30 Free Encrypted Email Services 2023: Hide Your online Privacy!

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Sending a plain email message using non-commercial email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo is highly risky. However, you can safeguard your email message before sending by encrypting them.

Unencrypted emails are at high risk of being intercepted by hackers and other online scammers than encrypted messages. Therefore, it is prudent to send encrypted emails to enhance your online security and privacy.

Encryption Email

Several platforms offer encrypted email services to their users. Some of these offer encrypted email services free of charge while others charge for their services.

Others offer both free and paid services so that users can choose a package that matches their needs. The following are some dependable free encrypted email service providers.

30+ Most secure & encrypted email service providers

1. ProtonMail


This platform from Switzerland provides encrypted email services. The service provider uses modern technology to make sure emails sent via its network are safe and secure. ProtonMail offers both paid and free options depending on user needs.

However, the free option is limited to 150 emails daily and a storage capacity of 500Mb. The service provider also supports two-step verification that makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access it. Every user has his/her domain and option for self-destructing messages. ProtonMail is also available in mobile apps for easy use on go.

2. Hushmail


Hushmail is a web-based platform that offers free and paid encrypted email services. The platform is safe and easy to use. You do not have to install any programs in your devices to use Hushmail services. The platform is user-friendly and users feel as if they are using any we-mail website such as Gmail.

Hushmail uses technology that encrypts user messages to protect them from prying eyes of hackers and online scammers. You can use their services on your computer and Smartphones. The free package is suitable for users who send a few emails and do not require huge storage capacity. However, commercial users or those with send many emails can go for paid plans that come with additional features.

3. Infoencrypt


The Infoencrypt is another reliable web-based provider of encrypted messages. It enables users to enter the text message and the encryption password. The services provider uses a program that facilitates encryption and decryption of messages using the provided encryption password.

This makes the email message secure to send because no one can read it without the encryption password. The good thing with Infoencrypt is that it is user-friendly and you do not need any installation on your computer to use it. All you need is to visit their website and follow simple procedures for sending an encrypted email.

4. Sendinc


It is easy and secure to send encrypted emails via the Sendinc platform. The platform is web-based and both the sender and recipient do not need to install any software in their devices. Sendinc uses technology that secures email messages from the time it leaves your computer to the time when the recipient obtains it in their devices.

Notably, Sendinc does not store or transmit a message in an unencrypted format. It also verifies that the identity of the recipient to confirm whether they are the intended recipient of the message. The recipient gets the encryption key in the form of a link so that they can use it to decode the message and read it. This means that no one can access the message in the email, not even Sendinc itself.

5. SafeGmail

SafeHouse Explorer

SafeGmail is a free extension for Google Chrome that enables users to send encrypted emails to other users. The good thing with SafeGmail is that the message expires after some time thus, hackers and the online scammer cannot access it.

SafeGmail is compatible with all email service providers and message remains encrypted in both sender and recipient email boxes. This means that unauthorized persons cannot read the message in the email even if they have users' login details.

6. Lockbin


This is a free web application for sending private and encrypted email messages and files. It ensures that your email message is not backed up on email servers. That makes it difficult for hackers to trace it even if they have access to your email account. More so, Lock bin makes it difficult for network sniffers to access your email message while in transit. You do not require any registration and account activation to use Lockbin.

Lockbin also gives users the option for generating encryption password and communicates it to the recipient using another secure method. The free plan allows users to send an email message with attachments that do not exceed 15MB. The platform can hold files for up to a month. You can also download the app and a free Outlook add-in so that you can receive the Lockbin messages. Its paid plan comes with more features and users can attach and send larger files.

7. RMail


RMail enable users to send up to 10 encrypted email messages daily from their email address. All email messages that you send via RMail are end-to-end security compliance.

This means that online scammers and hackers cannot access them using the sender's account or the recipient's account. You also receive a registered receipt as proof that your message was encrypted and secured before sending.

8. iSafeguard


iSafeguard is a software package that enables users to encrypt email messages and add digital signatures on them. It is suitable for individuals and companies who want to secure data sent via email addresses. Users of iSafeguard can encrypt and sign emails and folders. The program also enables the recipient to confirm the authenticity of digital signatures received from other users.

The free option is suitable for personal and non-business users. Businesses should subscribe to their enterprise and professional editions because they come with more features. They also provide more secure digital signatures and strong encryption of emails.

9. Sophos Free Encryption

Sophos Free Encryption

This program enables users to send encrypted email messages and files free of charge. You have the option of creating password-protected files that you can send using email addresses.  Files sent via Sophos are self-extracting and the recipient does not require any software to open them. All that the recipient needs is the encryption password. Once, you have encrypted your email using this program, it automatically compresses them so that they can occupy less space.

