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Love watching video online but are sick of the countless YouTube restrictions? Try out these YouTube alternatives with no limitations.

If you like streaming videos online, YouTube is one site you must have bumped upon. In fact, it is the most popular video sharing site globally. As a platform for sharing videos, however, I believe they can do better than what they are feeding us with. Honestly speaking, YouTube has plenty of restrictions that, in my opinion, is killing creativity. From the many adverts to constant policy changes relating to video uploads, this Google platform is simply doing its users a disservice. Did I forget to mention the enormous paperwork that characterizes application for a YouTube channel? Oh! Yes, this platform has the most paperwork when it comes to applying to upload videos.

Other than keep complaining, I sought to find out possible video streaming sites that offer high-quality videos like YouTube, but with no Ads and other unnecessary restrictions. Check them out!

10+ Video Websites Like youtube without censorship 2022

14. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive with no Restrictions

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The Internet Archive lives up to its name, as it is a website which has the most collection of videos. Both old and new videos can be found on this website, as it contains almost 280 billion web pages, 11 million books, 4 million audio recordings which also includes 160,000 live concerts, and close to 2 million images.

In terms of videos, this website features almost 3 million videos, all categorized into different video content categories. This website is on a completely different league than the others, and if you are looking for a video which you can't find on YouTube, there is a high chance that it is in the Internet Archive.

Another helpful feature is that users can help contribute to the website by uploading their own content. Quality, however, is not as clear or high definition like other websites. This is because the Internet Archive will not modify the videos in any way, meaning users who upload a video with bad quality will be streamed with bad quality as well.

13. Flickr

Flickr with no Restrictions

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First of all, you will be wondering what and why is Flickr on this list. Yes, it is a website known for its photo-sharing features. However, over time, Flick has evolved into a platform which supports video content. Users are now able to share videos easily just like the images. As it is owned by Yahoo!, Flickr video is not a small nobody kind of website. Being an established player in the world of video sharing, Flickr has very cool features that make it quite a force to reckon.

Videos in Flickr are limited to only 90 seconds, making it short. Content creators might find this unhelpful, however, it does help to make all the videos easy and fast to watch. Flickr has termed these videos as a type of long photo. The only major downside with it is that users have to pay monthly to have access to unlimited uploads. If you are only looking to watch short videos from a wide base of users, then Flickr might just be for you. Users are able to watch videos without any hassle for free.

12. The Vlogs

TheVlogs with no Restrictions

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TheVlogs is one of the most popular video sharing sites, after YouTube. It supports live video streaming and has a much updated library featuring all kind of video categories. The contents on this platform are often political based, making it the best place to catch up on the latest world politics. TheVlogs also has other video categories you can check out. One thing I love most about this platform is that all of their videos are available in HD format, allowing users to experience high-quality videos across the categories. Its user interface is also uncluttered and very easy to navigate.

11. DTube

DTube with no Restrictions

Link To:

DTube is one of the good alternatives for YouTube. It specializes in using block chain technology, making it innovative and an extremely secure site. The user interface is similar to YouTube in many aspects, and if you love YouTube but not the restrictions, then this will be a great website for you.

There are also some innovative features in DTube which are worth mentioning. One of it is that users in DTube are rewarded when they help to create and participate in the platform. Rewards come in the form of cryptocurrency such as BitCoin, or tokens named STEEM. There is no view counting option, and no censorship, making it stand out from other platforms. The best part is, there are no adverts on DTube, meaning users no longer have to be annoyed constantly. Note, however, that DTube does not have a delete option for uploaded content, so once you upload something here, it is going to stay forever.

Being one of the most innovative video sharing and hosting site, it gets a good mention in this list. Although it is currently not as great or popular as YouTube, DTube has plenty of potentials to join the big guys very soon.

10. Crackle

Crackle with no Restrictions

Link To:

Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, famous for creating those TV sets and other products. Think of this website as an online television channel. It features many original shows as well as Hollywood movies and different shows from other networks.

