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Luminati Networks becomes Bright Data is a sign of where they are headed. They will focus on Web Transparency and Continuous Innovation.

With the rising technology, there is a need for transparent data collection in over four billion webpages. You therefore need a versatile data collector with automated scraping technology, like Bright Data.

Bright Data is a new name because it was rebranded from Luminati on the seventeenth of March 2021. This news has been received with applause, especially when the world needs a transparent and advanced data collector.

Luminati Networks to brightdata

Why Has Luminati Rebranded Bright Data?

The Luminati developers found a data collection loophole in the proxy market when most industries are advancing to data-oriented sites. As a result, the company felt that the word ‘Luminati' would not correspond to their transparent data-driven goal, but the name Bright Data looks reasonable.

Six Goals of Bright Data

Goals of Bright Data

Another reason that made Bright Data to change its name is because of some objects it wants to attain. They include.

  • Ensuring web transparency

The rising cases of geo-blocked and censored platforms require a trusted proxy provider to help clients bypass those restrictions. Bright data hence want to capitalize on transparency in accessing those sites. In that case, it ensures an ethical content platform and protects users from misleading information and cyberbullying.

  • Data-driven schemes

Unlike the Luminati which emphasized on quality proxy servers, bright data focuses on a data-driven proxy provider. In other words, it is advancing to data bots that are instrumental in web scraping over a billion websites to provide unlimited solutions. As a result, the new bright data has a data collector and Search engine crawler platforms.

  • Wide area coverage

Even though bright data is found internationally, it is looking to penetrate most regions and remote areas globally. For that case, it is aligning its technology which is capable of accessing such places. This will provide clients with proxy care and support in whatever location they are.

  • Humanitarian services

Bright data seeks to channel its efforts for humanitarian initiatives. Such initiatives will allow bright data to target social responsibility, educational programs, and crisis-faced people.

  • Establish a data-bound community

Data-related research is increasingly becoming predominant with students, researchers, and business organizations. Bright data wishes to help students with their academic projects and research.

  • Developing smarter solutions

The use of smart technologies has signified a transition from Luminati to bright data. Bright data has developed data collector bots for laser-focusing on websites. It also has developed secure fingerprinting browsing and a zero-touch user interface.

What has Changed or Added on Bright Data?

bright data company logo

Not many things have changed with this rebranding. Luminati's services are still there, but the company has added some features and altered its appearance. The following are some of these adjustments.

  • The company logo.

Apart from the company changing its name, it has changed its logo. If you remember, Luminati used to have a smiling emoji-like symbol, but the Bright Data logo is a fire symbol on top of the letter (I).

  • The websites panel

Although the services of bright data remain the same as in Luminati, these Bright Data’s homepage seems different. First, you will realize its appearance and background color have changed. You will also discover an added data collection platform. If you like coding, you will find a run command line on the company’s homepage.

Which are the Notable Features of Bright Data

Notable Features of Bright Data

  • Proxy's types

Unlike Luminati, which had three proxy types, Bright data has four proxies' types. These proxy types include residential, data center, mobile, and ISP proxies. For the ISP proxies, Bright data developers have renamed them from the static residential IP address. In other words, they have permanent IPs assigned to a specific user on a geo-target basis.

  • The data unblocker

Bright data has introduced a data unblocker which is a powerful unblocking software. With a mere user request, this software bypasses hurdles and restrictions set by websites. The data unblocker will also process your requests and provide the most accurate data.

Moreover, the data unblocker has a hundred percent success rate which you pay after a successful request. It also has fingerprint reading technology for secure browsing and identification. Lastly, the unblocker automatically validates your content in terms of proxy types, requests, API integration, and many more.

  • Data collection

With the bright data's goal for a data-driven service to users, they have introduced the data collection menu found in the top left of the web page. In this menu, we have a data collector and search engine crawler.

  • Data collector

For data collectors, this program delivers accurate data and customized templates per your requests. Also, there is no coding nor any configurations in this case. Not to mention that you can have the data presented in spreadsheets.

  • Search engine crawler

If you have a blog or content and wish it to rank highly in SEO, this might be your site. The search engine crawler bot automates keyword monitoring in all search engines and has a high success rate. By doing that, you save costs of subscribing to SEO premiums.

  • Pricing

The pricing of bright data has not changed. As before, the pricing categories involve starter package, production package, plus plan, and enterprise. The cheapest being the starter package, it costs $500 per month, and enterprise is expensive with $30,000 monthly.

For proxy types valuing, the mobile proxies are expensive at $15 per GB, while the datacenter is the cheapest, with $0.6/ GB. The residential, ISP proxies, and data unblocker, all costs around three dollars per GB. Lastly, data collector, and the search engine values at a dollar or less

  • Authentication

Bright data have two modes of authentication, which include the password or username and the IP authentication. The password you set while registering your account is used for data privacy. The IP authentication involves IP whitelisting, where you choose specific IP ranges and types to connect to particular sites.

  •  Protocols

Just like its predecessor, Bright Data has HTTPS, HTTPS, and SOCKS 5. Most significantly, the SOCKS 5 and the HTTPS allow SSL (Secure socket layer) and other security technologies to encrypt your data.


There are many Bright Data features, which you should not find confusing if you were used to Luminati. It's only the name that has changed and some features added, but everything else is exactly like Luminati. Besides, with the free test, you can test whether the proxy provider is trustworthy in its services.

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