10. SafeHouse Explorer

SafeHouse Explorer

SafeHouse Explorer is a free program that enables users to encrypt their messages and make them more secure. You need to download the program and install it in your device before using it. The software is very effective when it comes to enhancing the confidentiality of your files and data privacy. This makes it impossible for online scammers, hackers, and other people to access your files without your permission. You can also use the program to build private storage vaults for storing confidential files.

SafeHouse Explorer uses encryption passwords to safeguard files in storage vaults. Some of the files that you can encrypt before sending via email include photos, spreadsheets, databases, and videos among others. You can use the program to safeguard files stored in external USB drives, memory sticks and network servers among others. SafeHouse Explorer does not expire once you install it in your device. The email recipient uses the free Safe House program or through a self- extracting .exe, that is easy to generate using the Safe House Explore program.

11. TrueCrypt

The TrueCrypt is a simple tool that enables users to encrypt all their data. This includes backup discs and system drives. The tool is available free of charge whereby users are free to encrypt files and work on them as they would do with other files located in regular drives of their computer.

It also enables users to generate a virtual encrypted disk where they can store files just as they do in real hard drives. The tool is easy to use and works on a real-time basis. Once the user has generated an encrypted virtual disk and store files in it, he/she can send them safely through an email.  The recipient should also have the TrueCrypt tool installed in their devices and the password to access files after receiving them.

12. Free File Camouflage

Free File Camouflage

Free File Camouflage is a program that enables users to secure their files in a jpeg image. The program encrypts files using AES and hides them in an image. Any unauthorized person who tries to open the encrypted file only sees an image.

It is safe to send the encrypted file because hackers cannot open it while on transit. The recipient should also have Free File Camouflage in their computer and the encryption password to decode the file from image to readable content.

13. Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate   

This free tool enables individuals to safeguard their digital communications. You can sign a file or encrypt it using Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate before sending them via an email. Email users trust the tool and it integrates easily with Microsoft Office and other popular applications. Individuals can use the too free of charge but business users should get a paid plan for $12 per year. The signing of files enables the recipient to confirm the legitimacy of the file while encrypting files ensures that only the intended recipient can read the email.

14. Enigmail


The Enigmail is an extension that works with Seamonkey and Mozilla to enable users to write encrypt and sign emails. It also works with Postbox and Eudora OSE as an email plug-in. The challenge with Enigmail is that it does not run by itself. You need to use it with the supported browsers and be patient because it is slow.

15. Safe-mail

Safe-mailSafe-mail is a secure platform for sending encrypted emails. It also enables them to secure their data and communication through the internet. Users of Safe-mail can send instant messages, file sharing, and data distribution. The tool is available in all parts of the world and works in all devices and operating systems. The free plan comes with a 3MB of storage space, fewer folders, smaller mail quota, and fewer names in the address book. You need to subscribe to premium services to enjoy advanced services.

16. Sbwave Enkryptor

Sbwave EnkryptorSbwave Enkryptor is a free platform that enables users to encrypt text messages before delivery via email. The recipient gets the message in the encrypted form and uses the provided encryption code to decrypt it. The good thing with Sbwave Enkryptor is that you do not need to install any software or sing up an account to secure your emails. However, users of the platform should have a basic understanding of HTML such as Lycos, Hotmail, and Outlook Express among others.

17. Steganos LockNote

Steganos LockNoteThis is a simple program for encrypting files for safe storage or before sending it via email. All you need to do is to download and install the program in your computer and use it to protect private data with passwords. You can then send an encrypted file through an email and recipient has to use the provided password to open the file. That way, the message sent through the email is secure and hackers cannot be able to read it even if they intercept it while on transit.

18. Encrypt Files

Encrypt FilesThis light but secured free program enables users to encrypt files and folder by protecting them with encryption passwords. The program offers 13 methods that users can use to safeguard their confidential data before sending it as an email message. However, both the sender and recipient of the email message should have the program installed in their computers so that they can be able to open and read the encrypted message.

19. MEO

MEO is software that enables users to encrypt and decry all types of files. The MEO is superior in that it is free and compatible with both Mac and Windows. The program uses modern technology to secure data from unauthorized people. You can easily encrypt files and send them safely through an email address.  You can also use the program to create self-extracting files that the receiver can open and read without having to install MEO encryption software on their computers.

20. dsCrypt

dscryptThis file encryption software enables users to enhance the safety of their private files before sending them as email messages. The program comes with drag and drop options that support several multiple files. Both the sender and recipient of a message should install the dsCrypt program in their computers. Once the recipient receives an encrypted message, he/she should drag and drop it in the dsCrypt program window and use the provided password to decrypt the file.

21. Crypt4 Free

Crypt4Free is a free and secured program that enables users to encrypt and safeguard any type of file. Once you have used the software to encrypt a file, you can securely send it via email and other internet communication platforms. You can also use the Crypt4 Free program to send files that the recipient can open and read content without installing the Crypt4 Free program.

22. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client

Trend Micro Email Encryption ClientThis is a plugin that users of Microsoft Outlook can use to encrypt a message and secure them from unauthorized users.  This means that users can send secured messages to any of their Outlook contacts without worrying about the privacy of their communication. Regular emails are vulnerable to interception by hackers or by email service providers. However, no one can read files that are encrypted by Trend Micro Email Encryption expect the intended recipient. The service provider uses the same technology as the one recommended by U.S. government agencies.

23. Mobrien.com

mobrien.comThe platform offers free email encryption services that ensure communication between a sender and receiver does not leak to other people while en route. Users can send encrypted email messages that are secure and only the intended recipient can decrypt them using the provided instruction. The good thing with Mobrien.com is that messages remain encrypted even while on transit, thus email eavesdroppers cannot sniff of certain keywords in it. You do not have to send the recipient passwords after sending them a file. The system automatically sends the recipient instructions on how they can decipher the message and read its contents.

24. Mailvelope


Mailvelope is a free chrome extension that helps users to encrypt their messages and files before sending them through an email. The extension provides OpenPGP encryption that is compatible with major webmail service providers.

The extension integrates automatically with the webmail user interface. This means that users do not need to make additional configuration when using Mailvelope to send encrypted emails.

25. Opolis Secure Email Service

Opolis Secure Email Service

This is a highly secured and effective email service provider that enables users to process, store and send confidential data in an encrypted form. The platform is available globally, it can run in any device, and it does not require any special configuration. Opolis uses modern technology to enable users to send confidential emails and store their private data safely.

26. Crypto Anywhere

Crypto Anywhere

This is a simple and free program for encrypting files to enhance their security. The software is small enough to fit in a USB flash drive. This means you can move around with the program in your USB flash drive and use it to encrypt files and messages. You can still use the program to protect your email message even if you send them from an internet café.

The good thing about Crypto Anywhere is that you can use it without installing the software in your workstation. More so, the recipient can receive and read the message even if they do not have Crypto Anywhere installed in their devices to open email messages. The good thing about this program is that it is compatible with major browsers and is free for both business and personal use.

27. SafeMess


SafeMess enables users to encrypt email messages within seconds and send them safely. Once you encrypt the files, it appears unreadable and you can send it as an email or save it on your computer.

You also need to provide the recipient with the encryption password that they can use to open the message. That way, it is easy to hide confidential messages from hackers and robots while on transits. However, you can only encrypt files up 32kb file.  The program is compatible with major browsers and some advanced phones.

28. Tutanota


Tutanota is a reliable provider of encrypted emails that is based in Germany. The platform claims that it offers secured email services than Gmail and other non-commercial email service providers. The platform uses strong technology that makes it difficult for online scammers and hackers to intercept data while on transit. For users who want to send encrypted email to a recipient who uses other email service providers such as Gmail, you have to generate a password that will enable the recipient to decipher the encrypted email message or files. The free plan comes with limitations such as one user with 1 GB of storage. The platform is also free for non-profit organizations.

29. Mailfence


Mailfence is an online platform founded in Belgium that offers encrypted email services to both personal and business uses. The platform is highly transparent and offers end-to-end encryption of emails. The free version comes with 500mb of email and 1000 events and calendars. Those looking for advanced features should subscribe to the paid version of Mailfence. The platform supports two-factor authentication to make sure only the owner has access to his/her account.

30. PreVeil


This platform offers free encrypted services to users of other non-commercial email service providers such as Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook.  It adds end-to-end encryption on emails without changing the email address. Unlike plain emails send from non-commercial email addresses, encrypted emails sent using PreVeil are free from spoofing, phishing, and interception by hackers.

The platform is easy to use even by people without an information technology background. However, the free option is available only for individual user accounts. Business users should go for the paid plan starting from a monthly fee of $4. PreVeil is also available for Android and iOS and devices.

31. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an encrypted email service provider that offers free services to personal email accounts. Those looking for a business account should subscribe to paid plans. The platform does not have ads and supports two-factor- authentication.

Zoho Mail offers end-to-end encryption and all emails are encrypted while en-route to the receiver. Emails sent via Zoho Mail are secured and free from third-party trackers. The platform also supports over 40 languages and users are free to choose a language that they are comfortable using.

Final Word

An encrypted email is safe from online scammers, sniffers, hackers and other criminals who would try to intercept your email and still data. The above tools are programs and online platforms you can use to send free encrypted email. You do not have to pay even a dime to safeguard your email and other internet communications.

However, it is good to note that some email encryption is suitable for personal emails while others are suitable for business emails. Just choose the platform that you are happy with and you are good to go.

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