20 Best Free Fake Email Generators For Temp Mail Address

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Do you want to stay anonymous on the internet and provide your email address with maximum security against spam? Picking one of the 20 best fake email generators gives your email maximum protection.

Sometimes, we might hesitate to provide our main email address, for security reasons, and also to prevent filling up our inbox with unnecessary spam emails. Because of this, we can use a fake email address.

We use a fake email address to stay anonymous on the internet. It can be used to send an email, reply to an email, or obtain a confirmation link.  By making use of a fake email address, you can prevent your official or personal mailbox from getting filled with spam emails.

There are many reasons where it is necessary to provide an email address; this could be when downloading an eBook, signing-up, or filling an application form.

Why make use of fake email generators?

There are several reasons why we use fake email generators; below are some significant reasons:

  • You use fake email generators to signup anonymously.
  • Fake email generators can be used on any platform for verification purposes.
  • They enable you to use temporary mail without authentication.
  • You use fake email generator when you want to reply or forward an email without sharing any personal details.

Below is a list of the most common Fake Email Generators available in the market.

1. YOPmail

YOPmailDo you want to protect your email from spam? YOPmail is the best choice for you. YOPmail is useful for securing your email address against spam mail. You can use this email ID anywhere for registration. It also creates disposable generic email addresses. If you leave your cookie undeleted, YopMail can remember your every inbox visit.

Features of YOPmail:

  • YOPmail can store mails for about eight days.
  • It can generate a special disposable ID for every individual.
  • Its registration is optional.
  • It provides an auto-generated inbox
  • It doesn't need any password

2. Throwaway Mail

Throwaway MailThrowaway Mail is useful for confirmation mail and signup. You can also generate fake email ID with Throwaway Mail. It helps you receive and send emails.

Features of Throwaway Mail:

  • Throwaway Mail generated email address expires within 48 hours. However, the time can also be further extended.
  • You can use the generated email ID for confirmation and signup emails.
  • With Throwaway Mail, you can create limitless emails even without registration.

3. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail GeneratorFake Mail Generator is useful for generating an email address that can be easily disposed of. It also protects your inbox against spam emails. It can receive as well as send emails.

Features of Fake Mail Generator:

  • Fake Mail Generator allows you to use its services even without registration
  • It provides ten various domain names you can use to generate a fake email address
  • Its domains are country-specific

4. Emailfake.com


Emailfake.com is useful for preventing spam emails to your official or personal email address, receiving a confirmation email, and registering on any website. By choosing a domain and username, it helps you create a fake email address. Also, with Emailfake.com, you can generate a limitless fake email address.

Features of Emailfake.com:

  • It helps you create a fake email address in two easy steps.
  • The generated fake email address is valid for about 231 days
  • com allows you to use its services even without registration
  • It allows you to use any domain name

5. Mailinator

MailinatorAre you wondering about which fake email generator you can use to quickly generate a fake email address? Mailinator is the best option for you. Mailinator is useful for avoiding QA Testing and spam. It helps you generate a fake email address quickly. It allows you to add your domain name to that of Mailinator and then, in one mailbox, helps you generate an email address for the domain name. Mailinator offers 3 pricing plans: it has a free personal plan, Team Plus plan (159 dollars monthly), and Enterprise plan.

Features of Mailinator:

  • Mailinator is easy and simple to use
  • It has storage plans, upgrade, and privacy options available
  • After a few hours of receiving emails, the received email will automatically get deleted
  • You can use the generated ID on any website and also share anywhere you like
  • Mailinator doesn’t require you to register before you can create and use the fake ID

6. Guerrillamail


Guerrillamail is useful for preventing spam emails from filling up your official or personal email address. It allows you to easily enter your details and then generate a fake email address. With Guerrillamail, you can easily send an email with up to 150 attachments.

Features of Guerrillamail:

  • It has a mobile app available for Android devices
  • The generated fake email address is valid for 60 minutes
  • It automatically deletes received emails after 1 hour.

7. Dispostable

DispostableDispostable is useful for generating a fake email ID when you’re in haste. Though it gives you a list of suggested email IDs, you can still choose any name of your choice. Its generated email address usually ends with @dispostable.com. Using Dispostable service, you can create limitless fake email addresses.

Features of Dispostable:

  • Dispostable is easy and suitable for beginners
  • It has a clean and easy interface
  • It also provides unique user-interface

8. 10Minutemail.com


10Minutemail.com is useful for Q/A Forums, Websites, and Applications. It helps you create a fake email ID that can receive and send emails. The generated email address is valid for 10 minutes. With 10Minutemail.com, you can open, read, and even reply to received emails.

Features of 10Minutemail.com:

  • com is easy and user-friendly.
  • It offers support in minimizing errors.
  • With 10Minutemail.com, you can generate limitless email addresses.
  • It automatically generates an email ID without having to enter a password.

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9. Trash Mail

Trash MailWith Trash Mail, you can receive and send disposable fake emails. It is useful for forwarding, writing, and replying emails. You can also write anonymous emails with attachment. Trash Mail also offers an email inbox that can be easily disposed of.