Some of Crackle's original content has earned them some good ratings online. For example, the web series “Comedians in Cars” starring Jerry Seinfield. A flipside to it, however, is that users will not be able to upload their own content here. But if you are someone who is just looking to watch videos, movies, and TV shows, then Crackle might just be for you.

9. 9GAG

9GAG with no Restrictions

Link To:

Now I am sure almost all of you have heard of 9GAG? Well, then you will know that it is related to all things goofy, weird, and funny alike. 9GAG provides users with a wide collection of funny photos, GIFS, memes, gaming parodies, and things like that. Even the website's tagline says to “Go Fun Yourself”.

If you have enjoyed content from 9GAG previously, or if you like funny stuff, then this is a haven for you. Most of the content is fun and amusing to watch. The only problem with this website is that you will definitely get lost in it! Make sure to check the clock as you might be spending hours before you even know it. Also, take note that some of the content on this website may not be safe for work.

8. Veoh

Veoh with no Restrictions

Link To:

Veoh is one of my favourite video streaming sites. It offers the latest collection of videos, all classified in a wide range of categories. Other than the free signup for an account, this platform has no restrictions on the kind of contents you can access or even upload. Veoh also supports live streaming feature, meaning you can watch live streams from other users. Although YouTube does have this feature, the live streaming function on YouTube is extremely slow and just not the best, not to mention that their chat box is often filled with spam messages.

The Veoh platform also focuses on vertical content, something which has always been YouTube’s major undoing. As many people already consume content from their phones or other devices, having a platform which offers vertical content is helpful. The User Interface is also very simple and easy to navigate. The Veoh video collection and quality is very impressive. You also don’t get plenty ads and unnecessary content censorships here.

7. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch with no Restrictions

Link To:

Ever since Facebook launched their own video service; The Facebook Watch, it has recorded massive number of users in a short stint. The platform enables users to view contents and even upload the same with no restriction. The only downside is that it doesn’t provide analytic tools to help you improve viewer base. Many exclusive contents can be found here, useful for watching videos which you can’t find on YouTube. It is also free, and anyone can create an account and start publishing videos.

6. LiveLeak

LiveLeak with no Restrictions

Link To:

LiveLeak is a very good YouTube alternative. It offers quality videos to its users and also lets you upload content without censorship. It is a video hosting platform which is crafted specifically to help your businesses to grow. So, if you are looking to produce content which helps your business, LiveLeak will be for you. The features that it comes with is helpful, such as the user-friendly file management interface. It also has some pretty good embedding functionalities.

Another cool feature that comes with LiveLeak is that it offers access to trending global news videos. You also get to check out its heat maps and statistics in the analytics section for powerful engagement insights. This takes it apart from sites like YouTube, as you don’t even know who is watching your videos.

5. MetaCafe

MetaCafe with no Restrictions

Link To:

Metacafe is known as the video entertainment engine for those who like short and funny videos. It features about 12 million unique viewers every month, and up to 40 million users globally. This gives it a wide enough audience, which makes it a pretty good place for content creators to showcase their stuff.

The user interface is very simple, and all the categories are easy to find. It is a no-nonsense platform which is suitable for everyone.  Many videos here are between 10 to 25 minutes long, providing some pretty good content for users. The design and controls are all very easy and simple to use, making it one of YouTube’s current competitors. Sadly though, it features mostly funny videos and as such, it is not that popular among serious content creators.

4. Break

Break with no Restrictions

Link To:

The break is another very popular website which is known for funny videos and clips. It also has funny images with a sharing function so you can share it with people who will enjoy a laugh now and then. From the highest to the lowest of video qualities, Break accepts almost all kinds of video format including MPG, WMV, AVI, and even images in JPEG or PNG form.

A downside, however, is that it does not accept any videos larger than 60MB, which is impossible for higher quality videos. A convenient feature is that Break allows users to upload videos with three different ways, from the website, from your smartphone, or via email. This makes it easy for users who can record something and upload it straight from their phone. Pictures can also be uploaded with any of the three ways mentioned above.

