TOP 8 PSN IP Grabber Similar to PSN Resolver in 2024

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A PlayStation Resolver allow you to find a gamer’s username or IP. The tool makes use of web scraper bots and AI engines to source for Gamertag, IPv4, IP, among other info associated with a specific user. Below, we will walk you through some PS4 Resolvers similar to PSN Resolver. Keep reading to discover more.

What is a PSN Resolver?PSN Resolver

 PSN Resolver is a function integrated on xResolver and is handy when it comes to finding a gamer’s IP address using their username and vice versa. The PlayStation resolver boasts a massive database with millions of usernames, with new ones added on a daily basis.

The platform uses AI scraping bots together with IPv4 address and PSN network filters to access gamer info from the web. PSN Resolver allows you to have a rough idea about your opponent and then come up with a winning strategy to beat them in the gameplay.

That said, below are some of the PS4 Resolvers similar to PSN Resolver:

1. Wannabe 1337


One of the best PS4 resolvers in the market today. Wannabe 1337 web tool makes it easy to obtain any gamer’s IP address or username from PlayStation database. The site has a simple and intuitive UI with a pair of search options for PSN to IP as well as IP to PSN. In the former option, you enter the username to obtain a gamer’s IP while the latter option requires you to enter the user’s IP address to get their username.

Wannabe 1337 uses a combination of powerful network packet analysis algorithm, DDoS protection, custom network packet filters, along with dynamic packet filters to enhance the retrieval if a player’s IP address, Gamertag, username, among other specific details. If you are looking for a reliable PS4 resolver similar to PSN resolver, Wannabe 1337 is worth trying out.


Bootyou is loaded with powerful features that makes for easy access to gamer usernames and IPs on PlayStation. Before you can use this PSN parser tool, you need to log in to your account and purchase a membership. The tool is very easy to use, thanks to its friendly UI that’s designed with the end user in mind.

Moreover, there are plenty of tutorials to help you navigate your way around if you need some help. If you still need more assistance, you can always count on their 24/7 customer support. You will also appreciate the fact that Bootyou comes with its own installer for a quick and easy set up process.

3. OctosniffOctosniff

Want to get an opponent’s IP or username on PlayStation? Well, there’s no better way to get it done than with Octosniff. The PS4 resolver similar to PSN resolver packs some really awesome features, including a customizable interface, DDoS Protection Lookup, IP to Username/ GT, among other features. What’s more, the tool comes with advanced packet filters for automatic packet identification.

Octosniff is malware free and also comes with an easy to use UI. Novice and pro gamers alike can access and retrieve opponent IP or username from this tool in a few easy steps. If you need help, you can check their knowledgebase tutorials or contact their friendly and ever-present customer support team round the clock.

4. Lanc PCPSLanc PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is another great tool for novice as well as experienced gamers keen on knowing their opponents on PlayStation. Among other features, the tool comes with LAN Sniffer device, Xbox and COD server feature as well as integrated network info & Ping tool. Moreover, the tool also packs a LANC IP puller, packet filter, as well as a built-in ARP spoofing function.

It is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive user interface. The tool offers both free and premium plans, with the latter going for a small fee. Besides getting a player’s IP address, username, and gamertag, Lanc PCPS allows you to identify the opponent’s current city of residence, thanks to the geolocation IP lookup feature.

5. Console SnifferConsole Sniffer

If you are looking for a PS4 resolver that is reliable and has a massive PlayStation gamer username and IP database, Console Sniffer is worth checking out. Unlike other tools in this list, this one only works on PC. Meaning, you will have to first install it on your computer before use; you might want to check their installation guide tutorial if necessary. In addition, if you are using it on PS4, you can only grab the IP or username of the other player only when they are playing with them.

And the tool works for certain games only. Meaning, it may or may not be able to help with grabbing the other opponent’s info, unless the particular game is supported. You can check its knowledgebase for more info on the supported games. To get a player’s IP or username, all you need to do is enter the username of IP address in the search box.

6. PlayStation ResolverPlayStation Resolver

Last in this list of PS4 resolvers similar to PSN resolver is PlayStation Resolver. It works as a username to IP address resolver. Moreover, you can use it to access a PS4 gamer’s location, username, and IP address. PlayStation Resolver uses AI bots to crawl the web for IP address and username with the help of a player’s Gamertag or IPv4.

The tool is very simple and easy to use. If you need help, consider checking their knowledgebase for step by step tutorials. Alternatively, you can contact their support team round the clock.

7. PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter

If you are a PS4 fanatic keen to have an edge during gameplay, PS4 Booter is a must-have. This PS4 resolver combines powerful layer 4 and 7 attacks to boot your opponent offline during gameplay thus guaranteeing you easy wins.

Moreover, the tool also sniffs and pulls IP addresses from PS4 consoles, thanks to its built-in logger or network monitoring app. And for convenient packet analysis and network troubleshooting, the platforms Wireshark PS4 IP puller comes in handy. There’s never been an easier way of getting a player’s username or IP on PlayStation.


S1CK.PW is another awesome PS4 resolver that works much like PSN resolver. The tool is available both in free and premium versions. The former comes with some ads and a handful of features. Unlock more powerful features by upgrading to the premium package. Besides PS4 resolver, the premium version also offers you other handy features such as Discord resolver, Steam resolver, Web reputation, License generator, VIP account generator, among others.

The platform has a simple UI with a dark background. To find a player’s IP, all you need to do is insert their username in the search box and then hit the Submit button. Next time you want to know more about your opponent on PlayStation, simply harvest their IP using S1CK.PW.


1. How do I prevent my Gamertag and IP from being crawled?

There are two main ways to prevent your Gamertag and IP from being crawled. The first one entails making a small payment to xResolver in return for them deleting your Gamertag and IP from their logs. The second one involves the use of a VPN to conceal your true IP and Gamertag. It is important to note that it’s absolutely legal to hide your identity online if that’s what it takes to preserve your identity and security.

2. How do I prevent others from launching DDoS attacks through IP addresses?

You can make use of a VPN service to hide your true IP address while gaming online and therefore prevent potential DDoS attacks. With VPNs, you will be assigned an alternative IP address through which you can securely route your online gaming traffic.


There are many PS4 Resolvers similar to PSN Resolver, as outlined in this guide. Choose any of these tools and grab the IP address or username of any of your game opponents on PlayStation today.

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