The Best Fake ID Websites for 2022

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Fake ID’s are a rite-of-passage for most college students in the United States. Whilst almost all other countries around the world have a legal drinking age of around 16-19 – the USA decides to make life harder for everyone by making them wait until they are 21.

Most students have, however, worked out that there are ways around this restriction. A good Fake ID purchased from a reputable website will last you 2-3 years until you’re finally allowed to legally enter a nightclub or buy a bottle of Henney.

For the time we spent researching this list, we found that around 65% of websites offering Fake IDs are not legitimate – that is they will take your hard-earned money (usually through PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App or Western Union) and another 10-15% will send you a product that isn’t a scannable fake ID and won’t work in-state.

We have done the hard work for you and brought you a list of the best Fake ID websites, updated for 2022 – all websites presented have verified customers and all of them offer reviews on their website.

Have fun and as always stay safe!

Top 6 Best Fake ID Websites to Buy Scannable Fake IDs



As the name suggests, does one thing and they do it well – making Fake ID Cards that are GUARANTEED to scan – otherwise you get your money back.

They have a very professionally done website which sets them apart from some of the other guys – their trustworthiness is a bit more apparent than some of the lower quality websites.

They have’t been around quite as long as ID God but they are better priced, at just $100 per card – for every state.

They get + points for good customer service as well as quick delivery.. they aren’t doing the same 500 cards per week volume as ID God so they have a greater ability to pay attention to each customer.


  • Great customer service
  • Very competitive price
  • Quick Delivery
  • Zelle and Cash App accepted


  • None to mention

2. ID God

ID God

The Rolls Royce of Fake ID makers. When people think of Fake ID’s in college, the name “ID God” is usually the first thing that pops to mind. They  established a reputation for themselves since 2014 as the highest-quality supplier of ID’s to the United States (after the previous #1 seller, ID Chief got  shut down by US Senators).

They have one of the largest ranges of cards and whilst they don’t have the cheapest prices – the extremely high quality of their product justifies the price you pay. They do have quite significant discounts that kick in when a customer purchases 3 or more ID’s so if you get some friends to chip in then the price will be easier on your wallet.

It has been confirmed through customers in several states that their ID’s did not have any issues scanning so if you want a fake licence that won’t let you down – ID God is the place to grab it. There is no shortage of reviews online as well so there’s no need to worry about them being here 1 day and disappearing the next.

Downsides? Not too many to mention. The customer service could be a little quicker but as the busiest seller in the country that’s a trade-off that just comes with the game.


  • Best Reputation of all Fake ID Sellers
  • Good discounts for bulk buyers
  • All ID’s are scannable


  • Only accepting Cash App and Amazon Gift Vouchers



No fake ID website list can be complete without the mention of Lit Fakes, one of the most popular and reliable fake ID websites.

It is one of the few fake ID sites to offer fake IDs for all 50 US states. According to the company, their holograms, micro-text, and UV blacklight are 100% replicas of the real versions.

It is one of the few fake ID sites to offer a money-back guarantee. You can return the product within 1 week if you do not like it. The company will issue a refund.

It can take up to 1 week for the ID to get delivered. They are known to offer discreet shipping and accept a variety of payment methods including WU, PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle.

We’ve noticed that customers appear most satisfied with Texas, New York, and California IDs. All IDs are scannable and the company offers volume discounts.

It’s currently running a 40% discount on all packages and the cheapest one will cost you $80, which makes it more expensive than some of the other options on this list.


  • 40% off sale until the end of the month
  • All 50 States covered
  • Easy-to-use fake ID site


  • Customer service can be patchy



These guys operate the largest range of cards outside of the USA – with drivers licences available for most European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK, Italy & France.

They have a nice-looking multilingual website and have spent their time dedicated the drivers licences (and national id cards) offered by our buddies across the pond.

They have a larger range of payment methods than any other fake ID sites in our list including Bitcoin, Bank Transfer (from EUR and UK bank accounts), Flexepin, PayPal, Credit Card, Neusurf, iDEAL/Bancontact, Steam Gaming vouchers and SEPA Bankwire.


  • Largest number of countries covered
  • Largest number of payment methods


  • No American ID cards

5. FakeiDCanada


5th in our rankings is FakeIDCanada.. As with our other favourites, FakeIDCanada has a strong privacy policy ensuring that all customer records are destroyed after 30 days.

They maintain operations within Canada however some cards are shipped from outside of Canada (due to the size and complexity of machines required to manufacture certain Canadian licences). This is because Canada implements the most stringent security features in their licences – much more than any US state so it is much harder to manufacture them from a small printer located in Canada.

