10 Best Free Anonymous File Sharing Sites without Registration

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Do you want to hide your ass when sharing files with colleagues online? Try the following free anonymous file sharing sites without registration all for free!

The online platform is the fastest, most efficient way to share files and other documents with friends. This platform, however, faces a perennial problem of tracking and hacking into systems and accessing personal data. This is often done by government agencies or some other bad guys who mean you harm.

Thankfully, there are new and better ways to share documents with friends online with your identity and activity concealed. Here are some of the best anonymous file sharing sites without registration. Share files via these platforms and be sure to stay ahead of the bad guys all the time.

Top 10 Anonymous File sharing sites : No signing up required & Upload Files Now!

10. Firefox Send

Firefox Mozilla Corporation send

Link To: testpilot.firefox.com/experiments/send

This platform is a project of the Firefox Mozilla Corporation. With a maximum capacity of 1GB, the Firefox Send lets you share files anonymously without the fear of being tracked. In order to provide an additional layer of protection, all files shared via this channel are automatically deleted after 24hours. This way, they can’t be accessed after the lapse of this set period. After successfully uploading your file onto this platform, you will be served with a shareable URL instantly. This is the link that you will give to anyone you intend to share the files with. It is important to note that your files and the download links are encrypted for safety reasons.

All uploads are stored on a local storage. The Firefox Send generates no cookies and does not store file logs. If you no longer want the shared files to be available for download, you have the option of deleting the encrypted link. The home page also shows you the time duration remaining to the expiration of the file uploads. The Firefox Send does not store session history thus ensuring all your activities aren’t traceable after the download links expire. If you do not like your stuff remaining online for longer, Firefox Send has a file auto-delete feature to take care of this.

Key features of Firefox Send

  • No Add-ons required to set it up
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Supports file encryption
  • Has an encrypted download link
  • Uploads are available for a maximum of 24 hours
  • Supports large file sizes (maximum 1GB)
  • It is 100% free of charge

9. Tiny Upload

Tiny file Upload without Registration

Link To: tinyupload.com/

This is one of the best anonymous file sharing sites without registration. It supports file uploads with a maximum size of 50MB. The good thing with Tiny Upload is that you can upload files for as long as you want; no restriction on the number of files you can upload. Something else I love about Tiny is that your files can stay in their server storage for unlimited time duration.

The procedure for file upload is simple and direct. You only need to choose your file and tap on the upload icon. When done successfully, a download link will be generated instantly. Any pop-up windows must not be closed during the file upload process, else the entire procedure will be aborted. You can share the download link with the people you want to access the content. You also have a link for file deletion. This link opens up a dialogue box that prompts you to confirm the file deletion operation. Tiny Upload secures all your files and restricts file download strictly to those with the link.

This anonymous file sharing platform recently introduced a 100-day storage duration. That is to say that all files are auto-deleted from the servers upon the lapse of this time duration. That limitation aside, everything else about Tiny Upload is super. From its terrific download speeds to the file encryption options, you get the best security guarantee for all your sensitive uploads.

Key features of Tiny Upload

  • It provides unlimited downloads and uploads
  • Supports a max file size of 50MB per upload.
  • Faster download speeds
  • 100-day server file storage limitation
  • All uploads generate a download link and a link for file deletion
  • User-friendly interface

8. Zippy Share

Zippy Share without Registration

Link To: zippyshare.com/

This one is quite like the Tiny Upload, but with enhanced features. The Zippy Share is 100% free and requires no registration to join. It supports large file sizes of maximum 500MB. This anonymous file-sharing site offers unlimited disk space and a 30-day file storage limit. All uploads are auto-deleted after the lapse of the 30 day period. It does not generate cookies or even sessions. That is to say that your activity on this site leaves no trails that trackers can leverage on.

With Zippy Share, file upload is done via the HTML uploader. You can also opt for the private upload option which makes the files accessible to select individuals. It also gives you the option of drag & drop or even the selection option for uploads. All successful uploads generate download links that you can share with friends you want to share the content with. The Zippy Share platform affords more value to its clients by auto-generating download links for Forums, HTML, Alt. HTML, and HTML-embedded links. For excellent data security and anonymity, Zippy Share lets you create an account onsite. This makes it easier to get custom configuration settings and routine update statistics on the status of your files and download links.

Zippy share also supports offline file sharing. To enjoy this, you only need to download the Zippy Share software and set up everything else in seconds. You can delete files and links on both platforms with ease.

Key features of Zippy Share

  • No sign up needed
  • Unlimited file downloads
  • Supports upload of maximum size 500MB.
  • It has unlimited disk space
  • All uploads are auto-deleted from the Zippy Share servers after 30 days.

