Best Root Apps 2023: 10 Must-Have Apps for Rooted Android Free Download

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Do you need to use your phone to the full extent? Do you want to explore some new abilities your android can do while rooted? Worry not! Here are Top 10 Apps for rooted Android which you can use if your phone is rooted.

There are some rigorous processes when installing apps on a regular Android device. Sometimes, the app we want to install on our phone doesn't pass the stringent rules play store has put up. To avoid these problems, we use rooting apps to root our phones. Rooting your mobile device, primarily Android, has many different benefits.

Some of the first benefits you will see are avoiding these sets of rules and conducts. Rooting your phone helps you get the most of it, and that is why many people around the world are using these ten rooting apps we have on our list.

Relax and enjoy while you find out what apps you can use if you root your phone, Lots of great Apps that Come with that Rooting and learn why those root App’s pros and cons.

Top 10 Most Useful Apps to Install on Your Rooted Android Device: Free to Root Management after rooted

Here is the list of Our Favorite rooted Apps for Rooted Android Phones, Free to use Root Apps for your Android Device right now!

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a root-only Android app. The basic version is available for free. There is also the pro version with some extra options and possibilities, but that version costs six dollars.

This root app has many purposes. One of the most useful features is the backup of your phone. You can save all the data you have, just in case.

It can help you restore data and apps you had on your Android phone or tablet device. It also has an automatic backup option. Titanium is also useful when it comes to uninstalling certain apps you don't want anymore.

Key Features of Titanium Backup:

  • Amazing Backup Tool
  • Prologues the life of your device
  • All of the mentioned features are free

Titanium Backup: Cons

  • Multiple back-ups only available to Pro users
  • Only pro version supports Google Drive


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2. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is a handy useful root app from time to time. This app is not designed for everyday use. There are both Android and Windows versions of this app, and even though the Android version is much weaker, it is still a handy app. DiskDigger scans all directories of your device for deleting files.

This can help with memory issues when it comes to your phone. It can also recover deleted files in many different formats. AS with some of the other apps, DiskDigger has the pro version which you have to purchase. The upside is that the pro version is cheap, only three dollars. The pro versions will reveal more files you can restore or delete.

Key Features of DiskDigger:

  • The app searches through your directory for all of the files and traces of the data
  • Restore or delete data in many formats
  • Cheap Pro version

DiskDigger: Cons

  • The exact range of DiscDigger is visible only if you own Pro version
  • You will rarely use this app

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3. System App Remover

System app remover is a root-only app that does exactly what you think it does. It removes different apps from your system. You might be wondering, why would you need this app. You can certainly do that by yourself.

You can, but the traces will always stay on your phone, making it slow and laggy. This app removes everything, including system apps you couldn't uninstall, yet wouldn't use anyway.

This root app makes sure you only keep apps you HAVE to have on your devices with the other root apps on this list, there is a free version, and there is a pro version. Even though the Pro version is very cheap, we will focus on the free version of this app since they are the same and the Pro version is just a way of donating money do developers.

Key Features of System App Remover:

  • This root app allows you to remove system apps
  • System App Remover categorizes apps so you know what you can and cannot remove

System App Remover: Cons

  • Not a con, but no reason to buy Pro version

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4. AddAway

Of all entries on our list, Addaway must be the most popular Root app there is. It is an Ad Blocker that filters the ads to your liking. I LOVE THIS APP!

This Root app is also free, but you can donate to the developers if you wanted to. It is a simple and effective root app that blocks ads, not much to say about it except that once you install it, and you won’t be able to function without it.

All of the advertisement will just disappear from your phone and apps like YouTube, messaging apps and other essential apps we use every day.

Key Features of AddAway:

  • A root app that blocks add
  • Useful and helpful root app

AddAway: Cons

  • Other than a complicated installation process, this root app has no wrong sides

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5. Root Browser

This root app calls itself “the ultimate file manager for all rooted users”. This gives you a general idea of the usage of the app. I have tested the app for the research, and it stands up to the expectations.

