Top 10 CPV/PPV Networks for Advertisers & Publishers in 2024

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Do you own a brand or service and are looking for networks that run PPV adverts? Such networks can help you promote your business immensely. Therefore, this article provides information about networks that run PPV adverts.

PPV Advertising Networks

Adverts have always been vital in the marketing of commodities or services. With the prevalence of the internet, there has been a considerable shift to online adverts. These adverts come in different ways. Websites and blogs earn income by allowing brands to advertise their products and services on their platforms. These ads are mostly referred to as pay-per-view (PPV) or cost-per-view (CPV).

Both PPV and CPV mean the same thing. The advertiser pays for the advert. These ads range from videos to texts. When a person clicks on such ads, the owner of the site will earn from such activity. There are many sites dedicated to providing online advertisements for services and products. Let's look at some of them.

1. Propel Media— User-friendly interface and great optimization of ads

Propel Media

Propel Media is one of the best PPV networks. The network was previously known as TrafficVance. The site provides advertisers with the needed platform to place their ads. One of its major strengths is that it drives meaningful traffic toward advertisers leading to purchases. The network also offers great customer support.

You will find their dashboard and user interface easy to navigate, and adverts are optimized to provide maximum results. The downside of using Propel Media is the aspect of referrals. They require advertisers to provide them with referrals, which will cost you extra.

2. 50onRed— Provides PPV, Intext, and Display ad traffic


50onRed network is another network that provides extensive reach for advertisers. And their price is relatively minimal. The site charges $0.002 per view. Aside from the PPV ad traffic, the site also offers InText and Display ad traffic. This is an advantage to the advertiser as they can save the extra cost and get maximum value.

The traffic generated through the network is exceptional as it leads to more purchases than most of its competitors. 50onRed is also known for its excellent user interface, which supersedes those of others PPV networks. However, you will need considerable investment in ads using 50onRed.

3. Media Traffic — Great for affiliates

AdOnNetwork Media Traffic is another top PPV advertising network. It is great for affiliates because it provides enough room for adverts which require more transparency. The platform has a great user interface and is generally easy to navigate. Media Traffic's customer care provides excellent service, and each client account is assigned a single account executive making it easy to get in touch with them.

However, one downside of using Media Traffic is that the application process is tedious. An advertiser must send in the hard copy of the signed application form and other important information to them. The company will decline your application if all the requirements are unmet.

4. DirectCPV— Showcases ads on web pages in full screen


DirectCPV is an online advertising network that offers PPV ads to clients. The network is very popular for its low charge. At DirectCPV, you are assured of recouping the value of whatever you have invested. They help advertisers gain exposure for their products and services through keywords, locations, and URLs. This method increases the likelihood of generating more leads for their clients. The company directly showcases ads on its web pages in full screen.

5. AdOnNetwork— Flexible ad network for affiliates

AdonNetwork is another great ad network used by affiliates. The site displays the relevant aspect of the advert content on its web page. This will intrigue visitors to the web page, prompting them to click so that they can find out more. This method has proven successful and helps advertisers sell their products and services faster.

One unique trait of AdonNetwork is that they are flexible and allow advertisers enough room to incorporate their preference into ad content. The network doesn't charge much and can meet the needs of different businesses. The network is secure and protects against malware attacks and other malicious programs.

6. Lead Impact— Great for advertisers with a minimal budget

Lead Impact LLC is another credible PPV advert platform. It is well-known to provide clients with a small budget with the satisfaction they need. They provide great traffic even at low costs. The platform is flexible and allows clients to determine language preferences. It also uses search and emailing methods to help clients generate traffic. Lead Impact also helps clients to target specific audiences through keywords and URLs.

7. Clicksor— Uses Alexa rankings to determine top sites for showcasing ads


Clicksor is another advert platform that has grown over the years. It provides different adverts such as CPV, CPM, and CPC. The platform showcases important graphic posters, In-Text ads, contextual banners, and interstitial advertisements.

The platform depends on Alexa rankings to determine the top sites for showcasing ads. The client gets 85% of the generated return from the ad. One major disadvantage of using Clicksor is that its ads are malware prone.

8. CPV Marketplace— Targets a specific audience effectively

CPV Marketplace

CPV Marketplace is a good option if you are looking for a great ad network to help generate leads. The platform provides great value to your ad investment. It targets specific audiences who will most likely be interested in your product or service.

The platform helps maximize the potential of your product through your ads within a short time. Therefore, you are assured of getting top traffic at a good rate through the network's efficient platform and strategy.

9. RTX Platform— Covers various advert niches, including finance, dating, travel, health, education, and gaming

RTX Platform

RTX Platform is another PPV advert network that can help you generate effective leads for your business. It is great for affiliates. This platform has been a hub for affiliates since 2008. Thus, they are not new to the game of generating leads. RTX Platform utilizes push ads and native ads that fit nicely with your web page and text ads.

The network is open to bloggers and digital publishers, and they cover various advert areas, including finance, dating, travel, health, education, and gaming. Ads are also showcased in full screen on web pages to entice visitors.

10. Zeropark— Allows users to access webinars and sign up for its weekly newsletter without an account


Zeropark has been operating in the online advertising industry for over a decade, but many don't know much about it. However, it is a credible PPV ad network that generates advertisers' leads. The network accommodates different ad niches, including dating, gambling, crypto, trading, and health. Clients have many options, including interstitials, parked domains, push ads, and domain redirects.

Zeropark allows users to access webinars and sign up for its free weekly newsletter without the user having an account. The network possesses anti-fraud features which signal to clients that they are a legit platform. The platform offers essential value for your investment, which cannot be found in most of its competitors.


Q: Which is the best PPV ad network?

PPV ad networks are numerous, and choosing the best is difficult. This is because many take different approaches and strategies to help clients maximize their investment and help generate leads. However, the best PPV ad networks include Propelmedia 50onRed, Media Traffic, DirectCPV, and AdOnNetwork.

Q: What is a PPV program?

PPV is among the most popular online ads. When a user visits a site where an ad is showcased, the network is paid for by the client that owns the ad.

Q: Which is the best PPV ad network for affiliates?

The best PPV ad networks for affiliates include AdOnNetwork and Media Traffic.


Online advertising has produced major successes for many brands. This has caused many to venture into the market. Now, platforms help businesses advertise their products and services through different channels. Each ad network has a different strategy to help clients derive maximum value from their ads.

Some ad networks are expensive, while others take on businesses with smaller budgets, helping them make the most of what they have. In the article above, you can find some of the best PPV ad networks to help you generate leads for your product or service.

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