Gogoanime Alternative: 10 Free anime streaming sites 2023

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Are you an anime enthusiast who likes streaming movies or television shows for free without ending up into legal troubles? Well, there is an abundance of free movie streaming sites similar to Gogoanime. Below is a list of Gogoanime similar sites we feel are likely to satisfy your anime needs without straining your budget or getting you into legal troubles.

GoGoanime.tvIn the last couple of years, Gogoanime has been a dominant anime platform, popular in both kids and adults because of the fantastic content. Factors that have made Gogoanime website standout among its competitors are its massive database and its impressive collection of animes of various genres updated on a regular basis.

Official website: https://www.gogoanimes.tv

But as the competition stiffens, multiple anime streaming sites keep popping up with awesome features such as ads-free streaming; a critical factor which is absent in Gogoanime.

Top 10 free anime sites similar to Gogoanime: Watch anime online no ads & 100% Working

1. 9Anime

9Anime for Free Anime Streaming

9Anime is a contender in this list because the website offers unlimited free movies and TV series to stream. Even though 9Anime looks plain, it gives users access to a wide variety of anime series which can be downloaded if one wishes. Since 9Anime is not a pay-to-download site, you should be cautious to avoid falling into the legal troubles. In either case, 9Anime is anime simple website alternative to Gogoanime.

Key Features of 9Anime:

  • Free unlimited series and TV shows.
  • A simple and easy-to-use website with an engaging user interface.

2. Kiss Anime


Kiss Anime is one of the most popular online streaming sites for anime lovers. The website offers movies and TV series free of charge in the best quality that suits your needs.

One unique aspect of Kiss Anime is that the interface is easy to navigate even if accessed in any device. The high definition animes are also sorted into categories for easier accessibility, making Kiss Anime a perfect alternative site to Gogoanime.

Key Features of Kiss Anime:

  • Offers premium subscriptions with the capability to block ads while streaming.
  • Has high-quality latest animes.
  • Strictly no download of animes.

3. Animeland

Animeland for Free Anime Streaming

Animeland is considered an excellent alternative site to Gogoanime due to the attractive user interface and the huge database that stores an impressive collection of anime series.

Animeland has gained popularity among folks who love watching dubbed anime series. One exciting aspect that makes Animeland a contender in this list is the HD English dubbed animes which makes it the first choice for anime lovers.

Key Features of Animeland:

  • The anime website has annoying tons of pop-up ads that appear once you click the link to the anime.
  • The site is well organized, containing anime series sorted by categories.
  • Has a wide collection of popular anime series.
  • No download option. You just click and start watching.

4. Putlocker.cl

Putlocker.cl has lately gained a lot of popularity across the globe. Credit goes to its ability to offer latest TV shows and movies updated on a daily basis. The streaming platform has unlimited popular movies of all genres accessed from all internet-accessing devices ranging from PC, computers, to smartphones.

The only significant danger with Putlocker.cl is that it has a high number of annoying pop-up ads which might accidentally reveal your IP address and in the long run land you in legal trouble. Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPN to hide your online activities as you stream safely.

Key Features of Putlocker.cl:

  • Offers free tons of downloadable HD content.
  • Offers no sign-ups.
  • It has multiple links for streaming.

5. Anime-Planet

It can be quite sad to get in the legal trouble of piracy by the simple act of just streaming a movie via your PC. The good news is that you can avoid such legal problems if you consider using Anime-Planet for your anime streaming needs.

The website has been in operation for more than a decade and boasts of offering more than 40,000 legal anime videos. It is this extensive collection of engaging animes — both the latest and old animes — that has made millions of users frequently access the website.

Key Features of Anime-Planet:

  • The website gives you the popular animes of the week, the popular manga of the week, and the newest anime recommendations.
  • You can watch high definition animes with no option to download.

6. AnimeHeaven.in


AnimeHeaven.in is another streaming website alternative to Gogoanime. The website allows users to stream unlimited anime series whose quality is high.

One remarkable aspect of the platform is that each anime listed has a brief description to aid you in selecting the best anime that suits you. The anime streaming platform has a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate while streaming animes in any location across the world.

Key Features of AnimeHeaven.in:

  • Free animes for streaming categorized into different genres.
  • Each anime has a brief but elaborate description.

7. Animeultima

Animeultima is among the best alternative sites to Gogoanime, designed explicitly for anime enthusiasts. This simple-to-use website offers massive TV shows and popular series categorized by latest episodes, popular shows, and popular anime recently added. This streaming platform undeniably delivers content that suits your entertainment world, making it the best alternative to Gogoanime.

Key Features of Animeultima:

  • Simple to navigate the website.
  • Offers thousands of series and TV shows added regularly.

8. AnimeFrenzy.eu

AnimeFrenzy is a neat online streaming website which gives you an opportunity to stream your favorite television series and movies. The eye-appealing website has listed its animes in an organized way with each anime/cartoon having time indicating when it was uploaded. There is also an indication of whether the series is English dubbed or subbed.

Key Features of AnimeFrenzy.eu:

  • Super easy to navigate.
  • There is an indication in each series telling whether it is English dubbed or subbed.

9. ZonaWibu

ZonaWibu TV series

ZonaWibu is another platform to watch your favorite TV series. The streaming platform has a massive database which contains animes that can be accessed without any extra cost. The animes in the site are categorized in different genres ranging from action, romance, mystery, horror, comedy and many more regularly updated.

Key Features of ZonaWibu:

  • High definition content for all animes.
  • Lacks the annoying pop-up ads.

10. Crunchy roll

Crunchy roll is one of the most popular anime streaming sites alternative to Gogoanime. The anime website offers endless anime series for streaming, boasting of over 25,000 episodes updated hourly. The website is designed in a way to help you choose the animes to stream in alphabetical order. Even though a majority of the content is in the Japanese language, a majority of the animes contain English subs and dubs which can accommodate anyone.

Key Features of Crunchy roll:

  • Animes have subtitles
  • Not all animes are free. One has to pay some standard subscription fee


Animes are undisputedly quite engaging and loved by both kids and adults. Gogoanime has for a long time been a dominant anime streaming website, receiving some positive reviews about the quality of their animes. Unfortunately, many countries have blocked Gogoanime due to privacy issues.

But the good news for all anime enthusiasts experiencing legal trouble with Gogoanime is that there are multiple alternatives to the site. The sites listed in this piece have a resemblance to Gogoanime in multiple perspectives including offering HD content accessed for free.

With these overwhelming options, you don’t have to worry anymore. Try out the alternatives and settle on one site you feel suits your needs.

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