Top 10 Rooting Apps to Grant Root Access on Android Device

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You need to root your phone, but you are not sure if you should do it? You decided to root your Android device; still, you don't know how? There are many different types and versions of the root tools and which one is right for you? Does it do what it is supposed to do?

Search no further, we are here to answer all of your questions and to help you find the best apps just for you and what is even better, it’s all free!

What is rooting?

Rooting is one of today's mostly used methods to gain full control over the devices that you all have in your pockets. It is a type of process that allows the user of the Android smartphone to use all of its functions to its full capacity. To sum it up, it is the installation that permits you to alter all of the files that you have on your Android.

Some of the functions that a rooted Android device can do for you are modifications of data that can be found on your pre-installed system, you can use it to install any other apps that you can find online and what is rather interesting, it can be used for accessing any app which cannot be found in usual app stores and it can serve as fully functional Adblocker!

Before going any further, I will give you a short tutorial on how to root your device and enjoy every bit of the Android system that you have in your pocket!

How to root android phone without computer

You need to root your device, but how to do it?

The first problem that you may encounter on your rooting journey is that you want your smartphone to be rooted, but you do not know how to do it properly. Worry not! It is easier than you think…

  1. First things first, you may choose any of the rooting apps that I will leave later in the text. Choose yours!
  2. The next step is to enable to root tool to access your Android device.
  3. The final step is letting the root tool to do everything else for you. So sit back, relax and wait for the software to finish its job!

NOTE* It is always good to back up your data before rooting your small computer since it can result in the loss of some data that might have a value to you.

Now, you are all set!

You may be like,

Top 10 Free Rooting Apps to root your android for free

Here is a list of top 10 rooting apps that you can find on the internet for free! To help you get root-privileges on Android, Our top 10 picks when it comes to safe and easy download and usage of the root tool apps.

1. Kingo Root

Kingo Root

When it comes to rooting many of the root users will agree with me that one of the most used and the best root tool software out there may be Kingo Root! You can easily download kingo root app, to root you android IOS.

It can root your device without the need of your PC. Some years ago, it was my first choice when I started rooting my devices. It is free, and it can root any Android device that you may have, the brand or version of your software is not an obstacle for this powerful software!

Kingo Root: Key Features

  • The app is 100% free
  • It's safe and
  • It is one of the fastest software there is
  • You can use it without the need of your PC

Kingo Root: Cons

  • You will need an internet connection
  • It may give you some trouble with pop-up ads

2. Root Master

root master

Root Master is also easy to use, and it is swift! It can be used on your device without any installation on your PC, it is, and many users were delighted with its performance. Root Master might be the actual root tool that you were searching all along, why not try it?

Root Master: Key Features

  • You don’t need any 3rd party hardware for running it
  • The app is 100% safe to use
  • It is simple
  • It gives you the option of unrooting your device

Root Master: Cons

  • It may not be universally used since it works on several devices

3. Framaroot

Framaroot is probably the next best choice for rooting your device properly. It doesn't require any PC installations. It has many different options, and it can give you the best experience when it comes to rooting your Android.

Like many other root tools, it cannot be found on the app store, so you would need to use apk. for installation. Some of the things that Framaroot offers in comparison with Kingo Root is that it allows you to install some options such as Super user, SuperSu and it also gives you the ability to unroot your device.

Framaroot: Key Features

  • Supports Android version 4.0 and above
  • It has an in-built unroot function
  • 100% free

Framaroot: Cons

  • It cannot support Androids with versions below 4.0
  • Internet connection is required

4. dr.fone


dr.fone might be your choice! Some of the functions that this root tool offers are the abilities to access more files than usual, you can use it to install more Roms, to speed up the performance of your device easily, to uninstall previously installed apps and it can easily allow you to use some of the blocked features on your device. It can give you the ability to use features like slow-motion videos, photoshop and NFC payments before they are even released. The root tool itself is rather powerful and reliable, and it may be the best choice there is when it comes to rooting Android device!

dr.fone: Key Features

  • Compatible with older versions of Android. It can root 2.1 and above versions.
  • 100% risk-free and safe to use.
  • It is free.
  • It is used by more than 7.000 users worldwide.
  • It gives you the option of easily unrooting your device.
  • It does not require PC installation

dr.fone: Cons

  • It requires an internet connection
  • Some of the data might be lost, so backing-up your files is advisable.

