Top 10 Free Emoji Maker Apps For Making Your Own Emojis

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The increased use of social media has caused emojis to be a hot topic in modern times. Discover the best emoji apps for Android and IOS.

Originally adapted from Japan mobile telephone messaging service, Emoji (singular) or Emojis (plural) are ideograms used in electronic messages and widely in web pages as a means of communication.

They are graphic symbols or pictures that denote or represent an idea. Ideograms are not specific to any particular language and do not incorporate specific words or phrase.

Emojis explained

Emojis are actually more of actual pictures, existing in various categories and can include facial expressions, common objects, places, phenomenal weather occurrences, and even animals. In essence, the word Emoji is coined from Japanese ‘e’(picture) plus ‘moji’(character). The use of emojis has made texting quite lively especially in an age where social media use is on the rise.

Since the early as late 1997, Emojis have become largely popular leading to them being incorporated in most mobile operating systems as a major way of communicating among mobile phone users across the world.

There is a huge chance that every user who has a smartphone has chatted with friends, families or work colleagues using an emoji at one time or the other. At times emojis are the best bet to easily express emotions and feelings, rather than just mere words. In this regard, a few emoji apps that you can use to express and communicate are discussed below.

Top 10 Popular Emoji Keyboard Apps For Making Animated And Cartoon Faces On Your Phone

1. Emoji Keybord


If you want to spice up your expressions to another person then you will be quite at home with the emoji keyboard. It has a unique feature that actually predicts your next emoji.

The app is free to use with more than enough keyboard themes and fonts to decorate your keyboard and make your text cool. You can even choose photos from your gallery to customize your theme and layout of your emoji keyboard.

Emoji Keyboard exceeds its expectations with built-in multilingual support, allowing you to type in faster by swiping using your fingers or voice as it types with near precision using its intelligent predictive and auto-correct features. It will auto-complete your words as you type and even offer you the next word.

Download for AndroidDownload for IOS

2. Kika Keyboard for IOS

Kika Keyboard

The apps rank quite high on Play Store due to the varieties of emojis available and its ease of use. Apart from the standard keyboard functions such as auto-correct and text prediction, the app has more than 100 keyboard themes, languages, fonts, and key sounds all designed to suit your preferred style. Kika Keyboard is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

3. Gboard – Google keyboard


This is basically a keyboard from Google. It is fun to work with and use than your native keyboard utility. With features such as allowing to type by merely sliding your finger from letter to letter, it is also fast and comes bundled with 100 of emojis, stickers and interesting GIFs through which you can easily express yourself.

With hundreds of inbuilt languages, it also gives you the ability to dictate text on the move. Simply ‘talk’ to the Gboard and it will listen and type. To add on to its cool features, the Gboard will also respond to your gestures, for example, you may slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor to a position of your choice or even slide your finger left on the delete key to delete multiple words. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Download for Android | Download for IOS

4. Swifkey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

Just like its name suggests, this keyboard is just swift! It has an exceptionally dedicated module that offers quick emoji suggestions as you type any phrase or word. It employs a simple but robust process. It uses Artificial Intelligence that studies and learns your writing style, emojis you like to use, and words that you use often. Over time the Swiftkey actually gets used to you and this makes your communication work like a charm.

Swiftkey is available to iOS and Android users and caters for all typing preferences and with a keyboard that is continually ‘learning’ your way of typing, it will even offer you with the ability to swipe to type allowing you get your message across fast and with minimal errors.

You can also customize your keyboard with its colourful inbuilt themes, or even use a custom photo for your background to your liking. Swiftkey keyboard app is also bundled with multilingual support with a unique feature of enabling up to five languages at once from its library of over 300 languages.

Download for Android | Download for IOS

5. Elite Emoji (For iPhone)

Emoji Elite

It is a free simple to use emoji app available to iOS users. With its huge collection of cute stickers and emojis, users can express their feelings and emotions or your ideas to those you communicate with.

The app also allows you to mix your emojis with stickers and gifs to impress your Whatsapp, messanger, imessage friends. It also has a feature that recommends daily emoji and witty captions to add a smile to your loved ones.

6. Giphy


Available to both Android and iOS users, Giphy app will provide you with just the conducive environment to express yourself. It is packed with probably one of world’s largest library of animated gifs and emojis to express anything you feel.

Share a text, emoji or gif to your friends and family via a wide variety of communication platforms be it through WhatsApp, facebook messenger, Instagram, Pinterest or twitter.

Download for Android | Download for IOS

7. Adult Emoji Icons

The Adult Emoji App

This app boasts to have served over a million couples since 2014. It is a bit different from the rest but the concept is the same. Adult emoji icons is best and popular for users who need to send and share ‘adult’ emojis, gifs or stickers to their friends and loved ones.

Emojis and icons are in high definition quality. These may include flirty, party, romantic and seductive emojis. It is meant to spice up friendships or relationships, or users who just want to be naughty.

It works across popular platforms such as whatsapp, facebook or just the native SMS app. It is available to both Android an iOS users.

8. Imoji


Ever wanted to see how your face would look like as an emoji? Imoji allows you to create your personal emojis using your selfies or photos from friends and sending them via messages.

The downside of using Imoji app is that its users are unable to send the emojis they create through other messaging apps such as Messenger or Whatsapp. They can only send them through the app’s built-in messaging service.

9. SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces

Whether you want to send or express yourself using smileys, memes, troll and rage faces, funny stickers, this is an exceptional app at your disposal.

It has a huge collection of over a thousand faces in high definition quality to choose from and share with any social network. It is available to both Android and iOS users.

10. Bitmoji


Basically, Bitmoji app provides users with a simple easy way to make your personalized emoji collection.

You can also create your own avatar or select a variety of stickers from its huge collection and easily share your expressions via various social communication platforms.

You can also quickly search for emoji and mark as the favourite amongst other feature. Bitmoji is available to iOS as well as Android users.

Do you know of any other best emoji apps? Feel free to share them on the comments section below.

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