15 Best Justdubs Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free 2023

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Love watching dubbed anime series and episodes online? Check out these Justdubs alternative sites for even juicier alternatives.

Anime and cartoon lovers know the Justdubs platform all too well. It is the best place to find what you need. The platform is endowed with a rich collection of the best anime and cartoon series.

If you are looking for a platform with the latest as well as past episodes of popular anime series, then look no further.


Official JustDubs: Justdubs.me

JustDubs is a website to watch English dubbed anime for free! There are vast list dubbed anime series and cartoon series online.

However, For some reason, some users aren’t just able to access contents on Justdubs. The reasons could include anything from government bans and suspensions to geo restrictions. Whichever the reason, we have rounded up some very popular Justdubs alternatives in this review.

Like Justdubs, you will be able to download or even stream all your favourite anime episodes from any of the enlisted alternatives. So, if you ask me, these alternatives will suffice your cravings for the latest anime episodes.

You have no reason whatsoever to worry about the inability to access Justdubs. Just remember to take time to compare and contrast each of them in order to get the very best.

15 Free Site Like Justdubs to Watch the Popular Anime Series

1. Gogoanime


If you are looking for a website that is similar to Justdubs, then Gogoanime is a special choice for you. Its very design and features appear to be inspired by those on Justdubs.

It comes with a very attractive and intuitive user interface for easy access to contents. Anime serials are arranged into distinct categories based on genre. It provides you with almost unlimited streaming of anime content even without creating an account.

In addition, users can also download their favorite cartoon and anime episodes with but a simple click. The platform is way better than Justdub because it allows you to download the anime that you want to download in full HD in whatever episode you want to have. There are a few ads for free membership.

If you want an ad-free streaming experience, you can upgrade to the Gogoanime premium plan. You also get to access an even richer variety of cartoon and anime episodes.

If you are addicted to anime and cartoons, you really need to check out Gogoanime. It has everything you may want and even allow users to download their favorites.

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Key Features of Gogoanime:

  • The interface is so brilliant and user-friendly.
  • Contents are arranged in distinct categories.
  • A wide collection of the latest anime and cartoon episodes
  • Optional registration and free creation of membership account
  • Not get restricted
  • Routine content updates.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll supports anime streaming as well as downloads. I like the fact that they have a no-ads policy. That implies that you can stream your favorites smoothly without those annoying ads. And just in case you didn’t know, this anime platform has a very flashy UI.

Contents on the homepage are arranged into distinct categories for easier access. There are content filter tools to make access to your favourites much simpler.

If you don’t want to stream and instead want to download the entire anime series or a couple of episodes, there’s that option.

There’s just more than enough variety on this platform. If you will go through this website, you will see that it has lots of categories on which all of the users can go around and scroll through.

There is even an inbuilt video player on the website so you do not need to go somewhere else and have the anime viewed.

Crunchyroll is not geo-restricted. That is to say that users can access their favourite anime and cartoon episodes wherever they are on the planet.

Some governments may, however, limit or ban its access. This is very rare and in fact, there's never been a mention of that since the platform's inception.

Key Features of Crunchyroll:

  • You can download the anime here.
  • Brilliant stream speed.
  • The website provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • A user-friendly interface featuring distinct content categories.
  • Large collection of the best anime serials

3. AnimeHeaven.Eu


As the name suggests, this is home to a wide collection of anime episodes. It is literally a little heaven if you know what I'm talking about.

If you are madly in love with anime movies and serials, this is the place to find all your favorites. It comes with an attractive but simple user interface. This makes access to the contents very simple. Contents are available in distinct categories. You only need to know what you are looking for and be good to go.

Starting from the One Piece, up to the Naruto series, everything can just be found here. And the good thing is that it has contemporary as well as old varieties.

So if you are a 90’s kid, then there are absolutely no worries at all! You will find all the classics that you used to watch when you were still young.

The website is packed with different full high definition episodes of the anime that you can watch anytime.

