9 Coolest Jobs in Crypto in 2024

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Cryptocurrency is the new way of life in transacting business. It’s not a surprise that jobs in cryprocurrency had arosed from engineers to journalists. The Bitcoin boom has created jobs that are rooted in a variety of skill sets. Now is the time to invest your talents within the cryptocurrency job market.

These days, the global economy is just moving towards a complete digital eco-system, and therefore, everything starting from money transfer to investment is going paperless. And the cryptocurrency is the latest and the most capable addition to the field of digital payment. The cryptocurrency is an exchange medium like standard currencies like USD, but it is mainly designed for exchanging digital information. And here are some of the reasons why cryptocurrency has become so popular in the recent past.

The world is on the cusp of a digital revolution, with innovation disrupting the way we do everything, from using appliances and gadgets to performing financial transactions. Now crypto jobs are available in virtually all sectors of the economy and cut across global economies.

As blockchain technology gains momentum, cryptocurrency careers become an enticing choice for developers and other related skill-sets. The emergence of cryptocurrency and related technology has created a flood of new career opportunities, from highly specialized data scientist and Ethereum developer jobs to more entry-level blockchain jobs involving coding or supporting positions in fintech businesses.

Cryptocurrency gained good attention in 2018 as a source of creating residual income. There are two ways basically for making money with cryptocurrency, which is trading and mining. The good thing about this system is that you can trade from your mobile.

Finance industry professionals have already begun to see improvements in their day-to-day business. As blockchain becomes more commonly recognized, bitcoin accounting jobs and other cryptocurrency-focused occupations may continue to trend upwards.

There is a significant demand for tech-savvy people with crypto-currency expertise because of this. Most individuals may not realize a distinction between bitcoin and blockchain or how cryptography can fully alter finance. Below are job opportunities available in crypto.


You have probably heard of websites like up work, fiver, elance. However, there exist websites that use crypto as secure payment. An example is laborx.com, where people get various kinds of digital work done and get paid in crypto coins. You, too, can start earning money right away if you have one of the required skills daily from these websites, e.g., writing articles, editing articles, book cover design, website development, etc.


Business development representative

What you’d do:  As with any other burgeoning field, cryptocurrency is creating new business opportunities across multiple industries (health care, finance, and real estate, to name a few), so there’s a need for people to seek those out, push product partnerships and close deals.

Beyond a thorough understanding of the goal of your company’s cryptocurrency application, business development representatives should have some sales experience and stellar communication skills. Many have degrees in business, finance, or communication.

Blockchain Developer

Another career in cryptocurrency is as a blockchain developer inside the field of cryptocurrencies. Many of the Fortune 500 businesses such as IBM and Accenture are looking for developers to help them monitor cryptocurrency transactions and help their businesses to incorporate cryptocurrency.

Blockchain helps track transactions inside the Bitcoin network, as explained above, but it is not the only way to track transactions. The design of network architecture and protocols by developers.

Data Analyst

Cryptocurrency is already embedded in data analysis. Data analysts are used in several ways in the finance sector. Individuals that specialize in data analysis will look at financial details and remove anomalies that need to be known to the organization or person).

For example, a data analyst will help them find out where if someone made a transaction and was charged twice or a company has money disappearing from seemingly nowhere. Analysts need access to statements in the traditional currency and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Scientist

There is also a possibility of becoming a chief blockchain scientist for those interested in a career in cryptocurrency. These “scientists” help companies fully understand cryptocurrency and help them integrate it into their business model. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are far from being done growing.

It is predicted cryptocurrency will eventually replace paper money altogether. Companies like Samsung are hiring blockchain scientists to help them understand and develop innovative infrastructure to use crypto.


Who do you hear all this crypto news from? Journalists of cos. As a Crypto journalist, you’d cover the latest news on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. You might be reporting for a newspaper, magazine, blog, or even a brand.

Most journalists start by interning at a newspaper or magazine and have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or related fields. Writing samples (or broadcast, if that’s the type of journalism you’re interested in) is key to landing a position.

Technical writer

What you’d do: Companies that create new types of cryptocurrency often write a technical white paper to attract investors, usually 20–50 pages long, describing the company’s development and marketing plan for their technology. Content writers spend a good deal of time writing industry-specific content, informational content, and searching for unique ways to distribute the content.

Machine learning engineer

Do you want to help take cryptocurrency from water cooler conversations to a real-life using cryptocurrency? Is crypto resistant to hackers and other online thieves? Cryptocurrency exists in a digital world, so naturally, there’s a need for experts who can create secure, user-friendly experiences for customers through digital applications. For example, the largest crypto exchange in the world, Coinbase, uses machine learning to stay ahead of hackers.

At a high level, machine learning engineers should be experienced in natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and data analysis. Most have at least a master’s in computer science, sometimes a Ph.D., and are familiar with statistical analysis languages such as Python and SQL. If you want to learn more about ML, go through this Machine Learning Certification Course.

Marketing manager

What you’d do: For cryptocurrency to continue to succeed, would-be users and investors need to know it exists—and how it works. Marketing managers estimate the demand for cryptocurrencies and blockchain and compare values. They identify potential users, monitor trends, and develop strategies to help people maximize their profits and market share.

Marketing managers should be self-starters who enjoy introducing and promoting products from the ground up. They need to be both right-brained and left-brained— creative and analytical. Education-wise, most hold a bachelor’s degree, but the experience is the name of the game here. Before being promoted to manager, most have several years of experience working in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales.

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