This high quality craftsmanship doesn’t come with a high price tag however – and FakeIDCanada is the cheapest website on our list with all provinces priced from just $79.


  • Cheaper than all the US cards listed here
  • Almost all Canadian provinces covered
  • Sale currently on


  • No US states on the list
  • Some cards shipped from overseas

6. Bogus Braxtor

Bogus Braxtor

The last  site on the list is a fake ID website that isn’t very popular but appears to be quite reliable as it promises scannable fake IDs with holograms and other important elements.

The cheapest ID on the platform will cost you $80. In addition to US states, they also offer international IDs from Australia and Europe. The company offers both old and new IDs including driver's licenses and national ID cards.

They accept PayPal, cryptos, WU, and Moneygram. IDs are shipped using a variety of methods including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.


  • Good Range of Payment Options
  • Decent pricing


  • Need to register to make an order

Bonus Site:


This one isn’t technically a Fake ID seller but they have contributed so much to the Fake ID community that we have decided to include them anyway.

They have a database of reviews as well as informative articles and news about Fake ID’s. Make sure to give them a read to help confirm which Fake ID seller you decide to go with.

FAQs about Fake ID

Do Fake ID’s Work?

Fake IDs most definitely work, and they work at more locations than you would expect. A fake ID can be used to gain entrance into a bar or club, to purchase tobacco or malt liquor at gas stations, to order a beer with a meal at a restaurant, or to purchase marijuana products at a legal marijuana dispensary.

All of these activities can only be done with a good quality fake ID however, since the clerks and cashiers that sell 21+ products have been trained to detect low-quality fake IDs. In other words, if you have a good quality fake ID, it will work at any location that you could not previously access.

Is it better to buy a Fake ID or to Make a Fake ID?

Making a fake ID is a process that requires thousands of dollars worth of materials and equipment along with a real copy of a driver’s license in order to mimic every facet of the driver’s license. There is also a large risk of being caught as a manufacturer of fake IDs, which carries serious legal and criminal penalties.

Manufacturing fake IDs should only be done by those with experience in the industry. On the other hand, purchasing a fake ID is a much easier process that only requires one investment: money. There is no need to purchase the equipment and materials required to make one, thus buying a fake ID is much better for personal use. However, if you plan to supply your college or town with fake IDs, manufacturing them is a fair path to take.

Do ID Scanners work?

ID scanners primarily analyze two facets of a driver’s license, which are the 2D barcode and the magstripe on the back of the driver’s licenses. With both methods, the scanners compare the results of scanning the feature on the driver’s license with what the results should be on a legitimate driver’s license. If the format of the driver’s license matches the format that the scanner is comparing it to, it will indicate that the driver’s license is genuine.

Notwithstanding, it is very easy for a fake ID to manipulate the scanner into believing that the fake ID is a genuine document. Most, if not all, fake ID manufacturers have tweaked their manufacturing process to ensure that the magstripe and 2D barcode on the fake ID will indicate that the fake ID is a legitimate driver’s license.

How to pay for a Fake ID?

In order to protect the operational security (otherwise referred to as OpSec), most fake ID vendors accept payments for a fake ID through the use of Bitcoin. The easiest way to send the vendor Bitcoin is by depositing money into a Bitcoin ATM, which is a common sight in liquor stores and gas stations nowadays.

It is never a good idea to use online exchanges, such as Coinbase or Gemini, to pay a fake ID vendor, as these exchanges have access to your personal information. Some fake ID vendors also accept payment through a Western Union transfer, credit/debit card payment, or even through commercial gift cards. It is in your best interest to purchase from a fake ID vendor that accepts a payment method that you can utilize.

Can I get in trouble for using a Fake ID?

In the majority of the United States, the possession or use of a fake ID can be charged as a felony conviction, which will leave an indelible mark on your criminal record. However, first-time convicts will likely be charged with a misdemeanor conviction or even an infraction, which carries the same legal weight as a ticket.

Unless you have used a fake ID to commit fraud or defraud a government agent, you will likely not be gravely affected by the possession or use of a fake ID. Nevertheless, each state treats the possession or use of a fake ID uniquely, and it is in your best interest to research the penalties for using or possessing a fake ID in your state before purchasing one.

Obviously, there are lots of advantages to those “Fake IDs” It's similar to get a fake IP address, and take note, Not all Fake ID websites are 100% legitimate to use! Though all the above websites offer verified customers, We can not 100% guarantee that, all websites are 100% safe to use. In short, Take note your actions are your responsibility when using a fake ID website, that’s noted on our “Disclaimer“.

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