You can choose to stream or even download your favourites. There are absolutely no restrictions on the same. And no geo-restrictions too. Meaning you can access this anime platform from anywhere in the globe.

I love the fact that the platform supports different videos qualities. Depending on your device, you can choose on HD, UHD, 4K, 5K, etc.

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Key Features of AnimeHeaven.Eu:

  • Online video player.
  • Stream with subtitles.
  • Fit every device screen.
  • A wide collection of the latest anime series
  • Ad-free streaming experience
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Signup and account creation is optional

4. Animeland


If you are a true and very passionate anime fan, then this one is a good website that you should consider. Animeland, like Justdubs, has a wide collection of the latest anime episodes.

The homepage features contents arranged into distinct categories for easy access. The UI is simple and super navigable. You can, therefore, access your favourites with no strain or stress.

Joining Animeland is very simple and easy. You only need to create your account and be good to go. Because it’s running a freemium model, you won’t pay a dime to access contents here. That is to say that you can stream and download all your favourites, all for free.

This is because this website is packed and full of the anime that you wish to watch. Not just that, all of the episodes that are present here are found in full high definition quality.

So you do not have to worry about watching anime with lesser quality. The platform supports different video qualities.

Contents on the platform are routinely updated, thanks to the dedicated community of developer. In case of any issues and concerns, Animeland has a dedicated 24/7 customer support. You can also get help from the ever-active community forum.

Key Features of Animeland:

  • Has subtitles in the episodes.
  • No need for an external player.
  • A wide collection of the latest anime episodes
  • User-friendly interface
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Ad-free streaming experience
  • Freemium model, though users can upgrade to the paid premium plans for even more variety.

5. Animestreams


A website that is dedicated to giving a rich variety to all of the diehard anime fans out there. From the web design, features and anime variety, one will be forgiven to assume that Animestreams and Justdubs are one and the same.

The two are in fact not related in any way. The only thing they share in common is that they all provide anime contents.

Animestreams has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. This is one aspect that makes it a very popular anime platform. The UI is very navigable making access to all your favorite contents a breeze.

I also like the fact that it supports streaming and downloading. And it supports different video qualities. Depending on your device capability, you can choose on UHD, HD, and 4K.

Like most anime streaming sites, this one has both freemium and premium models. The freemium option comes with a couple of ads while the premium model is ad-free.

Overall, this is a very good platform for streaming anime serials. If you are looking for a wide variety of the best anime series and cartoons, I recommend this platform.

Key Features of Animestreams:

  • Great GUI of the website.
  • Amazing stream speed.
  • Supports anime downloading
  • A wide collection of anime serials
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Supports freemium and premium models

6. Kissanime

KissanineIf you are a huge anime lover, then pretty sure you know about this website. Kissanime is one of the oldest anime destinations online. If you love unbeatable quality streams, then the Kissanime is the place.

It comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes access to your favorite anime episodes super easy. The homepage features contents arranged in distinct categories for easy access. It has a search tab and a couple other content filter tools for even easier access to your favorites.

It is not because this one is a show but it is a platform on where you can find everything that is related to the anime world. You can even find things here like external links, complete TV shows, pictures, and videos. You can find almost everything at all.

This platform supports content streaming as well as downloading. There are various video quality levels for the same. Kissanime is not geo-restricted. Users can, therefore, access their favorites from whichever part of the globe.

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Key Features of Kissanime:

  • Lots of dubbed anime found inside.
  • Has bot subbed and dubbed anime varieties.
  • A very intuitive and attractive user interface.
  • No access restriction on the basis of geographical location.
  • Supports freemium as well as premium models.

7. Watchdub


If you are talking about a very good alternative for Justdubs, then Watchdub is certainly a very good alternative for that.

The reason behind that one is that this platform is the biggest platform that you could ever find if you are talking about watching some dubbed anime. This is because Watchdub hosts provide you with unlimited streaming services with no hassle at all.

