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Hola VPN is a free VPN service based in Israel, an emerging AI and tech hub. How does Hola VPN work? The service offers free a VPN connection that is also free of ads through its community-based platform that routes traffics through users’ idle device IPs to gain speed. Click here to read our take on it.

Virtual private servers are a fantastic way to hide your IP address and have more anonymity on the internet. While most VPNs charge a monthly fee, there are free VPN services that can achieve the same result with limitations, including limited data or locations.

Unlike most free VPNs, Hola VPN offers its free version with no limitations, giving users access to browse the web without restrictions.

free Hola VPN with unrivalled access

Do you want to know how Hola VPN works and why they can offer a VPN service for free? Read below to find out more about Hola VPN’s popular free and paid-for services.

What is Hola VPN?

Free Hola VPNHola VPN – http://hola.org/ is a free VPN that provides you with all the premium features of a standard VPN for public and commercial use without the monthly costs. Hola VPN is also free of ads.

They are a large provider and have many other networks, including both residential and dedicated proxies.

This article will look at Hola VPN and how it provides a free service with all the premium features you would expect from a paid version.

Install Hola VPN for Free!

How does Hola VPN work?

Hola VPN gives you full access to their network and unlimited data. They also allow you to connect unlimited devices without multiple registrations.Hola-Main-screen-e1500291960354

Hola VPN gives you full access to their network and unlimited data. They also allow you to connect unlimited devices without multiple registrations.

Free VPN with Residential Proxy network

Hola VPN users opt into a community-based platform that routes a negligible amount of traffic through your idle device IPs to gain speed – using its members’ resources to unblock websites for others.

Hola VPN in no way gains access to your devices and has zero impact on your browsing or internet usage experience. Routing only occurs when your device IP is not in use. The amassed power makes it possible for Hola VPN to continue providing unrivaled speeds and global unblocking capabilities free of charge.

The Hola network is entirely P2P based which makes it more difficult to detect and block, paving the way for a more open browsing experience.

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What about their PLUS service?

Hola Plus VPNUsers that prefer to opt-out of resource sharing can simply upgrade to Hola PLUS. The premium service also offers added privacy and security features.

A selection of price plans starts from as little as US$2.99 per month and all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Is Hola VPN Safe?

Yes. Hola VPN’s P2P model vets all requests before they are routed to peers in the network. This practice identifies and blocks potentially malicious traffic.

Hola VPN’s premium security features include IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch support.

Their association with Luminati – A paid proxy service

Official website, Luminati.io

Hola VPN and Luminati are business partners and do not fall under the same company. Luminati works with many Fortune 500 companies to incorporate unstructured web data into business planning. They are the only business proxy network that carefully vets customers and retain logs to assist law enforcement.

Luminati offers a business residential proxy network which is the largest in the world. The cheapest package is around $500 a month, There are more than 40,000,000+ residential IPs around the world in their proxy pool! That's why they are good at data scraping, unblocking sneaker websites, and so on. You can read our in-depth Luminati reviews here.

Alternatives to Hola

If you prefer to hide your device IP instead, consider upgrading to Hola VPN PLUS. Considered one of the top residential VPNs on the market, Hola VPN unlocks unlimited bandwidth for you to enjoy all major streaming services.

pricing for hola plus VPN

Price plans start from US$2.99 per month for 3 years up to US$11.99 per month paid monthly. Below find alternative free VPNs that are based on a datacenter model but, unlike Hola VPN, have access limitations.

Other residential VPNs,

  • Tuxler VPNAnother well-know Free VPN extension with millions of residential IPs

  • Betternet.co – Best Hola alternative, millions of users download Battlenet’s free VPN

  • Finchvpn.com – Another P2P residential VPN similar to Hola VPN


Hola VPN is one of the only free VPNs on the market that gives you access to most blocked sites on the web.

Since its launch, Hola VPN has raked in over 200 million users across the globe – forming part of its P2P network using members’ idle resources to help others gain unrestricted access to the web.

Its premium service Hola PLUS is the ideal alternative for those seeking to opt-out of device IP sharing without restricting access. Price plans start from as little as US$2.99 per month.

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