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Scrape data reliably with Luminati. Get connected to the largest proxy network with expert data scraping tools and professional features.

Luminati is a leading residential rotating proxy service that is designed for corporate use. All of the service’s functional elements serve to cater specifically to the needs of businesses and companies looking to get any kind of data or analytics. This service has been around for some time and its built up a fair reputation for itself.

It has garnered up a substantial amount of professional clientele which mostly includes large firms and fortune 500 companies. Luminati provides one of the best proxy services for any kind of data related purposes. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re in the market for a proxy service to help you scrape data.

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Most powerful proxies in the market!

5.0 rating

I use Luminati’s proxies for web scraping! The success rate is crazy!
I used tried some cheap proxy service, I get nothing but waste my time…
Here I would like to thank their great tech support!
You get what you pay for, but the sale guy is a little not friendly, that’s the only drawback but it’s should not the product!

Jone. B

Awesome product but too expensive!

4.0 rating

There are many developers in the Luminati, they can guide you to use their proxies, The problem is that buying their products is a hassle! Really difficult and their proxies are so fast, that means your expenditure also fast!
Hope to reduce prices, otherwise, really can not afford to spend!


There are many rotational proxy services out there built to help with all kinds of purposes. But often you’ll find that few are focusing on a single functional path. Most of these services advertise themselves as a multifunctional offering to help with everything from everyday needs to large business data collection.

This kind of approach makes them a jack of all trades but a master of none. Luminati doesn’t contain these kinds of problems. This service focuses itself simply on a single avenue of use. This way you get the best of what the service has to offer.

Here are the features you can expect from using Luminati’s proxy service.

Features of Luminati

Global Coverage

The coverage spread of Luminati’s proxy service won’t leave you wanting. As of now, they support just about any place on the map with around 223 countries supported.

Within these countries, you have a wide spread of all the major cities and towns as well as lesser known areas. There are a total of 26,846 cities supported which means you get access to even the most areas on the planet with relative ease.

cities - ASNs proxies

No other proxy service can even manage to come close to the number of countries and cities supported by Luminati. This means that you get a very large sample size for your data that you can use to get the most accurate results.

worldwide locations

Consistent Uptime

real-time luminati network status

Connections issues and speed throttling are a thing of the past with Luminati. The service promises to give you a guaranteed 99.9% uptime for any IP or region you connect to.

They even have specialized features integrated into the service to help you to monitor any downtime. There’s a real-time network monitor included in the service which helps you monitor the status of the connections. You can monitor the health of all the different types of connections available to you easily.

Multiple IP Types

There’s no point having a large number of IPs from your proxy if they all point to the same source. Luminati tries to bring a large amount of variety into the mix by having multiple types of IPs.

In addition to having traditional broadband residential IPs you also have other IP types such as shared proxies, data center private proxies, residential IPs and mobile IPs. This gives you a diverse enough pool to use your IPs for any purpose.

Type of luminati IPs

Dedicated Proxy Manager

Probably one of the most shining features of this proxy service is its dedicated proxy manager. The Luminati proxy manager is an open source desktop application available to you as a subscriber. It’s built with data scraping in mining and can really help speed up the process of collecting data quickly and efficiently.

The Luminati Proxy Manager has all the right scraping tools built in, so you don’t need to go spend time and money looking for other scraping applications.

It has features like reserving IPs based on their speed, rotating IPs round the clock, SOCKS routing requests, auto retry on failed requests, limiting requests, banning IPs, speed improvements, and adding multiple vendors. This allows you to carry out your work with a higher rate of efficiency and performance. It will also reduce your bandwidth costs in the long run.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions

Luminati works efficiently by implementing multiple sessions occurring at the same time. You won’t have to keep manually launching and managing groups of IPs when you can seamlessly automate them.

You’ll be able to collect data much quicker and more reliably. You also have the option of connecting to multiple different points with these sessions. Luminati allows you to connect up to 11,748 ASNs as well as 592 mobile ASNs which is great for getting a ton of traffic out from various access points.

Fully Patented and Legal

Most services you will encounter out there are barely on the verge of being legal and don’t really any safeguards in check should something go wrong. On the other hand, is fully covered and protected. The company has over 48 patents filed most of which are signed and approved. All of the data centers used by this proxy service are privately owned.

Any residential peer networks that it uses for its rotational IP service have all agreed to opt into the service. You won’t face any major legal hurdles with Luminati for scraping and collecting data or using their proxy services.

User Friendly

Luminati has spent a lot of its time and resources to make sure that its service is accessible to everyone. The dashboard has a simple enough and easy to use interface that you can easily guide yourself around.

If you do find yourself stumped, the service offers helpful tutorials that will make you understand how to use it no matter what your technical experience.

Fully Compatible

Aside from using the fully-fledged dashboard, you can also use Luminati’s service without its GUI. The service allows you to use the code that you can integrate into your website or application easily.

Fully Compatible

Luminati offers APIs for all the major programming languages such as Shell, Node.js, Python, C#, Java, VB, PHP, Ruby, and Perl. It also has an extension for Chrome, so you can use it right out of your browser without having to install anything. Additionally, you also get a link tester with the service, so you can test your links to see if they are working properly.


Price of Residential and Mobile IPs

Luminati offers some of the most competitive pricing that you will find for any kind of rotational proxy service. They offer reasonable rates for their service with market competitive prices that can really help business take off.

Luminati offers both monthly plans and pays as you go plans. It also separates its plans based on the type of proxy. You can pay for private proxies, shared proxy, and residential and mobile proxy.

Prices are set at unit values so it’s easy to calculate your cost based on traffic and IPs. They charge $0.50 per GB of data and around $0.60 per IP. They have a dedicated tariff calculator that will sum up all your costs and display your price.

Customer Support

Luminati offers excellent customer support for its product. You get 24/7 support across all kinds of different mediums. You can contact the team via their helpline number, live chat, support email, Skype, Twitter, WebQQ, or even visit their head office in person. The response is generally quick ranging from anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

You will also get connected with a knowledgeable technical staff some of whom are developers that helped design the service. You can also get in touch with the management or sales staff if you have any other kind of issues or queries. Overall, they’re generally quick and eager to help you out.

Our Verdict

Luminati provides a great proxy service for business to be able to scrape data. With a host of useful features and a reliable network, it’s a no brainer opting for this service. And on top of it all, they offer their services at some of the most reasonable rates. If you’re looking to scale up your business, this is the way to go.

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