Top 15 Best Android Email Apps in 2024

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Looking for a good email app that can provide you with timely updates of all your emails on one platform? Here are some of the best Android email apps you need to check out.

Android smartphones have become integral parts of our daily lives. As such, people tend to access the web mostly on their handsets. In order to keep up with the fast evolving mobile tech platform, developers have designed apps that meet user’s needs while on the go.

Today, there are many Android email apps available on the web, each offering a unique approach at managing your inbox. It is important to note that not all email apps are the same.

Some offer general-purpose functionalities while others come with customizable features that give you more control. There are Android email apps that are classified as AI smart assistants. Such offer much better inbox management and are super customizable.

In this review, we have included some of the best Android email apps you may want to consider for managing your inbox. Take a look!

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Top 15 Email App for Android (Guide & Reviews)

1. ProtonMail


If you are someone who has lots of sensitive content inside your email, then you must really consider going into email encryption is using your emails.

This one is one of the best that is known and is very trusted. In fact, this one is one of the most trusted email service providers out there.

If you are using a free account, you can have one email address and then send around 150 email addresses that are all encrypted per day.

The longer you think of these services, the longer you realize that these are really useful and convenient.

Key Features of ProtonMail:

  • Send encrypted emails.
  • Expiring messages that have a time limit.
  • Swipe gestures that are customizable.

Download ProtonMail

2. Gmail

Amongst all of those Android devices, Gmail is the one that is most frequently used. This is because of the simple and navigable user interface. Gmail is built for the android platform and has a very interactive and intuitive UI that makes access to your emails a breeze.

Gmail is integrated with the Google system, which really works well on Android devices. This means that you can send and receive emails in a moment’s notice. And this happens with no much hassle.

I also like the fact that Gmail supports email syncing feature. This implies that you can have multiple accounts and synchronize them all together so that you have a primary inbox from where you can access all recent alerts. Gmail is designed to work on the fast internet connection as well as slow connectivity.

If you are on a slow internet connection, all you have to do is switch to the light version the loads faster. This version only supports basic email features. When your connectivity normalizes, you can revert to the full version that is feature rich.

If you just want to do basic stuff in your email account in your Android device, then you might want to consider knowing more about Gmail. Also, this app is the stock emailing app of Android devices, which means it would not get much extra space inside your device.

Key Features of Gmail:

  • Fully integrated with Google Play.
  • Has lots of customizable themes.
  • Can connect with other emails, even not with Gmail.
  • Supports account syncing
  • Supports multiple email accounts

Download Gmail App

3. BlueMail


An emailing app that is very well-designed compared to those other mail apps. It has lots of great features that you will really love to use. BlueMail has a very colorful and interactive user interface.

This makes access to all your emails super-easy. Not many email apps are compatible with perceived competitor applications. This one does. In fact this android email app is works fine with Gmail, Yahoo and many other leading providers.

How about joining the platform? If you want to set up an account in Blue Mail, you will be amazed because it is just so simple. There are no complex steps. Everything is simplified and made easy for you. Just download the app from play store, create your account for free and start sending and receiving email alerts.

Like Gmail, this app supports email syncing. That is to say that you can have multiple accounts on this platform and synchronize all of them so that you get all email updates from a common primary inbox.

If you are looking for a good android email app that is loved by many, BlueMail is what to go for. It is free and very powerful.

Key Features of BlueMail:

  • Compatible when using with Android Wear.
  • It has a dark theme that changes when the time goes night time.
  • Email filters that are easy to use.
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Supports email syncing
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

Download BlueMail

4. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is another very good email app. Having used it for sometimes now, I can confidently say that it is the most customizable Android email client I know. It comes with some 200+ settings for full customization.

It has a rich text editor that allows you to format emails the way you want. And not only that, Aqua mail has a characteristic dark theme that is very cool and attractive.

I also love the fact that it is compatible with most popular email providers. That is to say it has OAUTH2 that makes it easy to integrate with Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Like most email clients, this one supports multiple accounts. And you can sync all your accounts so that you manage your inbox from a common platform.

This application is as similar as all of those Android email applications out there. It also does allow you to connect to other email services, even those that are very famous.

Aqua Mail is very easy to set up and is fully customizable. All you need to do is download the app from play store, set up your account and start sending and receiving emails.

If you are a developer, you can code and come up with your own email app on this platform. Aqua mail also integrates with lots of third-party add-ons for a better user experience.

Key Features of Aqua Mail:

  • Has customizable themes.
  • Integrated with Android Wear smartwatches.
  • With customizable signatures.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Integrates well with other email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Download Aqua Mail

5. All Email Access

All Email Access

If you are an email user with lots and lots of email addresses with multiple email service providers, then this one could work well for you. This is the app that you need. Connect and access multiple email accounts with ease and flexibility.

This one is compatible with lots of email service providers. And all these accounts, together with your accounts on All Email Access can be synchronized.

Something else I love about this android email app is that it links your phone calls with mail accounts. This makes it easy to identify individual callers easily.

All Email Access guarantees users quick login access. This means you can access your emails very fast anywhere anytime. Something else that sets it apart from other email providers is the fact that it automatically saves all caller contacts. And because it is very customizable, you can make adjustments on the caller ID for easy recall.

On this app, you will also be able to view call logs and get help round the clock from a dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

Key Features of All Email Access:

  • In just one app, access many email services.
  • Smart Caller ID that works real-time.
  • The user interface is a little bit clunky.
  • Integrates with other leading email providers
  • Supports email syncing
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Simple and attractive user interface.