3. Twitch

Twitch with no Restrictions

Link To:

This platform is made entirely for gamers, and if you have played any games before (come on, we all do), then you will have heard of Twitch. If you are good at gaming, Fortnite, PUBG, or any other games in general, then Twitch will be a wonderful platform for you. Gamers can earn money just by using their gaming talents, or users can enjoy gameplay from other users. The service has evolved drastically and is one of the top hosting sites for major gaming competitions. It also has sections of dedicated streams which focus on artwork, music, talks, and such. It is, however, still dominated by the gaming community globally. Unlike YouTube, Twitch is specifically aimed at the gaming community, so if you are not a gamer, this will not be the place for you.

One feature that makes Twitch stands out from other video websites is that it hosts plenty of live streaming content, which is not something other video platforms do. In fact, that was the whole point Twitch became successful, due to the live streaming feature which lets gamers watch another gamer’s gameplay in real time.

The monetization feature in Twitch is fairly different from other websites. It does not use adverts to monetize content, but rather allow the creators to accept donations from viewers. This helps to ensure that the platform is free from adverts, and users will not have to face spammy messages and pop-ups. Another good reason for this is that it also allows users to donate to their favourite streamers, giving the content creators of the site more support.

This is why Twitch boasts one of the most active and friendly community forums where users get real solutions to their concerns. If you are a gamer and interested in watching videos of your favourite games, then head over to Twitch and support your favourite streamers. If you are lucky, you might even be able to watch the world champions streaming themselves. On a side note, non-gaming content barely exists in Twitch, so this is not suitable for non-gamers.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion with no Restrictions

Link To:

Dailymotion is one of the more solid video sharing websites which provide a good alternative to YouTube. Their ranking has started to rise, and you may have seen this website around while searching for videos on google. Boasting a wide collection of content, it features anything from full-length movies to music and gag videos. Dailymotion is also compatible with Apple TV and XBOX, so you can watch videos from these devices too.

The layout and navigation panel is extremely similar to YouTube, making it a very nice site to navigate. You will be familiarized with the controls in no time. It also has one of the best quality professional videos available, ranging from many different genres. The monetization rule is much more flexible compared to YouTube, and the analytics tools are very helpful and modern to help users understand their audience.

The automatic video queue player will help make your experience better as it can play related videos continuously. YouTube has this function as well, but it is playing ads more than videos. A downside of Dailymotion is that there is an upload limit for users. Users are only limited to 96 uploads per day or two hours of video per day. This is a little cumbersome for content creators and some publishers who have huge content to put out.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo with no Restrictions

Link To:

At the top of the list sits Vimeo, one of the most popular alternatives for YouTube. Vimeo boasts a powerful and high definition video quality, allowing users to enjoy 4k Ultra HD videos. This high definition quality is rarely seen in other video streaming websites, and YouTube only features up to 1080p.

One of the first things that you will notice after visiting Vimeo is that the website has a very nice and glossy design. The user interface is uncluttered and you won't find yourself in a mess of content. If you are looking to watch some crazy 360 videos, then you are in the right place. Another feature that makes Vimeo a good alternative is that there are no flashy advertisements anymore, not on top, not on the bottom, nowhere! We all hate adverts, so this is a good site to watch videos without it.

Vimeo also has an iOS and Android app for users to watch videos on their devices. It also offers a backup option, meaning users can watch videos offline. The controls are very speedy, the video quality is impressive, making the whole experience very seamless and smooth.

Like all good things, there is always a bad side to it. The upload limit for Vimeo users is only 500mb per week, which is really unrealistic for content creators. It offers a few paid plans which provide 5GB weekly, but that may still not be enough for those with large file sizes.


These are some of the best YouTube alternative sites you can check out. They have no restrictions and the video quality is fantastic. Apart from signups, accessing and uploading videos to these platforms is absolutely free. Though some have adverts, they are nowhere close to what you get from YouTube.

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