10 Best Dark Web Scanners in 2024 [Identify Dark Web Threats]

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Are you curious to know the various dark web scanners that you can use to identify dark web? With the top dark web scanners this article provides, you can easily identify sites that are guilty of illegal activities, such as selling and buying stolen personal data.

What is Dark Web?

The term “dark web” is used to describe the section of the online world that is inaccessible to the general public and cannot be found by common web crawlers.

It has strong links to the criminal underworld and is often linked to illicit trades like those of arms and drugs.

The dark web is used by those who want to commit unlawful acts or conceal their internet activity from authorities because of the anonymity it provides.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all activities on the dark web are unlawful. It can also be utilized by people who want to remain anonymous and private online, including activists and journalists.

In this article, I am going to show you the top trending dark web scanners in 2024.

1. IDStrong — Offers free online scanning

IDStrong Overview

The first dark web scanner on this list is IDStrong. This scanner identifies as a protector of your credit and personal data from online theft.

It does this by notifying you with immediate effect the moment an attempt is made to steal your personal data.

In order to find out whether your confidential information has been stolen, they keep an eye on underground marketplaces, such as social media and chat rooms, the dark web and additional sources of data throughout the internet.

IDStrong Pricing

There are majorly three pricing plans:

  • Standard: costs 9.95 USD monthly
  • Advanced: costs 14.95 USD monthly
  • Comprehensive: costs 19.95 USD monthly

IDStrong Features and advantages

  • Report for personal data exposure and data breach
  • A team to help you recover your identity if it’s been stolen
  • Identify theft insurance of up to a million dollar

2. Dashlane — Authentic dark web scanning and tracking

Dashlane Overview

Password management and electronic wallet service, Dashlane is available to companies and consumers alike with a paid membership.

Dashlane’s password manager software is the backbone of the company. Passwords and other sensitive data can be stored in Dashlane for later autofill, and the app can even create strong passwords on the fly.

Dashlane’s enterprise features include safe password sharing among employee groups and adjustable security settings like two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

In addition to encrypted cloud storage, a virtual private network (VPN), and Wi-Fi security, Dashlane also provides dark web monitoring services.

Dashlane Pricing

Like IDStrong, Dashlane has three pricing plans:

  • Basic: FREE
  • Premium: 6.49 USD monthly
  • Family: 8.99 USD monthly

Dashlane Features and Advantages

  • Flexibility of pricing plans
  • Easy password changer for auto-changing your password in the instances of detecting or suspecting a leak

3. Aura — Best dark web scanner with instant credit fraud notification

Aura Overview

Aura is an all-inclusive digital health solution that keeps tabs on your digital health in a variety of ways.

If you’re concerned about identity theft affecting your kids or friends and relatives, Aura’s family package is an excellent option.

Aura Pricing

Like its precedents discussed in this article, Aura provides you with three major pricing plans:

  • Individual: cost 12 USD monthly
  • Couple: cost 22 USD monthly
  • Family: cost 37 USD monthly

Aura Features and Advantages

  • Identify theft insurance of up to a million dollar
  • Helps monitor your identification verification
  • Dark web scanning and monitoring

4. Hashcast — Free email notification for every data breach

Hashcast Overview

HashCast’s forte is providing security for businesses. The solution provides the ability to track the dissemination of sensitive employee information throughout the whole internet, notably the dark web.

If your professional credentials are ever compromised, HashCast will alert you immediately so you can take immediate action.

Hashcast Pricing

With Hashcast, you will get three major pricing plans:

  • Basic: FREE
  • 50 USD for a month domain
  • 200 USD for a month domain

Hashcast Features and advantages

  • Breach or leaks notifications come in real-time
  • Free email notification in cases of data breaches
  • Utilizes AI bots for auto-tracking private and public online channels

5. DeHashed — Real-time tracker of hacker activities

DeHashed Overview

DeHashed is an all-encompassing platform that performs searches and keeps tabs.

Users may do searches on domains, IP addresses, email addresses, and more to uncover potentially sensitive data.

DeHashed is a scanning and monitoring service for the dark web. In addition to governmental agencies, the platform collaborates with breach analytics firms.

DeHashed Pricing

With DeHashed, you will get three major pricing plans:

  • Enthusiast: costs 5.49 USD weekly
  • Monthly: costs 15.49 USD monthly
  • Annually: cost 179.99 yearly

DeHashed Features and advantages

  • Instant response in the course of the data breach
  • Authentic and reliable customer service
  • High-speed API for authentic integration

6. MyPwd — Effective dark web scanner with immediate email alerts

MyPwd Overview

To check whether any of your passwords have been compromised, MyPwd employs AI to scour the black web and the deep web.

