KissCartoon alternatives: 10+ App & Sites to Watch Free Cartoons Online

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Looking for watching HQ cartoon online free of charge like KissCartoon & Want to find other alternatives? This post we added other similar cartoon sites to KissCartoon to Watch HQ cartoon online.

Kisscartoon is a host to many cartoons and anime online and is a site that you can get access to for free. The cartoons that are not available at any other sites like Netflix or Hulu, are organized into seasons and shows here, which makes it easier to binge watch them.

Official Kisscartoon website:

The issue is that the Kisscartoon site is unavailable at times, although finding and watching content for free is possible but it is still illegal. It is due to this that the government has shut down this website many times. So, where else can you watch cartoons in high quality?

Luckily for you, here is a guide that can help you find alternative websites to Kisscartoon which will guarantee you to find and watch cartoons in no time.

Top 10+ cartoon streaming sites similar to Kiss Cartoon

10. Cartoon8


Cartoon8 is the top recommendation to replace Kisscartoon. It has a massive library that not only include Japanese anime, but also has various types of western animated series which are more popular.

You can use this site to stream all kinds of cartoons including the classics and moderns like Tom and Jerry and Stephen Universe. It covers animated shows along with the movies so the feature films by Disney and Pixar are also available.

The site does not only focus on the children, it also has deep and classic animated that are available for adults too. Adults can watch cartoons with their children or watch their own favorites if they want to.

9. Toonmania – Free cartoon App

Toonmania is another popular alternative to Kisscartoon. It has a huge library of cartoons and anime available. This site is very easy to navigate and use.

It is especially feasible for those who can’t read the subtitles or don’t prefer to have subtitles because from this site you can get access to various dubbed shows as it has a dubbed only section which has all the international cartoon. The quality of the site is excellent.

8. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon has been an extraordinary streaming site for a long time. In the video streaming industry, Nickelodeon is considered a pioneer. Nickelodeon is the best alternative to Kisscartoon.

It is a great website to find cartoons and anime. It has a very easy to use and reliable interface. The site is very simple to use compared to other sites. You can find all the TV series like Star Wars. Just by browsing, you can easily find and watch your favorite animated shows.

You don’t even have to sign up for an account to watch your favorite animated shows. Other than cartoons, the websites provide services for clips, games, picture, and playlists. As they have enhanced their performance, many viewers are using this website to watch their favorite cartoons online.

7. Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network has always been the most favorite channel of kids from all ages, especially the 90’s kids. It may not have much anime content, but it has various cartoons that are a good source of entertainment. Cartoon Network is the best alternative to Kisscartoon to several kids.

It not only features all the shows, it also has funny moments, trailers and songs etc. You don’t even have to pay a single thing for this, as CN shows all of this for free. Most of us have been huge fans of Cartoon Network since our childhood. So, if you want to recall all your childhood memories, Cartoon Network is the best place to start from.

6. YouTube

Obviously there is no introduction required for this site, as it is the Google’s most popular product. It is the best alternative to Kisscartoon as you can watch almost all kinds of anime and cartoons on this site. You don’t even have to push for the result as the search engine of YouTube is really good.

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Cartoons like Rick and Morty and Steven Universe are all available here. YouTube is only a search engine for cartoons, you can also find all type of video content here including movies, news, clips, documentaries etc. There are many cartoon channels available on YouTube which keeps on getting updated with latest episodes of cartoons.

You can always find your type of animated or any kind of video here on YouTube, no matter whatever is your age. You won’t be let down by this site in finding and watching your favorite cartoons here. The streaming service of this site is better than all other websites.

5. 9Anime

9Anime for Free Anime Streaming

If you are looking for a website that streams anime online for free, then 9Anime is a really good option for you. It has a huge collection of around 20000 episodes of various popular anime series. You can even find series like Star Wars here as it contains all seasons of different series. Streaming quality is exceptionally good too.

9Anime is the best alternative of Kisscartoon for anime lovers as they can watch all types of anime in high quality. They offer huge range of options and also a user-friendly interface.

The shows are neatly categorized with the choices like genres, updates, last, on-going etc. A search option is also provided so you don’t have to waste your time looking for your favorite show. All the shows are also available in alphabetical order, which makes it easier for the viewer to use this website.

4. Cartoons On


Cartoons on is a very famous source of watching anime and cartoon series. This website is just like Kisscartoon but it provides better experience to its users. If you don’t like the other alternatives to Kisscartoon, then you should definitely visit cartoons on. You can find everything that a cartoon streaming website should provide to its users. Their interface is very easy to use and their library is full of large content of various cartoon series. You can literally find any kind of cartoon series here including all the classic shows. The best thing about Cartoons On is that it sections the popular character, if you select any of the characters, its displays all the shows and episodes of the shows that character appeared in.

3. CrunchyRoll


CrunchyRoll is the best site for flawless streaming of cartoons or TV shows. The search result shows that the CrunchyRoll is the best Kisscartoon alternative. Although it might have annoying advertisements, it is still a great website as it can be used without spending a single penny.

CrunchyRoll is the key to your entertainment, it can never let you get bored. It not only provides cartoons, it also has music, drama, and other source of entertainment. CrunchyRoll also focuses on Asian anime content with more than 25000 shows. You can spend all your day here watching any kind of show.

2. FMovies


FMovies is considered to be the top site to watch free movies and cartoons online. It has a massive library with extensive content. It provides almost all the famous cartoons series. You cannot ask for a better alternative to Kisscartoon than FMovies.

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FMovies always has up-to-date content including all the latest released movies and cartoons. You can even find the classic movies or cartoon series too.  It does not only provides cartoons – it also has a wide variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries and even art films.

The streaming quality is super good and it has a user-friendly interface. With a variety of content available on this site, it has become extremely popular among the viewers.

1. KissAnime


KissAnime website is a key resource to watching anime, online and free of any cost. Even though the download speed is not that fast, it still provides you the option of downloading all your favorite Anime series. This site is considered similar to Kisscartoon by many users.

Kisscartoon and KissAnime’s layout is almost same except the combination of colors. KissAnime is a very famous site and its main focus is providing all kinds of anime.

The only drawback is that it does not provide all kinds of cartoons but it is the best place for the anime lovers to visit as they can find all types of anime here for free. You will definitely love it more than Kisscartoon if you want to visit the site for watching anime series.

0. CartoonCrazy


Cartoon Crazy is a streaming website that has a huge database for of movies and anime series. The website content keeps getting refreshed so that all the up-to-date content like Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe can be available on this site. CartoonCrazy is a very popular website that also helps parents to find cartoons and other children friendly programs for their kids.

CartoonCrazy can be played on any type of device like cellphone, tablet, laptops, TV. Other add-ons provide content that only adults watch, CartoonCrazy only focuses on the child-friendly content and programs that should be streamed for kids. You can use it free of cost. This is the reason why it is preferred by parents as they don’t have to worry about their children watching 18+ content.


All the above-mentioned websites are great alternatives to Kiss Cartoon and you no longer have to worry about which website your child should be watching the cartoon on as all of these websites are very reliable.

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