7. File.io

File.io Sharing Sites without Registration

Link To: file.io/

The File.io works exactly like Snapchat, but with slightly more advantages. Unlike Snapchat, this anonymous file-sharing site keeps your identity secret. It also ensures all your onsite activities are untracked. To guarantee your safety and security, all uploads are auto-deleted from the File.io servers after the first download. This ensures that no one traces them later unless the files are uploaded again. It has a limit of up to 100 uploads per day and supports large files of maximum size 5GB.

The actual upload process is simple and direct. You just tap on the file upload button. This should prompt you to select a file from your device. Upon doing that, your download will begin immediately. You will be able to monitor the file upload progress in the user-friendly interface. It is important to remember that once the uploaded file is downloaded once, it will be deleted from the site’s server. No file logs or backups are kept onsite upon the file’s deletion. You even have the option of setting the time limit for the files, so that they are auto-deleted the stipulated time, even if they aren’t downloaded. What’ more? All files are encrypted onsite in order to provide an additional security layer.

There’s the option of using the File.io API to create a parallel file sharing platform. Of course, this is the preserve of developers. The download link can also be configured so that you set new parameters and limits for your file uploads. You also can vary the file size and upload limits using the command line. If you are a developer, you’ll really appreciate the File.io API command line.

Key features of File.io

  • Supports a maximum of 100 uploads per day
  • Max file size is 5GB
  • Supports API command line parameter manipulation
  • Automatic deletion of all file after their first download
  • 100% free with no needed for sign up

6. SendSpace

SendSpace Sharing without Registration

Link To: sendspace.com/

The SendSpace is one of the best anonymous file sharing sites with no registration. Unlike other file-sharing platforms, this one is very rich in futures and options. You can share, send, receive and track your files with ease and convenience. It has a simple user-interface that supports drag & drop file upload technique. It has no limits on the number of file uploads. You can upload as many files as you possibly can. It supports a maximum file size of 300MB, large enough to accommodate most of you common uploads. You can even upload all files at once and separate download links will be generated for each. The links are generated for forums and embedding-HTML, depending on who you want to access the file. There is also a separate link that is used for file deletion.

SendSpace has even better features for users who’ve signed up. They enjoy unlimited file size uploads and a custom download page, among a horde of other benefits. There’s no better way to share big files online and remain anonymous than with SendSpace.

Key features of SendSpace

  • Supports big files (max 300MB)
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Files are stored in the SendSpace servers for as long as you want.
  • Upon file deletion, no logs or backups are kept on the site’s servers.
  • No registration required

5. Transfer.sh

Transfer.sh Sharing without Registration

Link To: transfer.sh/

The Transfer.sh anonymous file sharing site is designed for developers as well as ordinary users. It provides a convenient and easy way to share files via the command line. Needless to say, this is strictly for developers. With the help of shell’s cURL, this platform allows you to upload files to the Transfer.sh servers with much ease and expediency. Every file upload generates a download link which you can send to friends you intend to share the files with.

For the safety of your file uploads, Transfer.sh provides a command line for file encryption. There’s an alternative command line for decryption and download. You don’t want your files lingering online longer than necessary? The Transfer.sh knows that and consequently guarantees a 14-day duration for all files in their servers. At the lapse of this duration, all files are automatically deleted from the site’s servers. It supports file uploads up to 10GB maximum size.

In order to upload your file to the Transfer.sh servers, use the following command line:

$ curl –upload-file ./hello.txt https://transfer.sh/hello.txt

If you want to secure your files before upload, use the following encryption command line:

$ cat /tmp/hello.txt|gpg -ac -o-|curl -X PUT –upload-file “-” https://transfer.sh/test.txt

The following command line is for file decryption and download:

$ curl https://transfer.sh/1lDau/test.txt|gpg -o- > /tmp/hello.txt

Transfer.sh allows you to even create an alias to execute your commands. This you do with this set of commands:

bashrc or .zshrc:

transfer() {

# write to output to tmpfile because of the progress bar

tmpfile=$( mktemp -t transferXXX )

curl –progress-bar –upload-file $1 https://transfer.sh/$(basename $1) >> $tmpfile;

cat $tmpfile;

rm -f $tmpfile;


alias transfer=transfer

$ transfer test.txt

As aforementioned, this anonymous file sharing platform also supports the drag & drop file upload option. So it isn’t just about command lines. Every successful upload generates a download link that you can then share with friends who you want to access the files.

