10 Minute Mail Alternatives 2024: Free Temporary Email Address

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Are you tired of spam emails or want to hide your real Email for privacy. Try out these 10 Minute Mail alternatives which provide temporary email addresses for free.

Almost every day there are probably thousands of websites being developed for millions of users globally, for a myriad of purposes depending on what exactly a particular website is intended for.

Most websites nowadays are fond of asking for a user email address, whether you want to simply read an article, or even commenting on a certain blog or forum. A user may even be asked to provide an email address so that he/she can receive monthly offers or weekly updates, newsletters among other things.

To most users, this may turn out to be boring, monotonous and tedious when visiting a website and you are unable to access content just because something like an email login is being forced down your throat.

Luckily for those users who need a way to circumvent such schemes, there are a number of options and solutions at your disposal.

10 minute Mail

Official website: 10minutemail.net

This is a secure temporary e-mail service that lets you obtain a private e-mail address that basically anyone or a website can send email to if need be. Both the email and the address self-destruct in exactly ten minutes.

Most websites ask for login information to verify a user’s identity. If you are uncomfortable using your actual or genuine email address, then the 10-minute mail is ideal, convenient and ensures your privacy.

If you have ever been a victim of websites that literally force you to provide your actual email address, your inbox may be full of hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited emails, special ‘offers’, love quotes among other annoying junk mails. This phenomenon is referred to as Spamming.

To enhance efficiency, comfort and peace of mind, a temporary email address like the 10 Minute mails or its alternatives, serves as a good solution to counter spamming or other malicious codes or software that may be embedded in junk mails.

Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Besides the 10 Minute Mail, there are other disposable email address alternatives that are available and some with added functionalities say, for example, the capability to access a disposable email

address for more than ‘ten’ minutes or you may need your address to be memorable so that you can give it to other people or other websites.

List of Top 10 free disposable email services – Avoid spam &  protect privacy

1. MailDrop 


Powered by a powerful spam filter, Maildrop is a popular free and open-source temporary mail solution. It offers you with freedom when deciding on the choice of the email address that you could use and uses the @maildrop.cc domain for all address which most online websites will accept.

Maildrop requires no signups or passwords, it is simply designed for little or no privacy and reduces the chances of your inbox being spammed.

2. Mailinator 


Almost similar in functionality to Maildrop, it provides a way to let you use the @mailinator.com email domain at no cost to receive mail. However, the email is accessible by anyone but also effortlessly disposable.

It easy to use, it does not require signup or registration and emails are automatically deleted after a few hours. This means that you can enlist for online services to try them out for a while and completely not worry about giving out your genuine email address. However, enterprise-level email volumes involving multiple email addresses, inboxes and storage is not free.

3. Guerilla Mail 

Guerilla Mail

This is probably one of the oldest disposable email providers. Using Guerilla mail, you can comfortably give your email address to whoever or any website that you don’t ‘trust’

It uses @sharklasers.com as its email domain. Apart from providing a ‘fake’ inbox that remains ‘active as long as your session remains open, it also suggests addresses that you can use. No registrations or logins are required, you can also attach images, documents or download.

Another interesting feature is that it pushes incoming emails to your device with no ads or tracking. However, emails are permanently deleted after one hour.

4. Fake Mail Generator 

Just like its name suggests, Fake Mail Generator simply does that!

It may suggest an email address or create a random email with a couple of domain names if perhaps you don’t want the suggestion. It actually offers quite a number of country specific domains.

As a free disposable email platform, simply visit the site the address to use will already have been created.

5. Getairmail 


This is a simple and a very effective disposable email platform. It can generate a random email address or even a temporary generated inbox for your email use. Getairmail even allows you to generate your email address with customized domain names when accessing untrusted websites.

Your mail boxes will not be deleted as long the domain remains active. Your inbox contents are transferred to a new domain if the need arises and you are even given a month’s notice in an effort to protect your anonymity. However individual mails are deleted after 7 days. This platform is not suitable when dealing with important services like online banking.

6. Dispostable 


A disposable email platform that gets rid of Spam and Junk. It enables you to create your own email address so long it ends with @dispostable.com. The address is created and lasts for three days.

It does not offer an email address suggestion anymore.

7. Spamgourmet 

The website provides you with a disposable email address to protect you against spam through a free service that’s supported by donations.

It allows you to set a default expiration time for each temporary email address you create. Spamgourment allows you to reactivate, disable, or adjust the expiration times. However, you will need to sign up in order to access their services.

8. TempMail 


This superb platform really helps to keep your main inbox clean and healthy. Keeping you really safe from unimportant emails for example advertisements, spay emails, viruses, and malware.

It is able to generate a random disposable temporary email address or it can allow you to choose the name of your choice. Another unique feature is the virtual SMS utility, where if a user is afraid of submitting his/her real number, the virtual SMS platform will receive the SMS and keep the user’s number secret.

9. Bouncr


When using this platform, the procedure is a little bit different from the others. Bouncr will need you to sign up with your real email address then send you a link that contains your temporary disposable address. Using this link, you can edit or delete the address.

10. Mailnull 

A free anti-spam mail platform that assists you to simply control what gets into your main inbox. It enables you to give out a completely temporary email address to every company or website that asks you for your complete privacy and online anonymity.

This highly maintains your primary inbox ‘health’.


The above list just briefly describes what to expect from a disposable email address platform, however, a good and functional platform should among other things delete emails when the address expires while leaving your ‘main’ inbox healthy.


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