Top 10 Free VPN Sites of 2019 – Unblock Websites Now!

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Do you need a free VPN without a credit card? Want to download the best free VPN for anonymity? Read our in-depth research to Bypass GEO Restrictions on IP address!

[Note] Free VPN is not good for streaming content!

VPN for anonymous surfingVPN or the Virtual Private Network as the conjunction of antivirus provide a much better result to protect the server from known and unknown threats. There actually is a defensive layer between the computer and the user and VPN makes it tough for the known threats to locate their target machines. For which can Encrypts your connection via a VPN server and hides your IP address.

VPN is actually a great option to provide an uninterrupted net surfing experience to the users with the complete secured service. If you have connected your device with VPN server then you can remotely access your business files, can stream the videos on netflix outside US and music faster or can enjoy your social networking flawlessly worldwide.

You don’t need to compromise with the sensitive data if your device is VPN protected. Another effectiveness of VPN is surfing flexibility. In some of the countries some major sites blocked, but if you have the VPN you can enjoy your internet services to bypasses geo-restrictions.

There is lots of VPN service and VPN software online, that available on the net by free of cost. Free VPN services are equally popular in the market as the premiums software. Security level is almost the same as that. But all the free VPNs are not up to the mark, protocols, server options and the features are also satisfied.

List of 10 Best Free VPN WebSites

Here we are going to provide a list of best free VPN sites for different devices:


Limit: Free 10 GB bandwidth – No speed restriction!


Official site:

Windscribe is a VPN service that enables one to access data or required information without worrying about the insecurity over the internet.

  • The monthly free service can give up to 10 GB for using.
  • You can get 10 Free VPN locations, Windscribe has reachability to at least 50 countries for its Paid Plan.
  • The goodness with this one has a wide range of encryption.
  • For the paid pro the cost goes to around $ 9 per month but reduces when one pays for a year.
  • The added advantage to the VPN is that you can add a firewall for more security. VPN

Limit: Free 2 GB bandwidth monthly.

hide me VPN – Unblock Websites, Prevent hackers and online thieves, Secure Surfing

Official site:

It is a Malaysia based VPN service provider that is quite eminent because of super fast surfing speed and total coverage security. It has a total of 28 servers over 22 countries and that offer an error-free net surfing opportunity to the customers. Free internet capacity is 2 GB per month, which is quite enough to get network related jobs like downloading, online video or music streaming, 24 hours social networking and many more.


Limit: Free 500MB bandwidth – No speed restriction!

Tunnel Bear – Secure VPN Service Really simple VPN to browse the web privately & securely.

Official site:

To get the direct access to your favorite websites, where it is banned or blocked Tunnel Bear is a great VPN company. They have three different packages, which are multifunction services. Tunnel Bear is a completely customer friendly service and free 500 MB downloading data is the most amazing offer from the company.

There also the three days free trial option to know their services practically before the subscription. AES 256-bit encryption service over twenty countries is another great thing about the company. From the smartphone, iPhone to your PC, you can set up anywhere that.


Hotspot shield

Limit: speed restriction & Advertisement.

hotspot shield free VPN

Official site:

When thinking of Hotpost shield, The security and privacy come into mind. The Hotpost shield helps in unblock any blocked websites across the globe, The websites can be blocked and has assured that the activities in the browser are secure, One can easily use the VPN and one doesn’t need to have an account to use it.

  • More features have been added like the advert blocking.
  • By the use of the location, you can be pointed to the server that best suits you for the location.
  • Using this VPN one can hide their IP and also location.


Proton VPN

Limit: Access to 3 countries & Limited speed.

Proton Free VPN

Official site:

A Swiss company proton technologies manage the VPN. With the unlimited data VPN service which is much more flexible. The protocol used by the proton is OpenVPN protocol which is a strong protocol.

With the no logs policy the surety paramount .having the kill switch in the software that is much helpful when the VPN connection drops, The issue with the VPN is slow connectivity as compared to the paid VPNs.

Read more, One of the best-encrypted email providers - ProtonMail.


Surf Easy


Surf Easy – Free to surf the Web safely and securely

Link To:

It is a Canadian VPN service company that provides a free internet surfing facility with complete security. They offer up to 500 MB data transfer opportunity to the customers. There also another exciting offer from there, if you recommend the brand to your friends and family then you can easily increase your data limit level. SurfEasy has worldwide servers and you can download that as a smart app on your phone.


