12 Best Landglide Alternatives in 2024 [Explore Property Data]

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Landglide alternatives can help you know more about properties, locations,  and land. Some of them include Regrid, GoHunt GPS, Property Radar, Basemap, Avenza maps, Mapquest, Huntstand, and many more.

LandGlide is a great app that you can use to get instant location details. Using the GPS it is easy to pinpoint your location and access key parcel data in real time. When you just hover against a property you get to see the details.

It is also easy to search for properties using filters such as the owner, address, or parcel number. You can also save your favorites and add notes. You can either download the Landglide Android or iOS app. Luckily, the app covers over 99% of the US population and 156 million parcel records.

You can start with the free trial and then elevate to the paid plan. Therefore, you have no excuse for not using it. If you want to try something different, here are some Landglide alternatives you can try out:

1. OnX Hunt GPS Hunting maps

OnX Hunt GPS Hunting maps for Landing Alternatives

OnX Hunt GPS hunting maps is a reliable Landglide alternative that you can use to view private and public property, land ownership data, landowners’ names, and property lines. You can either opt to use the free or premium version based on your needs. The subscription tiers are both effective.

You can also utilize the line tool to measure distances, and track distances, coordinates, duration, & speed of your hunt with a tracker. Also, gain access to the online web hunting map.


  • It includes aerial imagery, compass mode, and trail camera.
  • No ads in the application.
  • You can also learn about new hunting zones and much more.
  • It also features an offline GPS functionality.
  • 3D maps available for use on the phone and desktop.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

2. Property Radar

Property Radar for Landing Alternatives

PropertyRadar is another Landglide alternative that allows you to look up a property using the address, APN, owner, and other profile details. You will be able to easily explore your market by region, city, neighborhood, and city.

On the app, you can access over 20 million detailed properties and owner information records. It is a great app that makes it easy for residential and commercial business professionals to connect with potential customers.  However, to utilize the app, you will need to create an account through the website. You can also utilize the heatmap to find your market and see your customer location.


  • Get access to quick lists that will allow you to discover customer prospects.
  • The GPS allows you to get accurate information.
  • It is easy to add images, notes, or files to a contact or property.
  • Easily get mobile notifications on new property matches.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

3. Regrid

Regrid for Landing Alternatives

Regrid is a remarkable property app that you can use to get more information about land and property. Many people prefer it as it allows you to view property data and parcel boundaries. Just like Landglide, it covers over 156 million parcels of information covering over 99% of the US population.

Through the app, you will get more information on plot lines, property address, property owner, number of acres, mailing address, property value, land use, and much more. You can utilize Regrid as a property finder, real estate tool, or hunting app.

Therefore, you will be more informed about properties in real-time.  If you opt-in, you can even get automated updates based on certain properties.


  • You get access to extensive public record property boundaries.
  • Easily search a location by address or place.
  • You can even share links to properties of interest.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

4. Huntstand

Huntstand for Landing Alternatives

Huntstand is another Landglide alternative that allows you to hunt for properties seamlessly. You will access information on public & private properties, the weather, and game movement forecasts. Regardless of the subscription tier you choose, you get access to high-resolution aerial imagery, easily manage your trail cameras effortlessly, and get access to the comprehensive weather forecast.

It is a great GPS and map app for any user who would want to learn more about their surrounding. You can also use it to create detailed maps of your hunt areas. Additionally, you can view property boundaries and searchable ownership data for all 50 states. Moreover, you can access other satellite imagery – current and previous ones.


  • Get access to 3D mapping.
  • Easily share hunt areas with hunting buddies.
  • Get access to advanced weather and game movement forecasts.
  • Extensive property line insights.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

5. Gohunt GPS Hunting Map

Gohunt GPS Hunting Map for Landing Alternatives

GoHunt is another incredible Landglide alternative that you can use to get the property information that you need. One great thing about the app is that you can also share the information with your hunt buddies.

It features satellite, hybrid, and topographical base maps. Additionally, you can import data and waypoints from other mapping apps. If you use the web tool you will get access to the terrain analysis tool & historical imagery library and get points from purchasing in the gear shop.


  • It has a powerful filter system and finding tools.
  • Get access to an interactive 3D terrain.
  • Accurate GPS tracking.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

6. Rockd

Rockd for Landing Alternatives

RockD is another incredible Landglide alternative that you can use to learn and document your geological surroundings. It is an all-around app that allows you to learn more about the geologic record, contribute your observations, and log in on your journey.