5. SRSroot


Imagine this, you have the older version of an Android system, and you do not know what to do with it. You start thinking about rooting the device and using it for anything you can imagine! Still, there is a catch! You do not know which root tool is right for your older version of an Android. Well, look no further, SRSroot is undoubtedly the best choice for you! It does the same as the other root tools mentioned above, but it is mainly used for rooting Android devices which work on 1.5 up to 4.2 versions.

SRSroot: Key Features

  • It does the best work with versions 1.5 up to 4.2.
  • Gives the option of unrooting your device.

SRSroot: Cons

  • It doesn’t support newer versions of Android software.

6. Iroot


Iroot is one of the most used software for rooting your device. Over 371,108,137 devices were rooted by this software which only proves that it is one of the best! It can unblock all of the functions that were previously blocked on your smartphone. It can easily uninstall any pre-installed apps on your device, and at the same time, it can work as an Adblocker for your phone; basically, it can remove ads in any app.

Iroot: Key Features

  • It holds a large number of strong roots done without any problems.
  • 100% FREE and safe to use
  • It supports a large number of Android users.

Iroot: Cons

  • It does not have a built-in option for unrooting your device.

7. CF-Auto-Root


CF-Auto-Root: Key Features

  • Best for Samsung devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • 100% free.
  • Comes with instructions.

CF-Auto-Root: Cons

  • The actual webpage of this root tool may transfer you to some other website since they are doing a lot of changes.
  • This software may not be the best solution if you do not own a Samsung device.

CF-Auto-Root is one of the best root tools used in 2022. It is said that this root tool is best for the users that do their first rooting since it is straightforward to use! It is also noted that this particular software is the best there is if you happen to own a Samsung phone. On the webpage, you can easily find out if your device will be adequately rooted since CF-Auto-Root comes with the list of the supported devices and versions of the Android. It also has the instructions that can help you with rooting your smartphone without any worries.

8. Root Genius

Root Genius: Key Features

  • It supports a large number of devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can easily remove any app from your smartphone.
  • It is safe to use and 100% FREE.

Root Genius: Cons

  • It does not offer the option of unrooting your device.

Root Genius is a great app that can quickly help you root your Android smartphone. It supports over 10.000 devices, and it is free! Root Genius comes in handy when you need an app that does not require a PC. The latest version of this app is 3.1.7 so be sure to download the newest version of the app and enjoy.

9. SuperSu Pro Root App

SuperSu Pro Root app is a convenient tool when it comes to rooting! It is free, it is safe, and it offers a wide range of abilities. SuperSu stands for the super user of the Android phone, and it may be your next best choice!

SuperSu Pro Root App: Key Features

  • Root/unroot option
  • Works as a system app
  • It can be accessed by dialling *#*#1234#*#* as a hidden launcher

SuperSu Pro Root App: Cons

  • You cannot lock the app with pin

10. Superuser X [L] Root App

This root app is a bit harder to use than other apps, and it requires a higher knowledge of software, yet it can offer you the best experience when it comes to rooting since it involves some coding and a lot of options that other similar apps cannot provide you. If you were looking for something different and more interesting than this app is surely for you!

Superuser X [L] Root App: Key Features

  • Free & safe to use
  • You can uninstall the app after it has finished
  • Root without PC
  • Gives root access to all of the apps and it saves a lot of memory on your phone

Superuser X [L] Root App: Cons

  • Designed for developers
  • Shows some ads
  • It is based on a command line interface



That's all the Best root apps for every Android user! This was our Top Rooting apps article in which hopefully you will find all of the needed information on how to easily root your device. As you can probably see, there may not be the best root tool out there, and that is only because every device or version of an Android has different functions.

Thus, we might say that for every Android device, there is an absolute best, 100% free out there. Here, we tried to create the list in which everyone can find their own best root tool app and hopefully do a good job at rooting the devices. In my personal opinion, Kingo root, dr.fone, and frameroot may be the best choice there is if this is your first time rooting your small pocket friends with Android platforms.


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