Key Features of Watchdub:

  • Sign up an account.
  • Has a multimedia player itself.
  • Play everything with no hassle.

8. AnimeUltima


This one is called the ultimate home for all the anime lovers around the world. The website does feature all of those full episodes of the anime that you love.

Not just that, this website also provides you with the fastest potential stream speed so that you will be able to enjoy the anime with no hassle at all.

Key Features of AnimeUltima:

  • Has an online player.
  • Watch dubbed anime with subtitles.
  • Get the full experience of anime here.

9. AnimeStory


You will get the whole flavor and picture of anime if you will go to this website. You can watch the full episodes of all the anime that you want and not just that, the updated versions of the episodes are also here too.

Watch all of your favorite anime with unlimited permission! This one has no cost at all, so you do not have to pay for anything while you are streaming.

Key Features of AnimeStory:

  • Has lots of categories of anime.
  • Download whatever you like.
  • Everything is found here.

10. TV.com

If you love to watch cartoons and anime online, then you should switch to this website, TV.com. The website not only provides everyone who goes here with anime but also with the other shows that you can watch absolutely for free.

You do not have to sign up inside this platform if you wish to watch the content that this website gives. This is probably the best alternative to Justdubs.

Key Features of TV.com:

  • Amazing stream speed.
  • No limit for speed.
  • It runs as per your internet connection.

11. Narutoget.io


This may not be your ideal website for looking at anime on the internet, but this one is a very good one! Plus, if you are also a Naruto fan, then you will really love it around here.

This has all the Naruto content that you want to see in your life. It has lots of content from different anime too! It is not just bound on Naruto here but all the other famous anime are found here too.

Key Features of Narutoget.io:

  • There is manga her too.
  • No download option available.
  • Great for Naruto fans.

12. Chia-Anime TV

Chia-Anime TV

This one is considered one of the best websites where you can stream anime content. Chia anime is known for its never occurring downtime and stability.

Not just that, high-quality content is available here too for the users without even requiring them to pay any payments or purchases.

The anime that you love can be downloaded here in different quality too, and many of those popular Asian dramas are found on this website if you are interested in them.

Key Features of Chia-Anime TV:

  • Supports 3D and 360-degree videos.
  • Downloads playlists.
  • Great choice of formats.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

13. CartoonCrazy


This website is packed with a very wide collection of Anime videos for all of its users. The best part is that users can all view it for free, there are no hidden fees while watching the anime that you love.

It has even earned the reputation of having the richest library of anime videos in all the anime websites out there. The website itself is categorized for very easy access, so you do not need to worry about finding your way in and out.

Key Features of CartoonCrazy:

  • It is absolutely free.
  • Free from any advertisements.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.

14. Masterani.me


It has a very huge collection of anime series compared to the other websites. This is a very good website, if not, a great one for streaming movies and anime shows.

It comes with different high definition options, making it a very good choice for those users who really love good graphics.

Not just that, it has good hosting speed as well. This allows the users to stream at a very smooth space and reduce the buffer time.

Key Features of Masterani.me:

  • Supports 3D and 360-degree videos.
  • Downloads playlists.
  • Great choice of formats.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

15. 9Anime


Another perfect destination for those who really love to stream and watch anime online. This one is a little bit famous in the anime world and community and it is known as one of those best free anime streaming websites out there.

The main feature of this website is that it gives out its services absolutely for free, the entire site does not have any single hunch of advertisements! How cool is that thing, right? Perfect for users who do not love advertisements.

Key Features of 9Anime:

  • No Ads.
  • Has thousands of HD anime series.
  • Has dubbed and subbed versions.


Well, for sure you have got something from that list. Anime really is such a thing in this world, and it is a big thing. So if you really love to watch anime out there, then you should click on one of those websites.

They give out a little bit of fun in this a little bit of a boring world. What are you waiting for? Make your life colourful with watching anime!

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