The online tool is all-around and provides instant summaries of your current location. You also get access to more than 14 geological maps which are added weekly.


  • It allows you to add your field observations even when offline.
  • Easily track your progress through the geologic record.
  • Easily see the public activity of other users.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. Basemap

Basemap for Landing Alternatives

Basemap is another incredible Landglide alternative best suited for hunters and outdoorsmen. You can use the map to easily cache maps for offline use, save as many locations as you want, and get information in real-time. Ideally, the government lands are well color-coded in the maps.

Also, you can get more information on private parcel boundaries, owners' names, water depths, hiking trails, wildfires, roadless areas, wildfires, and other information. It also has Google Earth integration that allows you to export markers and view them in Google Earth. It also allows you to capture logs and share all outdoor adventures with the BaseMap community


  • You can easily know your exact location without any cellular data.
  • Easily know the exact distance between you and your destination.
  • Get real-time updates.
  • Easily capture weather conditions at the time you add a marker.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

8. Map Pad GPS Land Surveys

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys for Landing Alternatives

You can use the Map Pad GPS land surveys app to calculate areas, perimeters, and distances. The app also allows location capture and determines the distance and area for shapes drawn on a map or captured using real-time GPS tracking.

You can also utilize Google or Bing Map satellite view to calculate the area of the field of walk distance. The app is ideal for anyone in the forestry, agricultural, engineering, or real estate management industries.


  • Get access to Base Maps, Google Maps, Open Street Map, and Bing Maps.
  • It supports metric and imperial units.
  • It is easy to capture waypoints and group them into categories.
  • Get access to GPS status and satellite status.

Available On: Git it on google play

9. Avenza maps

Avenza maps for Landing Alternatives

Avenza Maps is an incredible Landglide alternative that is ideal for hiking, biking, and trails. It features maps from National Geographic, national parks, and much more. Therefore, you can easily discover maps for your next camping, fishing, or backpacking trip.

It is the best map app for recreational use. Through the app, you will be able to locate your real-time GPS position, record GPS tracks, navigate features, add photos, add placemarks, measure distances, and get access to other file formats.


  • You are assured of accurate GPS tracking.
  • Easily convert tracks to areas.
  • Easily connect high-accuracy GPS devices.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

10. MapQuest

MapQuest for Landing Alternatives

MapQuest is another incredible Landglide alternative that you can use to get directions. It features a voice navigation that provides correct instructions. You can also utilize the speedometer to evaluate your speed.

To avoid traffic, you also get alternate routes you can use. Additionally, you will get more information on your geographic location to see even the physical amenities around you. You can even book a hotel or visit a restaurant around the area.


  • It is easy to add to favorites so that you can save important locations like home and work addresses.
  • Also, get directions through the Android watch app.
  • Easily discover new places through the app.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

11. Deal Machine For Real Estate

Deal Machine For Real Estate for Landing Alternatives

Deal Machine for Real Estate is an incredible app that allows you to find properties and even contact the owner instantly. Just like Landglide, you can get information about a certain property, location, and even owner details.

You can also check out various deals and connect with motivated sellers. Deal Machine entails investors ready to achieve financial freedom, and you can be part of the community.


  • It features Alma which is a real estate AI assistant that empowers real estate investors with personalized advice
  • It also provides automated direct mail sequences and unlimited contact information.
  • Deal Machine also features some CRM features like pictures, tasks, reminders, etc.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

12. LandID

LandID for Landing Alternatives

LandID is another remarkable Landglide alternative that provides land identity. It offers different subscription tiers, and you can choose what works best for you. It's a great solution for those who would want to learn more about properties either if you are a buyer or seller.

LandID also makes it easier to know even the specific landowners. You will get access to various property attributes like legal description, property ID, land use, and other information.


  • Real-time Information on land tax.
  • Available access to mapping layers.
  • Offline access to property information.
  • Built-in satellite GPS tracking.
  • Easily mark points on the map to identify locations.

Available On: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

Access the Latest Property Information Easily

Landglide is one of the best solutions that can help you learn more about properties and your surroundings. If you want to try out other apps that work almost similarly to it, these Landglide alternatives are perfect for you. You will also be aware of your surroundings and all other physical amenities around there.

You can try some of these apps or online tools to see what works best for you. Don’t be left out.

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