ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website

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Extratorrent closed its doors but you can use its proxy/mirror site or alternative platforms to download content.

About Extratorrent

 This platform was one of the leading BitTorrent indexes for downloading digital content such as software and media until its closure on 17, May 2017. Extratorrent (ET) also allowed users to contribute torrent files and magnet links. F

ortunately, people who enjoy using Extratorrent can use its proxy, mirror, or replica sites to download or contribute torrent files. Most of these proxy sites have similar features to Extratorrent, and you can hardly tell the difference if you're a new user.

Extratorrent mirror sites

The official link: http://extratorrent.me

Websites Loading Speed Status SSL
https://ext.torrentbay.to 6.61 s online exist
https://extratorrent.unblocked.tw 576 ms online exist
https://extratorrent.proxyninja.org 4.23 s online exist
https://extratorrent.mrunblock.bar  419 ms online exist
2.41 s
online exist
https://extratorrent.st 2.25 s online exist
https://extratorrent.si 1.56 s online exist
https://extratorrent.proxybit.sbs 430 ms online exist
https://extratorrent.mrunlock.date 180 ms online exist
https://sitenable.co/proxify.php 1.68 s online exist

Unblock Extratorrent Proxy Sites

 Sometimes you may be unable to access the Extratorrent mirror sites if they’re unavailable in your region. Similarly, your internet service provider can block them.

Here are some useful tools that you can use to unblock Extratorrent.

1. Tor Browser

Tor browser

You can easily unblock Extratorrent proxy sites by using a Tor browser. This’s a free private open-source browser for accessing the internet anonymously. The browser automatically erases every session when you finish browsing the internet, and it's difficult for Extratorrent proxy sites to block you.

Similarly, it's difficult for someone watching your connection to identify websites that you visit using the Tor Browser. All you need to do is enter the URL on the Tor browser and hit the “Enter” button to access a blocked Extratorrent mirror site.

2. Use a VPN

Geographic-Blocking bypass with vpn

One of the best tools that you can use for unblocking any site, not just Extratorrent proxies, is VPN. You can use it to mask your actual IP address to enhance your online privacy and security. This is important because Extratorrent proxies are unsafe, and using a VPN can protect you from online attacks.

The good thing about VPN is that it doesn't share users' data with third-party users. You need to create an account with a VPN, download and install it to your device, choose the server location, and access Extratorrent mirror sites without restrictions.

3. Change DNS

change dns setting

Ordinarily, local DNS will block Extratorrent proxy sites for some time. Therefore, you can unblock these sites by replacing local DNS with a public DNS.  If you can't access these Extratorrent proxy websites, you can try to change your DNS address. The following are the ones we recommend:

DNS server Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Google Public DNS
Open DNS
DNS Advantage
Norton DNS
DNS resolvers

Extratorrent Alternatives

Extratorrent closed its doors in 2017 doesn't mean that it was the end of the road for its users. On the contrary, you can use various alternatives sites to download your favorite entertainment content and software.

Here are some of the top Extratorrent alternatives that you should consider.

1. 1337x proxy


This is a great Extratorrent alternative where you can download torrent files and access magnet links. The platform is old in the industry, launched in 2007, and it's highly rich in content.

Most importantly, 1337x proxy has one of the most stylish platforms you can access from all parts of the world and enjoy the latest content. Here you can download high-quality movies, TV shows, software, and games at high speed.

2. Rarbg


You can never miss your favorite TV shows, movies, and music on Rarbg because it's rich in a wide selection of content. The good thing about this Extratorrent platform is that it offers the latest content that you're unlikely to find on other sites.

You can also download games, software, and adult content on Rarbg. Users can choose the bitrates resolution that they want to download when using this platform. For instance, you can choose 1080p, SD, Blu-ray, and DVD resolutions based on your preferences.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Are you looking for a torrent site where you can download the latest content in the market? Then it would help if you went to the Pirate Bay as an alternative for Extratorrent. Here you can download all types of content, including movies, music, e-books, and TV shows.

The good thing about The Pirate Bay is that it's available in over 30 languages. Unfortunately, the site has some restrictions in some countries. If you have troubles accessing The Pirate Bay, I recommend using its proxy to access it or shift to its mirror sites.

4. Torrent2


Torrentz2This platform is the world-leading BitTorrent indexer.  It comes with a metasearch engine that enables users to access content from a wide selection of torrenting sites. The good thing about Torrent2 is that it doesn’t store or carry torrent files.

For that reason, the platform is legal and safe. Here you can access over 100 million active torrents that have been indexed over the years. Most importantly, Torrent2 doesn't track its users, and it's accessible from all parts of the world.

5. YTS

YTS mx

Are you looking for an Extratorrent proxy site where you can download small file size torrents of HD quality? Then you should try the YTS platform. This site is the home for a wide selection of free movies.

Additionally, users of YTS enjoy movies and TV shows that have a variety of language subtitles. You can never miss your favorite movie because the platform updates regularly, and it's committed to ensuring users get the best quality content.

6. Kickass

KickAss Torrents

Over 150000 users have reviewed the Kickass platform in the past and rated it as one of the best alternatives for Extratorrent. It’s one of the most stable and fastest websites where you can download different types of software, movies, and music.

The good thing about Kickass is that its content is of high quality, and the platform is secure and is easy to use even by beginners.



This platform is the home for downloading high-quality movies and TV shows from all parts of the world. However, it would help if you always used a VPN while downloading torrents on this platform to enhance your online privacy and security.

The site is well organized, and you can easily find whatever you want to download. Alternatively, you can easily search it using the search bar on the top right side of EZTV's home page.

8. RuTracker


The list of the Extratorrent alternatives can’t be complete without mentioning RuTracker.  It's one of the biggest Russian BitTorrent trackers where you can download all types of movies. It currently enjoys a pull of over 13 million registered users.

Users have access to a wide selection of content because Ru Tracker has over 2 million torrents, and new ones are added daily. Registration is completely free. Please note that the Ru Tracker doesn’t support pornography and other adult content.

9. Zamunda


Closing the list is the Bulgarian torrents site called Zamunda. The platform has a huge library for some of the best movies, TV shows, games, apps, and software.

Although Zamunda has blocked users outside Bulgaria, you can still access it using a VPN. Here you have access to high-quality and fresh content. Additionally, the platform is secure and easy to use even by beginners.


The internet world is full of opportunities for those who want to utilize them. Therefore, the fact that Extratorrent closed its doors isn’t the end of the road for those looking for torrents.

You can download your favorite movies, TV shows, software, and games from its proxy/mirror sites.

Alternatively, you can still access similar content on Extratorrent alternative sites highlighted above and many more not discussed in the article.

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