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Is it possible to download free movies online without registration or surveys or paying? Of course! There are lots of free movie download websites without signing up. I just made a list of the top 10 recommended sites.

Dozens of different genres of movies and series are being released every day. There is a need to keep up with the latest episodes of a trendy series, and none wants to be left behind. The challenge is that the subscription fee to most online sites is just way above the clouds. This is where free online movie download sites come in. These sites have enabled many people to save lots of money, especially the movie fanatics.

The good news is that there are dozens of free online movie downloading sites that do not require their users to sign up or subscribe. Who doesn’t want to save a buck? Yes, not everyone can afford the luxury of paying for Netflix, HBO or Amazon, if you can good for you.

In this article, we will go through the top 10 best free movie downloading sites from which you can pick the best. Before we delve into these sites, you should be aware that there are torrents that offer similar services, the problem is that torrents are very illegal and you can fall victim of cyber-attack by downloading viruses dubbed movies. Watch out!

There are, however, safe torrents such as pirates bay which has a lot of restriction to its users hence making them safe. Another such site is Kickass Torrents. But remember they are not 100 percent safe.

List of 10 Best free movies download sites without registration

Below are the top 10 most trusted free online movie downloading sites.

10. The Internet Archive

Link To:

Top on the list is the Internet Archive. This site invaded the movie industry without anyone’s notice. It quickly established a base and stole the hearts of thousands of movie lovers. The site has thousands of movies, series, books, and music-making it a goldmine for its users. Users can download free videos, movies, and series without experiencing torrential hitches and failures. I have used this site to download the ‘Living Dead,’ Iron Mask,’ ‘Jungle Book,’ among others. It is one of my favorites.

Furthermore, the site is very user-friendly, and navigation through it has never been a problem. After accessing the site, you will search the movie of your choice on the search bar. The search results will show the movies related to your search. Click on your chosen movie and open the download link. The link will give you download options which vary depending on the download quality. Choose your favorable quality and press download. Simple, isn’t it? The download time depends on your internet speed.

One challenge with Internet Archive is that downloads fail midway especially for large files. This problem has been minimized, but it all depends on your internet speeds. The movies are updated as soon as the latest releases hit the market hence sparing its users the nightmare of facing spoilers in social media.

For better experience buy one of these best tablets for movies and watch your favorite movies or TV-shows in high resolution.

The Internet Archive: Pros

  • Updated Frequently
  • Easy to use
  • Can be accessed via mobile, Tablet and Computer

The Internet Archive: Cons

  • Downloads crash halfway
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9. Open Culture

Link To:

Open Culture is another specialized site. Yes, it offers free downloads for videos and movies, but they are all culture related. You will not find your favorite horror or Sci-fi films on this site. The videos are mainly used for education and research purposes.

If you consider your film to be educational or culture-centric, then this is the best place to find it. Comedy films such as Charlie Chaplain are available on this site. Apart from numerous Movies and videos, the site has more than 150 business-related books, over 200 educational textbooks, 700 audios as well as over 300 language guides.

Downloading stuff from an educational site is never hard, and that applies to open culture. The site is easy to use, and even a newbie can navigate easily on it. Once you have accessed the site, click on the movies section and scroll and browse through until you find the movie of your dreams.

Open Culture: Pros

  • Has a wide range of educational resources
  • It is easy to download videos
  • The site is very safe

Open Culture: Cons

  • It only handles educational and culture videos

8. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films movies download website

Link To:

Last but not least is the Top Documentary film which specializes in documentary movies. Documentary lovers, worry not for you are covered. The documentaries revolve around nature, crime, mystery, science, technology, drama, history and wars. For all the categories, have a look on the right side of the page and see all the available categories.

The categories part includes the highly rated, the most shared, the most voted and the recently added. The recently added files are included in the top 100 documentaries part. The additions are done by NBO and Netflix which are known for their premium quality.

Well, now that you know where to look, I hope you will not experience trouble downloading movies online. If you want to save money, then it is prudent to visit one of the above sites and make a download.

Top Documentary Films: Pros

  • Accessible via mobile phone, tablet, and computers

Top Documentary Films: Cons

  • It is hard to use the site
  • Has a lot of advertisements

7. Retrovision

Retrovision movies download website without registration

Link To:

Retrovision is another excellent free movie downloading site available on the internet. The site offers a great deal of content for free. There are movie genres such as adventure, comedy, action, animation, sci-fi, and thrillers. On top of the movies, you will be able to access your favorite TV show, series, music, and books. All this for free, there is no sign-up or registration requirement.

This site is accessible through tablets, desktop computers, laptops or even mobile phones as long as they are connected to the internet. The web layout is not as user-friendly as that of 123 movies or an Internet archiver but a toddler can still use it. After accessing the website, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you can see the search bar. This is one of the anomalies as search bars are always located on the top corner of the website.

On this search bar, you can search your favorite movie from where you can download it. The download process is very simple and takes a short time because of the reduced file sizes. One problem with this site, however, is that it takes time before they update their libraries.

Retrovision: Pros

  • Accessible via mobile phone, tablet, and computers

Retrovision: Cons

  • It is hard to use the site
  • Has a lot of advertisements

6. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline movies download website

Link To:

Free movies found online is another free movie download platform available globally. This site has strived to diversify its services by offering a little bit of everything. There are stand-up comedy, documentaries, movies, series and TV shows. Each of the above sections has long drop lists of various genres that are for your taking. There are animation, drama, sci-fi and action movies. Lovers of romance and thrillers will also get their share.