Download All Email Access

6. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail

If you talk about those that are the older email apps out there, then this one is the one that you have heard before.

Many people love this app because of its interface, the interface that it has is very simple. Not many things to do and click, it gives out what you need in an instant.

What you see is really what you will get with this app. One of the most popular apps that were used during the era that email was booming.

Key Features of K-9 Mail:

  • Fully functional and lightweight.
  • Open source app.
  • You can build it yourself.

Download K-9 Mail

7. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Just recently this 2014, Microsoft has made itself its own mobile mailing app. It was not named this one before until it was rebranded into the official mobile version of the Microsoft Outlook.

This makes the productivity level of users into a whole new bigger level. It is a very good mobile emailing app, it works well with Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, and all the other big email service providers.

They are planning to make this email service app even better these coming years.

Key Features of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Built-in analytic engine.
  • Automatically surface important email.
  • Quick swipe controls.

Download Microsoft Outlook

8. Edison Mail

Edison Mail

One email app that provides huge support to lots of email service providers out there. This even has a handy smart assistant that will help you out in your day-to-day email management tasks.

This app has lots of swipe controls that are all configurable. There are even auto-sorting of the emails depending on the category that you have chosen.

And if you have lots and lots of email that you do not want from unwanted newsletters, there is a very handy unsubscribe feature that can be used in bulk.

Key Features of Edison Mail:

  • Real-time travel notifications immediately inform you of any travel-related messages.
  • Supports lots of email providers.
  • Many features.

Download Edison Mail

9. Polymail


An email app that makes the Artificial Intelligence approach that we have in terms of email into the next level.

The AI system that it has boosts up your task in organizing your contents in the inbox. There are even features that you want to have that are coming from those paid email services out there.

Those normal features are found too, email snoozing, send later, and an inbox that is unified for all Office 365 and Gmail accounts. There is even a built-in chat bot that will help you with any concerns and questions.

Key Features of Polymail:

  • Get reminders on important emails and other notifications.
  • Make intelligent recommendations about unsubscribing to mailing lists.
  • Selecting contacts as VIPs

Download Polymail

10. Spike


This is an email app that you can use that gives you an environment that makes you feel like emailing services becomes a conversation type.

This makes you have a conversational approach when looking at your emails because they do display it in a chat format, similar to how messenger does display its messages. There are even GIFs that you can see around.

If you want to send some voice, you can send it well too. This is to make you and your client have a feeling like you are only having a conversation and everything is done naturally.

Key Features of Spike:

  • Unified inbox for your email accounts.
  • Read receipts, attachment previews, and bulk actions.
  • Chat-style emails.

Download Spike

11. Email TypeApp

Email TypeApp

A beautifully created and designed email app for Android devices that make you manage all the accounts that you have into just one mail app that is fully customizable.

It comes with a design that is so very intuitive and is easy-to-use. It has a wide range of different protocols for the email and some services like the Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail and more.

It also features a good inbox that can be used as a unified inbox to all of your emails in your email account.

Key Features of Email TypeApp:

  • You can also use it with Android Wear gadgets.
  • Free to download and does not contain any in-app purchases.
  • Has group mailing services.

Download Email TypeApp

12. MyMail


MyMail is another dependable email customer for Android that can easily deal with all your email accounts without a moment's delay.

The app has all the basic features of an email client. Sliding a finger over an email review uncovers a concealed menu where you'll find icons for reading/unread, flag, file, mark as spam, or delete.

Searching for email on a server is something many third-party email clients lack. MyMail app on the other hand, comes with this option.

Key Features of MyMail:

  • The app provides real-time customizable notifications.
  • Not highly-featured but carries all the necessary features required in an email app.
  • It is free to download.

Download MyMail app

13. Newton Mail

Newton Mail

This app is so powerful that it could be used as a powerful substitute for the Gmail app if you do not want to use Gmail at all.

But it is not just limited as a good substitute for those Android users out there, if you are an Apple user, this one could go well for you too.

Newton Mail is an email client for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS that you can use with different mail services like Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, Outlook, and others including Gmail.

Key Features of Newton Mail:

  • It has all the features you’d assume an email client.
  • It allows you to tag an email to a label.
  • Snooze a message.

Download Newton Mail

14. WebMail


Unlike all the other email apps out there, this app attempts to imitate the ease of texting by arranging your inbox messages into a manner that it looks like a thread that looks almost like a chat-like view.

But then it doesn’t look like it is a total conversation out all. But then if you want to, you can reply to a user that looks like it’s an instant messaging app. There is a compressed view of your email, which makes you have a quick email read around your emails.

This app is very convenient, you can send a quick email or send a quick voice message.

Key Features of WebMail:

  • It provides one-touch access to all of the documents and photos you've ever exchanged
  • Supports not much of email providers.

Download Webmail

15. Zoho mail

Zoho Mail

The best app that you should use if you are one that is a little bit of a business user. This one is the only email app out there that supports HTML signatures.

That is to say you have the option of formatting any email that seems odd so that it conforms to what is readable.

It has built-in Contacts and Calendars sections. And not only that. For ease of use and navigability, this android email app comes with a very intuitive and user friendly interface.

Key Features of Zoho mail:

  • Sidebars that are much arranged.
  • Superb UI.
  • Enhanced customization & Control.
  • Many features.

Download Zoho Mail


These are some of the best Android email apps to use if you want to keep your inbox in check. They differ in terms of features and flexibility.

In order to find what suits you best, I recommend that you compare and contrast different apps by checking through their finer details onsite.

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