They are always on the watch for signs of the distribution of information, such as databases, credit card numbers, illicit services, and the preparation of cyberattacks.

They just need your email address to get you started; no other information from you is needed.

MyPwd Pricing

Expect to get three pricing plans from MyPwd:

  • Basic: FREE
  • Corporate: cost 50 USD monthly for a domain
  • Enterprise: cost 200 USD monthly for a domain

MyPwd Features and advantages

  • Uses AI for monitoring dark and deep web
  • User-friendly

7. Firefox Monitor — Best for finding out whether you’ve been in a data breach

Firefox Monitor Overview

This amazing dark web scanner is a product of Mozilla. It functions as an intrusion monitoring service.

It checks the deep web for breaches and alerts you if your email address is among those that have been hacked.

Firefox Monitor Pricing

Firefox Monitor produces just one solid pricing plan, which is basically FREE

Firefox Monitor features and advantages

  • Provides data breach notification in real-time
  • Provide basic education about security breach

8. Have I Been Pwned? — Provides an exhaustive breach list

Have I Been Pwned Overview

When it comes to discovering compromised data from hacking incidents, Have I Been Pwned is the dark web scanner of choice.

Whether you enter your email address or mobile number, the website will check it against a database of previously hacked accounts to see whether it has been exposed.

In addition, users may sign up for a watchlist to be warned in the event that their personal data is compromised in the course of time.

Have I been Pwned Pricing

  • It offers a single monthly plan of 3.50 USD

Have I been Pwned features and advantages

  • Breaches are well-updated
  • Enables domain search

9. Identity Guard — Recovery process is practically easy

Identity Guard Overview

This identity theft prevention service Identity Guard, which operates under Aura, is among the finest available.

In order to check for compromised information on the dark web, Identity Guard will utilize your email address. It probes six types of information (data trading, spam plus robocalls, credit theft, home title theft, account hijacking, and identity theft) to find weak spots.

Identity Guard Pricing

Identity Guard provides you with three primary pricing plans:

  • Value plan: cost 7.50 USD monthly
  • Total plan: cost 16.67 USD monthly
  • Ultra plan: cost 25 USD monthly

Identity Guard features and advantages

  • The recovery procedure is basically simple to follow
  • Notification comes in immediately
  • Provides both dark web monitoring and scanning

10. Intelligence X — Creates complex passwords for maximum security

Intelligence X Overview

Established in 2018, Intelligence X is a privately held European technology firm.

Its employees in the Czech Republic work to create and maintain a comprehensive database and search tool.

Intelligence X is unlike any other search engine since it allows users to enter “selectors” that include URLs, domain names, and email addresses.

Intelligence X serves both commercial and governmental clientele. Each customer receives a customized strategy from them.

Intelligence X Pricing

Intelligence X offers various pricing plans, which are available via the Intelligence X pricing plan webpage.

Intelligence X features and advantages

  • Provides custom plans for flexibility and choices
  • It can search the deep and dark web; even BTC addresses aren’t left out of its in-depth search


Q. What should I do when a dark web scanner detects my personal data on the dark web?

In the event that your personal data is detected on the dark web, you need to move quickly. Putting off taking this step leaves you more vulnerable to identity theft or financial crime. Your financial institution, credit card providers, and the Social Security Administration should all be contacted immediately to begin the process of restricting your financial accounts and cards. Passwords should be changed as well.

Q. What’s the fee to use a dark web scanner?

It is basically free to access a couple of dark web scanners. However, I noted in this post that the best way to ensure your online safety is to subscribe to a premium service that ensures your safety 24/7.

Q. Is it unlawful to use dark web scanners?

The use of the dark web is entirely legitimate. For the most part, criminal activity takes place on the dark web, and any exposed or breached information is often transferred there for quick sale. However, the dark web is not exclusively associated with criminal behavior; reputable news outlets like Facebook and the New York Times also have a presence there.


This article has been effective and educative in learning about the dark web, what it is, what takes place there, as well as various dark web scanners.

These scanners can help you find out if your information or personal data has been breached and, thus, appears on the dark web. It is advisable to contact your financial institution or service provider when you notice there is a breach in your personal data.

It is my belief that this article has answered and talked about everything you need to know about dark web scanners.

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