Movie producers and account owners, upload content to the online platform which has to be approved by the group's administration. In the case of copyright infringement or security bridge, the website pulls down the affected content ensuring you quality and safe downloads.

Like other sites, MoviesFound Online is easy to use. The homepage feature latest movies, full length and short film. From this options, you can access any movie you like. You can also search on the search bar using the movie title as the keyword.

MoviesFoundOnline: Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Very secure and safe

MoviesFoundOnline: Cons

  • They take time to make their updates

5. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online movies download website

Link To:

Classic Cinema Online is the specialized site for blockbuster movies. The site has movies dating back to the age of black and white.

The wide range of movies floods the site with both old and new classic. To help you with your search, I will suggest that you explore each genre separately by using the drop lists. The ‘teens’ section includes movies such as Holiday, drama, Horror and documentaries not to forget Sci-fi. The ‘silent films’ section includes mystery, romance, and adventure. The site also boasts of its premium looks and quality videos.

Classic Cinema Online: Pros

  • Has the largest collection of movies

Classic Cinema Online: Cons

  • Takes time to get updated
  • Specialized with blockbuster movies only

4. YouTube

Link To:

Well, who doesn’t know about YouTube? This is a famous site for free movie downloads. From the latest music videos, movies, trailers, tutorials, series, and TV shows. You can access the world's largest content hub without paying a buck, how amazing!

A lot of people have not exploited the downloading feature of YouTube. This is because they are not aware that such a feature exists or they fear to lose their data. YouTube is one of the safest online platforms but can be hacked, just like any other online platform.

YouTube has two downloading features. The first feature is the offline videos download. This feature enables you to download content when you are available online after which you can access them when you are offline. The downloaded content is stored on the youtube offline videos section.

Users can also download content from YouTube completely. To perform this task you will require to install the plugin, SavefromInternet,’ at least that’s what I use. There are other programs such as instant YouTube downloaders which is also very effective.

YouTube is very easy to use and there is a higher chance of getting the content you are looking for as there are very many people uploading content.

YouTube: Pros

  • Videos can be downloaded for offline use
  • Has a variety of content

YouTube: Cons

  • Users data might be stolen

3. 123 Movies

123 Movies websites without signing up

Link To:

If you have never tried 123 free online movies, then you should head there right away. This site offers a wide range of series, movies, music and TV shows. It doesn’t matter what genre of movies thrills your soul, everything is available at 123 movies. From animations, action, thriller, romance. Series, Sci-fi, the list is long, it is all there.

123 movies efficiency in offering free movie downloading services won it the ‘Legacy of Online Movies Award.’ The site is very user-friendly with simple and easy to access VPNs and Proxies. Do not worry about the registration or sign up hassle, it’s all gone. Just access the website and enter your movies’ title on the search bar. After you receive the search results, click on the movie and proceed to the download icon.

The icon will lead you to another download link where you will be able to select the quality of the movie you wish to download. After selecting click on download option and sit back. Download time varies with the quality and your internet speed.

Another good thing with 123 movies is that it is available in different languages, Hindi, Chinese, French, and English. The movies, at times, come with subtitles in the desired languages.

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123 Movies: Pros

  • Available in different languages
  • Accessible from different devices; phones, tablets and computers

123 Movies: Cons

  • Has a lot of ads

2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle movies download website

Link To:

My list will be incomplete if I fail to mention Sony crackle. As the name suggests this is a creation of Sony Picture Entertainment. The site has thousands of movies if not millions. All you need to do is just access the site via the internet, search for movies by creating a watch list. You will get suggestions depending on your search specifications. The site prompts users to sign up or register which is not mandatory as you can still access all the content without an account.

Accounts help the site track your preferences and your watch list and offer you updates via email, again, it’s not mandatory to sign up.

Sony Crackles not only offers movie downloads but also TV shows series and blockbuster movies which are paid for premium account users. Since the company draws its revenue from ads instead of downloads, advertisements will pop from time to time but they will be no harm in ignoring them.

However, the site would not work if adBlocker is enabled. I have used this site severally and downloaded content such as ‘Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy and Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I also noticed that Sony Crackles updates its content as soon as it are released. The site is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. You can access it from your mobile, tablet or computer as long as you are online.

Sony Crackle: Pros

  • Updates regularly
  • Has a wide range of movies
  • Available in multiple languages

Sony Crackle: Cons

  • Has pop-up advertisements
  • Some movies are exclusively for premium account owners

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix movies download website without registration

Link To:

Link To: Popcornflix is reputable for its original content as well as public domain movies. The site has all sorts of movie genres; horror, drama, comedy, thriller, action, and animation. Popcornflix can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets, and computers. There are bonus Nat Geo shows and other TV shows. Guess what? The movies are in HD quality!

There is a huge range of movies available on Popcornflix. Administrators make additions every other single day hence be sure to get the latest episode of that favorite series of yours. Again as a movie lover, I have sampled the services of this site by downloading the Mysterious Island, Maison Close, Prison Gadgets and Prison Families.

Like all the aforementioned sites, Popcornflix does not require prior sign up or registration. You can access live shows through live streaming. However, Popcornflix is only limited to the United States and Canada.

Popcornflix: Pros

  • Offers live streaming services
  • Movies in HD quality
  • User-friendly

Popcornflix: Cons

  • Only available in Canada and USA


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