The free version comes with many benefits, even though there is a pro version you can buy. Copy, cut, paste files, move any folder on your device…those are just some of the many features this amazing root app has to offer. Root Browser will make your mobile phone feel like you are using a small, pocket PC.

Key Features of Root Browser:

  • Cut, Copy, Paste files
  • Create new folders
  • Move folders
  • Many different benefits

Root Browser: Cons

  • Some people dislike the design
  • No cloud support

>> Download the latest version <<

6. Gravity Box Unlocker

This is one of the few best root apps for android. This root app allows the control of the entire device to the point it will feel and be different than any other method of the same model. It has many unique customizing features many users of this root app love and plays with.

It is compatible with all modern Android devices. As with all of the other root apps on this list, there is a free version, and there is a pro version which you would have to pay. The only wrong side is that you need another root app for this one to work correctly.

Key Features of Gravity Box Unlocker:

  • QuickSettings Tile management
  • Navigation Bar tweaks
  • Screen Recording
  • Many other useful options

Gravity Box Unlocker: Cons

  • Android Devices 5.0 and lower are not supported
  • Requires Xposed to be installed alongside

>> Download the latest version <<

7. SDFix KitKat Writable MicroSD

SDFix is a free root app that is tightly connected with the KitKat operating system of Android phones. Since Android removed the ability to write files to your microSD card directly from your Android device, you either have to use the computer to do that, or you can just download this useful and straightforward root app. I prefer the app since it is straightforward to use. You will even forget you have the app on your phone.

Key Features of SDFix KitKat Writable MicroSD:

  • Free to use
  • Maximise the use of your memory card

SDFix KitKat Writable MicroSD: Cons

  • The sheer fact that you have to use this app is a con by itself, but not for the app but the android

>> Download the latest version <<

8. SuperSu

SuperSU is among the most popular root apps. This is a security root app that safeguards your phone. It functions like an antivirus app that has some unique options when it comes to your phone’s safety.

The basic version of this android root software comes in two versions. The basic version is free to use, and there is also a pro version that costs from $1 to $14 depending on the protection you want. In my opinion, the free version is just fine.

Key Features of SuperSu:

  • Deep Process detection
  • Complete Un-root
  • Works in recovery mode
  • Runs in the background of your Android

SuperSu: Cons

  • Since it is always on, might take some of the RAM memory

>> Download the latest version <<

9. Greenify

If you are rooting your phone for Greenify, you are saving your battery life! This android root software manages the apps in the background to prolong your battery life up to 4 hours. This root app, like all of the others here, is entirely free to use, though you might donate to the developers if you wanted.

The app works on a simple principle; it only freezes the apps you are not using at the moment. The best thing is, the app works on its own, and it is super easy to install!

Key Features of Greenify:

  • Easy to use
  • Prolongs the battery life

Greenify: Cons

  • The only con I could find is that the app can be installed on your phone is not rooted, but it didn't work

>> Download the latest version <<

10. Xposed Installer

Xposed Installer was rated as one of the most popular and the nest root apps for android phones of 2016! It was for a reason! With this root software, you are installing the second binary device to your device.

This means that you can customize a lot of different things on your phone or tablet. Some of the things you can manage are the notification bar. It is not a must-have, but it indeed is an exciting customization root android app. This app is free on google play store.

Key Features of Xposed Installer:

  • Tons of customization options
  • Unique designs

Xposed Installer: Cons

  • Not a must-have app

>> Download the latest version <<

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There are plenty of reasons to root your Android device. Some of the root apps on this list are merely for cosmetic purposes while other apps are digital heroes we all need. No matter the reason for your phone rooting, I highly suggest you test them out yourself.

You will quickly realize why this root-only software is highly sought after and start using them yourself on a daily basis. For the purpose of this text, I have tested all of these apps and the majority of these root software will remain in use on my phone until I replace it, and even then I will install them all over again!

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