6 Best Mangapanda Alternatives to read manga online for free

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Do you have a blood rush for comics? Do you enjoy checking out new and a wide range of comics? Comic reading is widely embraced by people all over the world.

In the pre-historic years, people used to share information through different forms of literature, including scrolls, which passed from generation after generation.

In modern days, scrolls, cave paintings, and many other forms of writings uncovered in different locations indicate how the pre-historic man used to communicate or instead pass on various ways of education.

With the advancing technology, new modes of sharing and keeping books, journals, and other articles have developed to suit human nature and increase the ease of access when it comes to reading.

Top 6 free manga sites to read manga online Now

Discussed below are some of the best Mangapanda alternatives.

1. ComiXology


Comics use is for both educative and entertainment purposes. With the aid of sketches, you can come up with a story that involves character development. Comixology is one such site that you will give you access to all kinds of comicsin place of Mangapanda.

With over 90,000 comic books that you can choose from, Comixology has a record of over 200 million downloads. What makes it even more convenient alternative to Mangapanda is the fact that it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Mangapanda has a menu with a list of options you would easily select from including free and top rated comics.

Key Features of ComiXology:

  • Comixology is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Comixology has over 90,000 comics with over 200 million comic downloads.
  • A menu is available on this site that can enable you to find the type of comic that suits your taste quickly.

2. Mangastream


You can never go wrong with Mangastream, which serves as one of the most convenient alternatives to Mangapanda. Mangastream also includes a menu with a wide range of comics you can easily access on your device.

Mangastreamoffers its collection of cartoons to you free of charge, making it an even better alternative. What is even more exhilarating about this site that makes it a better choice to Mangapanda is that you can save comics that you can read at a later period as you prefer.

Key Features of Mangastream:

  • Mangastream has a menu that enables you to toggle through the different features on the website.
  • Mangastream has a save option for a later reading of comics.

3. Bookwalker


Bookwalker is another contender in this list because it offers a whole world of comic novels ranging from free to premium comics, making it another recommended alternative of Mangapanda. Bookwalker's website is designed in a way that suggests for you the categories you might like, including the most searched comics, genre, authors as well as top-rated comics.

Comics on Bookwalker vary in prices according to the type of comics, and the website offers a discount on comics purchased by new members to the site so if you are late on this website you can as well grab your copies at discounted prices.

Key Features of Bookwalker:

  • Bookwalker includes both free and comics on sale.
  • Bookwalker provides discounts from purchases by new members.
  • Bookwalker arrangement is in a manner that helps you to access different features on this website.

4. Mangarock


Mangarock is one of the top-rated Manga sites that you can access different kinds of Manga comics, making it an ideal alternative to Mangapanda. Mangarock has a variety of comics that will suit your interest once you check out this website.

What makes it even easier for you to find a good read on this site is that you can quickly check out the trending comics and genres of comics which are of defined display on this page. Mangarock is probably another best alternative similar to Mangapanda.

Mangarock is easy to use, with a click on the comic providing a summary and the number of chapters, which enables you to easily read comfortably without having to sign up. You can enjoy features such as bookmarks and orientations on this app, making your reading experience more natural.

Key Features of Mangarock:

  • Mangarock has a vast collection of comics.
  • Mangarock does not require you to sign up to read comics.
  • You can easily access the most trending and comics of your interest on this website due to the arrangement of this page.
  • Mangarock provides you with bookmarks and orientation that make reading easy.

5. Comicrack


Comicrack is another excellent substitute for Mangapanda. The site has different sets of features and compatible with Android, iPad devices as well as windows. Comicrack guarantees you access to comics both recent and old.

Comicrack's design is in a way that allows auto-rotate, scroll, zoom and a smooth download of this application for general use and an option on the drop-down list that enables you to check out recently uploaded content. Software developers of this website are always in constant work to ensure services delivered are satisfactory for users.

Key Features of Comicrack:

  • Comicrack is compatible with Android, windows, and iPads.
  • You can quickly check out recent uploads which leave room for comments.
  • Auto rotate, zooming and split reading is provided on Comicrack.

6. YACReader


YACReader is another rapidly growing site that you can get all kinds of comics that will starve your appetite for comic content, making it a right contestant in place of Mangapanda. Within a short time after its launch, YACReader has gained a lot of popularity for having a site under constant upgrades, done from time to time to ensure reliable access to the site.

YACReader makes the process of managing, reading, and browsing comics smooth for you compatible with iOS. YACReader supports files and image types that include jpeg, gif, and rar on this site with a straightforward reading configuration that makes it easy to switch modes from fitting to double page, full size and other views that improve your viewing experience. Get a unique experience on this site that allows you to search comics and helps you keep track of the comics you read.

Key Features of YACReader:

  • YACReader allows you to search for a comic you like.
  • You can easily switch reading modes to improve your reading experience.
  • YACReader supports different file formats such as gif and rar that bring about an outstanding comic effect.
  • On this site, you can browse, manage, and read your comics with ease.

Final Words

Comics are commendable for entertainment and educative purposes, and if you are a fan, you will enjoy checking out the above sites that fulfill your ache to acquire different comic content.

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