10 Best Cinema Apps like showbox for iphone & android in 2024

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Do you like movies? Do you enjoy streaming videos, especially from your mobile device? Using PC is for hardcore gamers anyway! Then Showbox is the software for you! But wait for a second,  the original site is closed, so we offer the alternatives that are just as good, if not better!

IF you have any interest in movie streaming via your Android or iOS device, chances are you are already familiar with Showbox software. Showbox is a streaming application that you mostly use from your mobile device to stream movies and tv shows. Some of us prefer relaxing in our beds, or watching movies while on a bus ride home, to pass the time!

The application can occasionally be used from the personal computer, but the primary intent is your mobile device, which is what makes the app unique. The application is offline at the moment, and there are some proxy servers for the Showbox, but none of those servers lives up to the glory the original server was.

This is why we made a list of the best Showbox alternatives to use after the fall of this titan of a software. I will be hard to replace this software that was nearing perfection, but we somehow have to compensate for the tragedy that was the fall of this giant. That is why we have to keep looking for that perfect software that will bring the cinema to our phones, no matter the screen size!

It is, for this reason, we started searching high and low to find a suitable heir to the throne of streaming services, because we all love watching movies from our cellular devices, and if they are free, we love them even more! Without further a due, we have the best Showbox alternatives for movie streaming using your phones, Android and iOS!

Top 10 Showbox Alternatives to stream and watch your favorite movies on your phone!

1. Stremio


Stremio is an application that in many ways resembles Showbox, but it does things a little bit differently.  Stremio is a Showbox alternative that allows you to stream movies and tv shows from the well knows sites such as Amazon or Netflix, unlike Showbox which allowed streaming from basically any website in the world that had the movie you were looking for. This is a plus and a minus at the same time. On the one side, you know you are safe.

No one ever hooked up a virus from a site like Netflix, so your pc or phone is safe and sound with them. On the other hand, The more places the software uses, the higher the chance of streaming quality content. A lot of unknows sites have better quality at some shows that Netflix and Amazon themselves.

Key Features of Stremio:

  • Easy To Use
  • On Par with other sites
  • Variety of content

Stremio: Cons

  • No login option

Click to Download StremioDownload on the APP Store Git it on google play

2. TubiTV


Get the latest Version Here!!! ( https://tubitv.com/static/supported-browsers )

Another amazing Showbox alternative with a wide variety of content to stream. It is a reasonably new application, but it is already viral. It offers many different genres of movies and tv shows to the point that is indeed becoming an heir to the streaming throne Showbox once was. The app is straightforward to use.

The best of all is that this streaming software is free to use so that you can watch your shows anytime and anywhere. The application still requires an account, and you have to download the app, but it is all worth it.

Key Features of TubiTV:

  • Free Streaming
  • Many Different Genres

TubiTV: Cons

  • Requires an account
  • Not as small

Click to Download TubiTV: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

3. Hulu


Hulu is another software worthy of the Showbox alternative name. Hulu is a widely known and popular streaming service that many people use for movie streaming on a daily basis. This Showbox replacement is relatively simple to use.

You can start your movie streaming with a single push of a button, and the updates are regular. They get new content every day and follow the movie releases as the go. The only issue some users have with this software is that it is web-based, which can be irritating to many people. Nobody likes buffering, and it happens from time to time depending on your internet and the seeders for the specific movie.

Key Features of Hulu:

  • Regular Updates
  • Lots of Content
  • Top-rated software

Hulu: Cons

  • Web-based only
  • Some Buffering

Click to Download Hulu: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

4. Viewster


Viewster is another movie streaming platform that works as a Showbox substitute. This fantastic platform is available for Android, iOS and PC users alike. The variety of movies and tv shows on this platform easily matches up with the rest of the Showbox lookalike platforms on this list.

The sad thing is that there is nothing that sets it apart from the competitors. The platform is decent. Often they have some content before the competitors, but from time to time they are behind other Showbox substitute software. Still, the efficiency of Viewster is the reason it is on this list, and we even highly suggest you try it out yourself.

Key Features of Viewster:

  • Anime, Movies, TV Shows
  • NO Sign-up Required

Viewster: Cons

  • Average streaming speed
  • Average Streaming Content

Click to Download Viewster: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

5. Cinema Box

Cinema BoxCinema Box is a massive Showbox replacement software that is being used by a bunch of original Showbox previous customers. It has a wide variety of high-definition movies, and you can download and stream your movies all you want from any device advanced enough. Cinema Box, unlike many other Showbox alternative software, has a considerable range of subtitles!