Key features of Transfer.sh

  • Supports command line file sharing as well as the usual drag & drop option.
  • Supports large uploads of up to 10GB maximum size.
  • Uploads are automatically deleted from the Transfer.sh servers after 14 days
  • No registration required
  • 100% free with no registration required

4. ExpireBox

ExpireBox Sharing without Registration

Link To: expirebox.com/

This one comes with very cool features making it one of the best anonymous file-sharing platforms. The Expirebox supports files up to 150MB in size and allows unlimited uploads. You have the option to share files via email or even send them to friends on different social media platforms. All uploaded files generate download links which you can share with friends and colleagues who you want to access the files. For the safety and security of your files, the Expirebox automatically deletes any file after 48 hours.

The procedure for file upload is very simple and direct. You only need to choose a file and click on the upload button. You can also make use of the drag and drop option that is much easier and convenient. All uploads generate a pair of links, one for file download and the other for deletion. In order to further protect your files from unwarranted access, all the download links have the option of password protection. Unlike other anonymous file sharing platforms, this one allows you to even set the maximum number of downloads per file. When the limit is reached, the file auto-deletes from system servers. It is noteworthy that Expirebox does not use cookies and hence will not store your session history or file logs thus guaranteeing absolute anonymity. It also does not support email sharing or even social link sharing.

Key features of ExpireBox

  • Supports no cookies
  • Does not supports social link sharing or email sharing
  • Supports file uploads of up to 150MB in size.
  • File validity period is 48 hours
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Download links are password protected.

3. Ge.tt

Ge.tt Sharing without Registration

Link To: ge.tt/

This anonymous file-sharing site allows large files of maximum 250MB and unlimited server storage. It also supports unlimited uploads and automatic deletion of all files after 30 days. All uploads generate links that you can send to friends you intend to share the files with. In order to enjoy more benefits, you can sign up for the Ge.tt Premium plans.

The Ge.tt platform supports social link sharing. You can also share the download link via email. File upload process is very simple. You can go by the usual process of selecting a file then clicking the upload icon. Alternatively, you can just drag & drop the file. This site provides real-time updates of the status of your file uploads and downloads. It supports file encryption and decryption for extra safety. That is to say that only select users with the file decryption keys are able to access and download the files.

Key features of Ge.tt

  • Provides a 2GB storage space for the free plan
  • Supports file uploads of 250MB maximum size
  • All uploads are automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • The premium plan requires one to sign up. It is packaged with even more benefits.
  • It supports no adverts

2. File Dropper

File Dropper without Registration

Link To: filedropper.com/

Share files as large as 5GB with friends and colleagues without limitations. The File Dropper comes with super-fast upload speeds thus ensuring your files reach the intended recipients in a flash. It is compatible with all modern browsers and supports the drag and drop file upload option. All file uploads generate download links which you can then share with friends and colleagues you want to share the files with. Something I like about the File Dropper is that uploads can stay on their servers for unlimited time durations. As a security measure, however, you can set time limits for the download links, so that after the specified duration, the links expire.

You can upgrade to the premium plan and enjoy even better benefits like large upload sizes and more security features. It is very easy to upload your files onto the File Dropper platform. Just select the particular file and click the upload button. You can also use the convenient drag & drop option.

Key features of File Dropper

  • Supports social file sharing as well as file sharing via emails
  • Supports large file sizes (5GB)
  • Unlimited server space
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Supports download link encryption
  • Infinite file validity on File Dropper servers

1. Uploadfiles.io

Uploadfiles.io Sharing without Registration

Link To: uploadfiles.io/

The Uploadfiles.io is, in my expert opinion, the best of all anonymous file sharing sites with no registration. With a capacity to support up to 5GB file sizes, this platform guarantees you the very best user experience. It gives you full server access and control. All file uploads are auto-deleted after a defined duration of time. Uploadfiles.io gives you the privilege to set the time limits. Whenever you upload a file, a download link is generated which you can share with friends you would like to access the files. A separate link is also generated for file deletion.

This anonymous file sharing site without registration supports drag & drop file upload option. It guarantees super-fast upload and download speeds. That aside, all files and download links on this platform are password protected, giving your contents an additional layer of security. This website is so versatile and even supports file uploads via mobile handsets, tablets, etc.

Key features of Uploadfiles.io

  • It supports up to 30 concurrent multiple uploads
  • Provides secure end-to-end encryption
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth, irrespective of the nature of your files.
  • Absolutely no registration required
  • All files and download links are password protected
  • Guarantees fast file upload and download speeds


Whenever you want to share file and remain unknown, I suggest you do so via anonymous file sharing sites with no registration. These platforms are custom-designed with features that deter tracking. They do not support sign-ups, except for premium plans, thus ensuring you can share files and still retain your anonymity status. We have sampled some of the best anonymous file sharing sites with no registration. Compare the different package features they offer so as to get the very an option that suits you best.


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