Avira Phantom VPN

Limit: Free 500 MB/month, No support.

Avira Phantom VPN – secures your connection and frees up the whole web.Browse the web anonymously with Avira Phantom VPN.

Link To:

Among the leading VPN service providers, Avira is a most popular one. Avira is compatible with both, your Android device as well as your Windows PC. For secure, anonymous and encrypted free netsurfing, they provide full proof security. The necessity of VPN service is the online security and Avira provides the same with complete customer satisfaction.

Online money transfer and money transaction is the most common thing of today and while you are on a shared network, you may feel scared to do that. But Avira can restrict any third party to view your net activities. You can change your IP address easily with the help of Avira to visit the sites, which are constrained in some area. It is a lightweight application or file that you can install easily on your smartphone or on your PC.


Opera VPN

Limit: Only works on the Opera browser!

opera VPN

Free VPN – Opera with built-in VPN at the official

Link To:

Another great free VPN service provider of today is Opera Browser of course, that integrates a free, unlimited VPN feature, also compatible with both smartphone and the PC. Built-in VPN is the most amazing feature of the brand. You can access all the sites with the VPN but their services are limited in few countries.



Note: Share your own internet connection to other free VPN Users!

hola Free vpn

Official site:

It runs on peer to peer network distributed. The VPN helps the user to redirect their requested info from the blocked location or platform to computers or internet connection, that is in an area that is not blocked.

The users who are paying can direct their traffic to the peers but for them is traffic is not directed to them. An added advantage for the VPN is that the browsing speeds are much are increased this is possible whereby the VPN by utilizing the caching concept on the peers. The VPN is available for all the main browsers and also one for the Android platform and iPhone, MacBook and iPad.

Hola VPN using their p2p networks developed another residential proxy service known as “Luminati“.


Betternet Free VPN

Note: Same as hola VPN is a residential VPN provider, Works similar to Tor.

betternet vpn

Official site:

Betternet free VPN provides you with a better internet on all devices to access websites, protect your privacy against hackers and surf the web anonymously.

Finch VPN

Note: Another P2P VPN networks, Slow down network connection and not so security to use.

Finch VPN

Official site:

This VPN helps to protect one online privacy activities. One one of the best service of this VPN is that it has live support for the customers, such that if one has an issue with the normal operations of the VPN they can easily get the support.

The servers of the Finch VPN are very well placed across the world from the USA, Brazil, and many others. Some of the servers support p2p, and the common file sharing application can run here. On the web platform, one can see the status of the traffic capacity and user connected on the servers.

Cyber Ghost


Cyber Ghost – secure VPN Service and Surf anonymously for free.

Link To:

If you want to enjoy totally free VPN service, then your choice must be Cyber Ghost. Their services are available in both premium and also with free versions. Cyber Ghost mostly works on the Windows PC and this is not available on the smartphones as an app. Cyber Ghost is quite easy to install and use both. The secured work style of Cyber Ghost hides all of your internet activities from the hackers, even your identity, and IP address. Their traffic limitation is 2 GB per month and bandwidth limitation is 2 Mbps.

[Updated on Oct 23, 2018, Cyber Ghost no longer offer the free plan.]

There s no such thing as a free lunch in the world, So if you’re want to use a no limit VPN and with great features, the ExpressVPN is the best choice for you.


Express VPN – 30 Days Free Trial

ExpressVPN –  Offer High Speed VPN server to Unblock websites & protect all your devices. 24/7 support. VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers & more. Try 30 days risk-free.

Link To:

Express VPN is one of the leading brands to provide fully secure service for your PC, Android, iOS, MAC etc.  Express VPN is not completely free of cost but they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services. They also offer more surfing facility than the other WI-FI services and also more privacy.

If your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts has blocked, you can use the Express VPN to open that at any place, even if you are in such countries where this type of sites is legally restricted due to political issues. It has the servers in more than 78 countries and all major locations. It is one of the trusted VPN brands that provide full security and a faster internet surfing facility. It is SSL-Secured network and it has 256-bit encryption.

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