all out, adding everybody in your niche through the use of hashtag not minding if that’s the first time and probably the last time such persons will use that hashtag.

At best, bots drop generic comments and like every picture that passes a particular filter not minding other things. This makes them super fast and can grow your Instagram follower base faster than Instagram Growth Service.

Audience Engagement

Do I need to tell you that the sole aim of having followers on IG is for them to interact with your posts? An audience without engagement is better termed as a deadbeat audience – nothing more.

What is the nature of engagement you get from followers gotten from automation bot and growth services? There is a huge difference that even though one is cheaper, you will come to accept that the other is more cost-effective because of the level of engagement you get.

  • Instagram Growth Service

In terms of audience engagement, this method leads – by far. This is because the audience is built organically, they are niche-specific, and are genuinely interested in what is posted on your account.

This means that if you make a new post which can be a marketing campaign, many of them will engage with the post.

  • Instagram Automation Tool

In this case, audience engagement is low. In fact, in some cases, if you are not careful after you start posting manually, some of them will start unfollowing your account.

This is because they followed you out of the obligation they feel when someone follows them. However, this can be reduced if you use an AI-powered bot with smart targeting capabilities. Regardless of how you use it, you cannot have a better audience engagement compared to when you use a growth service.


What is the cost of using an Instagram Growth Service as opposed to using an automation bot to growth your follower base?

At first, if you just pick one or two of them and compare, there seems to be no difference. However, if you compared the premium ones that get the job done the way they should, you will observe there is a noticeable difference in their prices.

  • Instagram Growth Service

This is more expensive because instead of a bot that can manage over 100 accounts concurrently, it makes use of social media specialists. And I need not tell you that there is a limit to the number of account a person can manage.

  • Instagram Automation Tool

Using IG bots is way cheaper. In fact, you can get some open-source Instagram bots that are completely free for use. However, I will be skeptical about any social media manager that will promise me that he will help me grow my account for free.

Customer Support

Customers are bound to have issues while using a service. And when that occurs, their number point of contact is the service customer support representatives. Because of the difference in the approach used by both, there is bound to be a difference between the growth services and automation tools in this regard.

  • Growth Service

Customer service is at its best in Instagram growth service. Since you have a dedicated social media manager attached to your account, it is logical to say you will have more personalized customer support as that manager can tell why a particular process is not working based on his experience managing your account and suggest a better way.

  • Automation Tool

While you can get good customer support from makers of automation tools when it comes to personalized questions such as why are your followers unfollowing you, the best you can get is a generalized answer since no one is personally engaged with your account.


From the above, you can see that Instagram Growth Service differ from Instagram Automation Tool in terms their legitimacy, speed of growing an account follower base, audience engagement, cost of service, and customer service support.

Usually, most small-scale churn and burn Internet marketers make use of automation bots while marketers that have long term plans for their accounts and want better engagement make use of the Instagram growth services.

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