10+ Best YIFY TV Alternatives to Watch Movies

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Want to find the website like YIFY TV to watch free streaming movies & TV series online? These are the greatest alternatives in websites with the latest movie releases.

Official site of YIFY TV: http://yifymovies.tv

Don’t you want to see the same boring movies again? Find online TV alternatives to watch movies and series without leaving your room. The 13 best sites similar to YIFY were cautiously selected so that only top-quality content is included in this special listing of 2022.

Wherever and whenever you decide to, play a movie for free on your computer, with endless lists of programs like free tv channels.

Do you hate not being able to pause movies? Don’t be a slave of the reality television and control whatever you watch, with the possibilities in YIFY movies ready to watch on many different websites. There will always be one online and working for you.

TOP 13 Sites similar to YIFY TV – Free to watch HQ movie online!

No idea what to watch next? The catalogs are so full of interesting content that it’s going to be impossible not to choose something, among the many options in these YIFY movie sites.

These are the top 13 alternatives to watch YIFY movies in many different online platforms with tv channels, series, and special programs. Let’s get to know them all:

1. 123MoviesHub.net

123MoviesHubNobody likes advertisements cutting off their excitement before watching a movie. It’s boring to always face a new one when simply trying to enjoy free entertainment.

Want to get rid of ads in free online movies? That’s why we have selected 123MoviesHub as our first YIFY tv website. Despite the strange and kind of random name, the platform really works well for us movie addicted people.

Except for the external ads opening when a TV streaming platform is open directly to show a movie, there are no other boring advertisements blocking the scenes or every time you open a page.

Also, watch the trailer before and get information about the movie before watching for free, to make sure you’ve made the best choice.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies Using 123MoviesHub.net:

  • Almost no advertisements;
  • Great selection of movies;
  • Information about movies.
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2. Watch Movies Online Free

Watch Movies Online FreeSimplicity shouldn’t be a problem for people looking after good YIFY alternatives to watch movies. There is not a great layout and the entire website is straight to the point, just like its name.

Pick what you want to watch and decide between the possible streaming channels to reproduce the film. In case of giving up, it’s always easy to choose something else by their list of movies or similar keywords.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using watchmoviesonlinefree.io:

  • Easy to navigate;
  • Not too many ads;
  • Keyword cloud to find similar movies.

3. Netflixs

NetflixsThe huge amount of releases and new movies to watch online in this alternative to the YIFY tv is incredible. However, can you spare a few minutes to sign up for this website? As it’s a problem for many people, you should consider this necessary step.

It makes sense, that they want users to have an account there, which is offered for free, for serving so good quality movies, with 4K HD streaming.

In case you accept, there are movies, live programs and recorded tv shows to spend all day watching in your home.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using netflixs.pro:

  • Many entertainment options;
  • 4K HD movies.

4. WorldTV24

WorldTV24Another addition to both the list of free websites to watch movies and that one for the strange names, WorldTV24 offers 24 hours of entertainment with movies, TV shows, and even sports.

Navigate through the platform of this YIFY movie site and get a huge load of content, as long as you decide to sign up. It’s really quick and shouldn’t impair your free time.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using WorldTV24:

  • Many entertainment options;
  • 4K HD movies.

5. Hack IMDb

Hack IMDbGetting movies for free may always have some downsides, which is why we are so interested in bringing this list. This is another one of the top alternatives to YIFY movies, with a great catalog to choose from.

As it doesn’t have the requirement of signing up like many others, just as the two examples in this list, the website shows a bit more advertisements. Learn to ignore those and you will have quick access to the movies Hack IMDb offers.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using Hack IMDb:

  • Good catalog;
  • Easy to navigate.

6. Free Flixshow

Free FlixshowFree Flixshow offers not only the series and documentaries of Netflix for free. It counts with the latest cinema releases, ready to be watched in good quality. All they ask is for a quick registration before allowing more access to them. This website doesn’t belong to the same company of Netflixs, so it isn’t the same account.

Once registered, navigate through the similar movies to find something of your interest and even take a close look at what is coming next.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using Free Flixshow:

  • Good catalog;
  • Easy to navigate.

7. Popcornflix

PopcornflixThe highlighted feature of Popcornflix is definitely its different catalog. It owns many movie titles that aren’t available in other streaming YIFY alternatives. They’d rather offer classic and awesome movies from a good while ago, for real cinema lovers.

Choose among their genre options the movie that you will pick by nostalgia or curiosity. No registration is needed, but no recent release will be found here.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using Popcornflix:

  • Good catalog of older movies;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • No registration.

8. SeeHD

SeehdTired of finally finding that HD movie you want to watch online and for free and then the link is broken? Seehd.uno is worried about your experience and makes everything run smoothly.

They have up to four options of online streaming for movies and also four more for download, for those who aren’t so eager to watch. Besides, they offer support, by looking at the comments for broken links to be replaced.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using SeeHD:

  • Takes care of the links;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Good catalog.

9. YifyHD

YifyHDOffering the same service as the original, this YIFI copy website brings a lot of movies to watch in its catalog. Unfortunately, out of the full screen there are lots of advertisements placed around the screen.

Even with its little disappointment, this website alternative to YIFY will still let you watch the free stream and doesn’t ask for registration.


Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using YifyHD:

  • No registration;
  • Based in YIFI.

10. Ice Films

Ice FilmsThe navigation of this website isn’t as full of images as the others, so it could take a little more time to find the movie you want to watch. Despite this fact, the latest releases can be found in Ice Films.

After figuring out the best and easiest way to play a movie, exploring this YIFY clone won’t be difficult anymore. They offer good quality too, for those willing to use their platform.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using Ice Films:

  • Good quality movies;
  • Good catalog.

11. OpenLoad Free TV

OpenLoad Free TVGet free TV and a movie theater in your living room using this website that hosts its streams in Openload. Feel like using the real YIFY tv with this alternative website for free.

There is a wide variety of movies in the catalog, ready to be chosen. Ignore a few pop-up ads like in most websites of the genre, and your entertainment is guaranteed.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using OpenLoad Free TV:

  • Good catalog;
  • Easy to navigate.

12. MovieGO

MovieGOThe list is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that quality is going down with it. MovieGO is an excellent YIFY alternative website to watch online movies for free.

Series and films already being shown in TV or the latest releases in the movie theater, all for free and without registration, you will find them here. Most important of all, the navigation is extremely easy, one can rapidly filter what desires to watch and there aren’t many ads.

Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using MovieGO:

  • Good catalog;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Not many ads.

13. WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStreamGet the latest movie releases, the top ones in IMDb and even all the episodes of your favorite series in WatchMovieStream, a flee platform like YIFY to watch movies online.

It’s really easy to pick one through the images, then many more will be at the screen page to make sure you change easily for something related to your choice, in case the movie ends or gets too boring.

This could be the right choice for you, looking for a website to replace YIFY.


Top Reasons to Watch Free Movies using WatchMovieStream:

  • Good catalog;
  • Easy to navigate;

Conclusion :

Now that you have seen the 13 best alternatives to YIFY in the internet, it’s time to open your favorite – or more than one, just in case – and prepare that delicious popcorn, or whatever else you think that suits the experience of watching a new film for free.

We absolutely hope that this selection will make sure your weekends and friends’ reunion are granted in terms of fun and entertainment, thanks to the thousands of movies within the catalogs of these websites similar to YIFY. Enjoy your new program!


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