Where To Watch TV Shows For Free Without Signing Up?!

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Can I watch series online free without signing up & downloading? Yes, of course! This post I will let you know where to watch TV shows for free!

With so many channels available nowadays and so many series being produced, it has been argued that we are living in the golden age of television.

Many find it difficult to keep up with what’s being aired on TV and have switched to streaming websites in order to either check out their favorite shows or to find out popular new series that are creating a lot of buzzes.

So, where can you watch tv shows for free online? We compiled for you a list of websites where you can check out TV Shows for free without having to sign up.

20+ Website to Watch TV Shows Online for Free Full Episodes

1. Crackle

Sony 0Crackle TV show

If you live in the United States, then the platform put together by Sony Entertainment Pictures has over 40 TV series that you can choose from and start binge-watching.

What’s more, the platform also has a lot of movies that you can start streaming at high quality. There are more live TV show online, easily read this post to get more relevant websites for Live TV.

2. FOX

FOX TV show

FOX is a giant among American television networks, and its been pumping out entertainment for many years.

If by any chance the show you’re looking for was produced by FOX then you’ll be able to find it on its platform for you to start streaming.

The shows are free to watch, but they have some regional restriction – but maybe you’re lucky and live in an area where you can stream it without hassle.

The platform is well organized and easy to explore, which is always a bonus.

3. Yify Movies TV Series


Don’t let the name fool you. While the platform constantly features the newest Hollywood blockbusters, they also include the latest episode from popular series.

Yify has a catalog that includes over 700 TV series, so even if you’re not sure what to start binging, you will find a show fairly quickly once you start browsing and see what the platform has to offer.

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4. YesMovies

Yesmovies Series

Having a large library that you’re free to explore, YesMovies is a good place to find some entertainment to consume, even if you don’t know yet what you’re looking for.

Chances are that you’ll find something interesting in the multitude of titles available on the platform, For more details about YesMovies and alternatives, easily visit Here.

5. ShareTV


ShareTV has everything from cartoons and anime all the way to talk shows and sports entertainment.

The layout of the site is easy on the eye, and if you still can’t find your favorite shows in the site’s large library.

And you can always start streaming a movie for free on the platform – yes, they stream movies as well.

6. Retrovision

If you’re nostalgic for older TV series or want to check out how new series compare to shows like Bonanza or Star Trek, then Retrovision is a good place to start.

The platform has a long list of shows that you can check out, and you won’t need to make an account in order to start watching them.

Moreover, the website has a free Android app that you can download, which means that you can start streaming your favorite old shows on your smartphone or tablet.

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7. SnagFilms

Snagfilms TV Show

SnagFilms covers a lot of ground in terms of entertainment and the content it has to offer. Besides featuring a large number of popular TV shows for you to stream.

The platform also has a lot of movies for you to pick from and start watching. It’s an ideal stop shop for the times when you feel like watching something.

SnagFilms is one of Best GoMovies Alternatives, read this post to get more details.

8. Yidio


From cartoons, popular sitcoms, and reality TV, Yidio has a long catalog for you to browse through until you find something that interests you.

The layout of the website makes it easy for you to explore, and you will also find movies on the platform if you have more time to burn. Not to mention that no account is necessary and it’s all free for you to start streaming.

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9. Tubi TV

tubi TV

A free platform with an abundance of titles spanning many genres of television? What more can you ask for?

The platform is sleek and stylish and you don’t need to look very hard to find your favorite shows or to find a new series that suits your tastes.

There is an asterisk, however, as the streaming platform is not available to those who live in Europe. Tubi TV is one of the CouchTuner alternatives to Watch TV Series, read this post to get more details.

10. Cartoonhd

CartoonHD TV show

Cartoonhd has a very light and elegant platform that allows you to not only browse through the whole library of shows, but also sort them – either by genre or to find out what’s popular at the moment.

The site features every category you can think of, so there’s a lot of entertainment for you to browse through.

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11. Watchepisodes4


When you start exploring the site, you will notice that Watchepisodes4 has close to 300 pages worth of TV series titles. You’d be hard-pressed not to find your favorite shows in one of those pages.

What’s more, the platform has special categories for shows that are new or that are popular at the moment, so you can stay up to date with what’s going on in the entertainment world and not miss an episode.

12. PopcornFlix


Besides the large number of movies that you can watch on PopcornFlix, the site also allows you to stream TV shows the same way – for free and without having to make an account.

The platform has a lot of classic content, but also new releases, making it a mix that you can browse through.

PopcornFlix is alternative for Putlocker, Read this article get more alternatives.

13. CW TV

If you’re a fan of the CW Network, then you can find its TV series online and watch them without having to make an account.

While the content is limited to the CW station, if your favorite shows are airing there then you’re set. Unfortunately, the platform is only available to those in the United States.

No worry about it, Get A VPN for US IP address for streaming.

14. XMovies8


Despite what the name says, the platform allows you to stream not only movies for free, but it also has a large collection of TV series that you can check out without having to make an account.

There are many categories from which you can choose from on the neatly designed platform, and the site even features anime that you can watch.

15. Flixtor


Flixtor is a very popular choice among users who want to check out the latest movies or the newest episodes of their favorite TV shows.

The design and layout of the site are easy to get used to, allowing you to focus on finding your preferred series – or, alternatively, allowing you to discover what’s currently popular or what you might find to be an entertaining watch.

16. GoMoviesHD


While a lot of popular series comes from the United States, it doesn’t mean that your favorite show can’t be from places such as India or Japan.

With GoMoviesHD you can not only stream popular films but you can also search for TV shows from all around the world.

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17. 5Movies

5Movies is a popular platform when it comes to streaming movies for free, but it’s also a good spot for streaming TV shows. The design of the website is minimalist and you’ll find a show to watch in no time.

18. WatchOpenload


Besides popular movies, WatchOpenload has a large selection TV shows that you can browse through.

Moreover, the platform has a special page where you can see which are the latest episodes that were featured on the site, making it easy for you to keep track of what’s new.

19. WatchTVEpisodes


If you don’t have enough time to check out a film, then perhaps WatchTVEpisodes can interest you in streaming an episode from the multitude of TV Shows available on the platform.

You can sort the shows by genre and the platform also has special pages for you to see which series are popular and on-going – making it easy to be up to speed with what’s going on.

20. FMovies


FMovies has a long list of titles right at your fingertips to press play and start watching. We have noted the FMovies on the previous post.

The platform is free and doesn’t require you to sign up, and features shows as well as movies from a large number of categories, from reality shows to anime.

21. WB Kids


If you’re looking for a safe platform for kids to spend time on, then WB Kids is the site – featuring not only clips from popular cartoons but also games that will keep kids interested and busy.

22. 4Ktubemovies

Besides being an ideal place for you to stream your favorite shows for free, 4ktubemovies is also a platform that features movies – hence the name of the site.

However, what makes it stand out is the fact that it has a lot of the titles that have not yet been released on DVD, being in CAM format.

Sum up: Which Platform Is The Best For Streaming TV Series For Free?

If you’re looking for more popular series then you can’t go wrong with platforms such as Yify Movies or Flixtor, you can get more websites to watch those popular series online.

Alternatively, if you want to check out some older shows, then Retrovision is the site you want to check out. It’s also important to take into consideration where you live.

Some streaming websites don’t work everywhere – most of them work in the United States, but Europe seems to be problematic. Most likely you can fix this issue with a VPN, Easily Pick up a VPN for Secure & High-Speed Streaming.

The best part is that most platforms are a one-stop-shop where you can watch reality TV, cartoons, and even movies – so without needing an account you can just watch your favorite shows.

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