Top 10 Site like Watchcartoononline to Watch Cartoon Online For Free

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What happened to watchcartoononline? Do you want to download videos from watchcartoononline? We regret to tell you, the watchcartoononline have closed! So you have to find other cartoon sites like Watchcartoononline.

 what happened to watchcartoononline

Are you looking for a thrilling encounter in the cartoon world? Are you a cartoon enthusiast trying to find something that well suits your interest in cartoons? Are you looking for the best Watchcartoononline alternative to give you an adrenaline rush? Worry no more as we step into a discussion that will equip you with the best Watchcartoononline options.

We have known cartoons as a form of entertainment since the childhood days, and many people still watch cartoons since old habits die hard. For animations, different genres are making it an even more diverse form of entertainment with the cartoon programs being romantic, funny, and also educative. Watchcartoononline is one site that enables you to stream a wide range of cartoon movies with alternatives discussed below.

10 best Watchcartoononline alternative to watch cartoon

1. KissAnime


KissAnime is a famous cartoon streaming site that incorporates different genres of animations with varying lines of a story, enabling you to choose one that suits you. You will be left with your eyeballs popping due to the all in one adventure this site brings. Ads can be annoying on this site, but the collection of cartoons cancels out any doubts about having an excellent watching encounter.

What makes it an even Watchcartoononline alternative is the quality cartoon videos this site provides. KissAnime has the most remarkable quality of cartoons with a search button on the website that makes it easy to get whichever cartoon video you need.

Key Features of KissAnime:

  • Quality of cartoons on this site is remarkable.
  • You are likely to encounter ads on this website.
  • Search button makes it easy to search for a specific cartoon video.

2. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is as the name suggests the heaven of cartoons, making it another reliable cartoon streaming site that serves well as a Watchcartoononline alternative. You are open to an endless collection of comics arranged according to different genres. Amazingly, this site has videos which feature in different languages, including English and Japanese, which gets rid of the language barrier, making it an excellentWatchcartoononline alternative.

Have a mesmerizing cartoon streaming experience by watching a massive library of cartoons in high definition quality, unlike on other sites where video quality is a challenge. AnimeHeaven is an excellent choice for different audiences, as there are no language limitations.

Key Features of AnimeHeaven:

  • On AnimeHeaven, you watch a vast collection of cartoons in different languages.
  • Cartoon videos on this site are of good quality.
  • You can watch cartoons from the different genres provided.

3. AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima presents an outstanding cartoon streaming experience which allows you to share out your view or even share a cartoon video online with users from different parts of the world as well as request for the cartoon you want if it is not available on this site.

The Unique design of this website includes features that allow you to view cartoons either by the alphabet, followers, genre, or year of release, making it a good Watchcartoononline alternative. You can check out the different dates of publication of cartoons to keep up with the most recent versions.

Key Features of AnimeUltima:

  • You can interact with viewers in different parts of the world on this site.
  • You can request for a cartoon movie you are unable to find on this site.

4. KuroAni


On KuroAni, you can watch a series of cartoons and anime neatly displayed on this website. You can click on some of the options such as home and popular to toggle through different animations featured on the site. Streaming on this site is free, making it a good Watchcartoononline alternative.

Key Features of KuroAni:

  • Streaming of cartoons is free.
  • You can smoothly go through the website.

5. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is one of the best YouTube initiatives to include kids in their platform with educative videos of cartoons that are regulated to avoid access to inappropriate content. YouTube Kids is a user-friendly free streaming site that suits kids and also creates an interactive platform that can also serve families at large, making it an efficient Watchcartoononline alternative. The most exciting part about this site is that you can download, upload, and watch videos smoothly.

YouTube Kids introduces your fantasy into reality as you can watch cartoons and shows from different parts of the world. However, the ad pop-ups on this site can be a nuisance at times.

Key Features of YouTube Kids:

  • YouTube Kids is designed to accommodate kids and the family at large.
  • You can watch, download, or upload content on this site free.

6. WCO

WCO is a site that will give you a blood rushing experience from the design aspects on the site, which is free from Ads creating convenience for you to watch cartoons without the timely interruptions.

What makes this site an excellent Watchcartoononline alternative is the high-quality cartoon videos, different themes for better viewing, which you can choose whichever you like, and the superb collection of cartoon films that get updates frequently. You can effortlessly identify the latest and top-rated videos on this site by clicking on the menu.

Key Features of WCO:

  • WCO is an ad-free site.
  • You can watch cartoons in high quality.
  • This well-developed site has features that help you to identify the latest and top-rated cartoon quickly.

7. Cartoons On

Cartoons on are the home for all the major cartoon shows suitable for kids and general family viewing. Due to this website's regulations, you find it smooth streaming with family and friends due to the omission of content that may be too sensitive or inappropriate such as ads. So, Cartoons On is a free streaming site that serves as an excellent Watchcartoononline alternative.

In addition to that, Cartoons On has an extensive collection of cartoons. Streaming on this site is easy since you can easily visit this website, which is compatible with different gadgets, thus a good Watchcartoononline alternative.

Key Features of Cartoons On:

  • Cartoons On is compatible with different gadgets.
  • You can watch cartoons for free.
  • Cartoons On does not have ad pop-ups.

8. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon boats for its popularity due to the efficiency of its website as well as superb cartoon movies you find on this site. Most of the cartoons are unique, making this site stand out as a Watchcartoononline alternative. If you get fun from games, then Nickelodeon is the place for you as it hosts several exciting cartoon games.

Key Features of Nickelodeon:

  • Nickelodeon has an efficient website.
  • You can play exciting cartoon games on this site.

9. Toonjet


Toonjet is an incredible site that takes you through some of the best and accessible cartoon content. If you have an ache for the recent videos and the classics Toonjet is the best spot for you, making it a viable Watchcartoononline alternative. Enjoy every moment on this site by streaming through the extensive collection of cartoons for free.

What is even more interesting about this site is that it is not mandatory for you to sign up to stream videos but signing up on this site facilitates you with other features which are unavailable before signing up.

Key Features of Toonjet:

  • Toonjet does not require a signup
  • You can watch cartoons for free.
  • Signing up on this site is not mandatory to watch cartoons.

10. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming sites for cartoon and movies, making it an excellent Watchcartoononline alternative. Netflix has a vast collection of cartoons with a trailer or a short synopsis that helps you to identify the movie that suits you quickly.

Netflix is a premium site, but what is even more exhilarating about this site is that you have a 30-day free trial after which you decide whether you drop or continue using services from this site. You only require to undergo a short sign up process after which you can enjoy all sorts of cartoons.

Key Features of Netflix:

  • YouTube Kids is designed to accommodate kids and the family at large.
  • You can watch, download, or upload content on this site free.


Watching cartoons for leisure or educative purposes gains popularity day after day. With the developing websites and other forms of sharing videos, cartoons are gaining popularity with many people embracing cartoons for educative or entertainment purposes.

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