The movie download and streaming is a fantastic option this substitute for Showbox offers.

Key Features of Cinema Box:

  • Free Application
  • A wide range of movies and subtitles
  • Download and streaming whenever!

Cinema Box: Cons

  • Hard to find on the internet
  • Up until recently, no official download was available

Click to Download Cinema Box: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

6. PoprcornFlix


Popcornflix is another movie streaming app similar to Showbox. It allows free streaming of an unlimited number of films using only your phone, which is a very cool feature.

The library of this Showbox substitute is extensive and various. The movies are accessible to stream and users reported only quality service, which is why this application is on our list.

Computer users might be a little disappointed since there is no good version for the pc, but if you are an android or an iOS user, you will most certainly love this streaming app. What's not to like about the app that lets you stream movies and tv shows using your mobile phone?

Key Features of Popcornflix:

  • Fast and easy streaming
  • Rich movie library

Popcornflix: Cons

  • Not the best PC app
  • Subtitles can be poorly done

Click to Download Popcornflix: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv is an alternative app for Showbox with over a hundred channels for streaming movies and tv shows. This app is very similar to the other entries on our list but still good enough to be among them. The app is an entirely free application designed for Android and iOS users to maximise the movie streaming hype!

No more waiting for months for high-quality movies! With Pluto TV, you can have them as soon as possible without any question! PlutoTV allows their users to choose from a wide variety of films and tv shows.

Key Features of Pluto Tv:

  • Android and iOS users
  • Over a hundred channels
  • Many new titles

Pluto Tv: Cons

  • Poor Subtitle Choice
  • No PC version

Click to Download Pluto Tv: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

8. Crackle


Crackle is a massive giant when it comes to Showbox alternatives! It is one of the most popular apps of the kind, with more than twenty million registered subscribers, you know you are getting the top-notch service with this Showbox substitute!

Crackle also has the smart TV option, though they do have some compatibility issues when it comes to using that option. Still, many satisfied customers guarantee your satisfaction as well.

Key Features of Crackle:

  • Smart TV option
  • Save Movies Option
  • Satisfying Content

Crackle: Cons

  • Content updates delete the old shows
  • Quick TV option is robust to use

Click to Download Crackle: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play



Vudu is the last entry on our list. It is a mobile movie and tv show streaming app that is very similar to Showbox. It is an excellent alternative with the rich library and constant updates they offer on a daily basis. The subtitle options are decent, and the users reported no issues with Vudu.

You can choose to stream or to download movies to watch from anywhere merely. The app is free to use, and the new design they inputted is impressive when paired with the other similar software of it’s kind.

Key Features of Vudu:

  • Amazing Showbox alternative
  • Stream And Download Options
  • No issues reported

Vudu: Cons

  • Poor Subtitle Choice
  • App size is not the best

Click to Download Vudu: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

10. TV Zion

TV Zion

Get the Latest Version Here!!! (https://zionapp.live/d)

TV Zion is a mobile streaming application just like Showbox used to be. This is a neat little app that perfectly replaces Showbox when it comes to mobile phone streaming. The application is relatively easy to use, and even though it not as popular, you may still find some quality content on their page.

The updates are regular and useful, unlike most of the updates ever! I used this application as a Showbox replacement for a few months, and I must say, good as it is, it is now a small app, so make sure you liberate some memory on your phone before installing this one.

Key Features of TV Zion:

  • Free Streaming
  • Phone App
  • Tons of content

TV Zion: Cons

  • Not a small app
  • Not as popular

Click to Download TV Zion:  Git it on google play


So, now that you know our list of top 10 Showbox Alternatives, which one will you choose? The apps were listed in a random order, and depending on your preferences and certain movie quality, one can be better than the other. It is a matter of personal opinion.

All of the apps are compatible and designed for Android and iOS devices. Some of them also have the pc versions, though the pc versions are not as developed, which disappointed me, a dedicated pc user.

Even though some of the apps may require registration, all of the apps are free and simple to use, and I hope you will have a good time downloading and streaming your favorite movies. Hurry up, while you can find them! Don't miss out!

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