Features of Trash Mail:

  • Trash Mail has encrypted SSL data.
  • It allows you to forward limitless emails
  • It offers sixteen domain names to help you create a temporary email address
  • With registration, you can easily send fake emails

10. Email Generator

Email Generator

Email Generator is useful for fake email creation, email ID generation, em

ail registration, social network signup, test account creation, website signup, and email confirmation.

Features of Email Generation:

  • In a single click, you can easily generate a temporary email.
  • It secures your inbox from getting filled with spam emails.
  • Email Generation lets you create a fake email even without registration.
  • The generated fake email address is valid for about 231 days

11. Temp-mail

Temp-mail provides temporary fake email address. The moment you generate an email, it immediately deletes after a couple of times.

Features of Temp-mail:

  • It protects your email from attacking robots, hackers, and ad mailings.
  • Temp-mail is a form of throwaway email service that keeps you protected.

12. Email on Deck

Email on Deck enables you to secure your online privacy and block any potential spam. It is the platform for everything associated with temporary email addresses, disposable, and throwaway.

Features of Email in Deck:

  • It secures your online privacy by preventing spam from getting to your inbox
  • It generates temporary email address in easy steps
  • Email on Deck is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-friendly
  • Its system often deletes email addresses

13. MailCatch

MailCatch MailCatch helps you generate personal mailboxes that are easily disposable. It is a free email service. You can create a MailCatch email ID with your ID as your [email protected]. Using MailCatch premium service, you can create a private MailCatch host and carry out email forwarding.


Features of MailCatch:

  • MailCatch offers a Firefox add-on
  • It can delete email address based on server load
  • You can use the generated fake email limitlessly
  • It allows you to select login name that has 1-5 characters.

14. Getnada


Getnada helps you generate an easily-disposed email address that you can, however, use instead of your mail email. Getnada offers extensions such as @cmail.club, @cars2.club, @wmail.club, @duck2.club, @amail.club, @getnada.com, etc.

Features of Getnada:

  • Its mobile app is available on android devices.
  • By using its chrome extension, you can easily access its service
  • Getnada displays your messages even without having to refresh the page
  • With Getnada, you can generate various inboxes of your choice.

15. OwlyMail

OwlyMailOwlyMail helps you generate a temporary email that you can use to store email lists. Once it receives an email, it notifies its users. OwlyMail allows you to create limitless temporary emails.

Features of OwlyMail:

  • OwlyMail provides notification alerts
  • It provides various domain emails
  • OwlyMail lets you use your generated email again
  • It offers email a custom username
  • It is used for Facebook, Twitter, or Network verification

16. MoaktMoakt

Moak’s created fake mailbox usually expires within an hour of its creation. However, you can receive and send emails from one inbox to another within the 1 hour. The moment you generate any email, the email can only be accessed by only you.

Features of Moakt:

  • Moakt utilizes protected SSL connection
  • It allows you to make use of a temporary email address at any time you want.
  • It secures your confidentiality and privacy
  • It allows you to select a domain from the list available.

17. LuxusMail

LuxusMailLuxusMail is a service that helps you to generate a temporary email address. It lets you either choose an email ID from the available list or create the ID at random.   It's a reliable email service that helps you to stay protected all the time.

Features of LuxusMail:

  • LuxusMail allows you to use the same email over and over again.
  • You can choose your custom email usernames
  • When an application isn't open, LuxusMail Immediately sends an alert (push notifications).
  • Despite being away, you can still get LuxusMail notification

18. MyTemp


MyTemp offers you a random email address that you can use while registering on any sites. MyTemp automatically displays all emails its servers receive in the online box.

Features of MyTemp:

  • MyTemp provides a personalized email that can only be accessed by only you.
  • Every of its generated email is often deleted after 24 hours.
  • MyTemp doesn’t require you to refresh the page to receive new emails in your mailbox.
  • It offers a quick connection to access your email.

19. MintEmail

MintEmailMintEmail instantly generates a fake email address for you the instant you visit its website. You can also use MintEmail to verify your email. When you get an email in the inbox, the system automatically updates the browser title bar.

Features of MintEmail:

  • When verifying your email, MintEmail doesn't require you to click on the verify link.
  • It allows you to easily access and bookmark your inbox without having to login.
  • It enables incoming mails to be forwarded to any email address.
  • It helps you to modify the expiry time of your email.

20. Generator

Email Generator

Generator helps you generate a throwaway email address. It allows you to use the email address as long as it is active. It also lets you generate a new username or write your own.

Features of Generator:

  • You can easily choose a domain name
  • Generator instantly displays any incoming call
  • It offers popup and sound notification
  • With Generator, you can use a second-level domain


We've come to the end of the Fake Email Address Generator article. Having looked into each of them in detail, we can conclude that Mailinator and Trash Mail have more advanced functionalities. Trash Mail offers functionalities such as limitless email forwarding and data encryption. On the other hand, Mailinator offers more storage plans and privacy options. It also offers upgrade plans that have both paid and free plans.

Also, Dispostable helps you generate a limitless number of email addresses; however, it has a limit on the domain name. The generated email address often ends with @dispostable.com.

As the name 10MinutesMail indicates, the email address generated using 10MinuteMail can only be available for just 10 minutes. It offers automated email creation and support.

Lastly, Throwawaymail, YOPmail, Email Generator, Fake Email Generator, Emailfake.com, can all generate a free fake email address.

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