Top 10 Free Meme Creator App To Make Your Own Memes

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So you want to start making memes, but you don't know how? All of your friends are laughing and having fun with memes, how can you do that? Which app is good for making memes? Is there any way of downloading and using meme makes for free?

Look no further, we here, are great fans of memes, and all of us enjoy making our own from time to time. Everything you need about Best Meme Maker Apps is right here!

Here’s To All Of The Memes Out There That Make Us Smile!

Meme is a social idea of the 21st century. Almost all of the memes are the mash-up of a particular photo with some funny, ironical, satirical or paradoxical text.

Surely there are many different types of memes, such as those who make us laugh, those that reveal the hidden truth behind the media, those that bring drama into our lives. No matter which memes you prefer,  here, we are all about memes, and we will provide you with the best apps for making them as amazing as they can get!

Top 10 best meme making apps out there! Best apps for making my memes the most amazing memes on the internet! Best Android and IOS application for memes that you can find in your store! Top 10 free and easy to use apps for making memes!

10 Best Meme Generator App To Create Funy Memes & Anime Memes Right Now!

1. Meme Generator (Meme Generator APK)

Best Meme Maker Apps

This is the Meme Generator you are looking for! Meme Generator is one of the best apps for making memes out there and why is that you may ask? Well, it is 100% free, easy to use and it does a great job when it comes to creating great memes!

Key Features of Meme Generator:

  • Easy to use with more than 700 examples of the other memes and explanations on how to make your own!
  • You can create the list of your favourite memes so you can always find them and share them with your friends!
  • There is a download for both IOS and Android devices!
  • An easy way of sharing all of your memes to all of your social networks

Click to Download Meme Generator : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

2. Filmora 9 (Filmora 9 Download)

Filmora 9

Filmora 9 might be the best meme making app on the internet. It is undoubtedly the app that has the broadest range of abilities that can make your memes look amazing. You can add visual effects, create gifs and animate your pictures, thus taking your memes to a whole another level!

The good thing about Filmora 9 is that it is free to use! It can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux system. Still, be aware that this powerful tool is used mostly on computers which is a sad part, but if you use it, you will surely have the best experience, and all of your friends will be amazed by your creative abilities!

3. Mematic (Mematic APK)


If you are tired of using your PC and you want to make something simple like combining your dog's photo with some funny text or to create fun of your friend by transforming their picture into a simple meme, then the best app for you is Mematic.

It is effortless to use and fun!

Mematic is a generating type of app that offers a wide range of categories for searching the meme culture. It is unlimited space for having fun and laughing all day long. Besides providing the vast number of memes, it lets you add your memes by which you contribute to the community of meme makers. You become a part of culture that is the biggest community in the 21st century.

Mematic is a 100% free app, and it can be found on both the Play Store and App Store, which means it is suitable for both Android and IOS devices. It has over 100.000 downloads and growing!

Key Features of Mematic:

  • A simple photo and text input
  • A wide range of different meme categories

The only bad thing about Mematic might be that it does not come with the editing tool for photos which means that you cannot crop or change the tone of your photos. Still, it is undoubtedly one of the best apps for memes out there!

Click to Download Mematic : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

4. Viddy


Viddy is a rather exciting app that will surely keep you awake at night! It was designed for making cartoon memes mostly, so if you are a fan of that kind of memes, this app might be what you are looking for. It is free on Play Store! Even though it doesn't have a wide range of abilities, it is undoubtedly great for a particular type of memers that like to keep their style of memes unique!

What is rather impressive with this one is that it is an app generated by one person and it is still under development, so even though it may cause you some trouble, it might be the next great thing in the meme world. So you may be among the first ones who are at the top of their game on this app!

Click to Download Viddy  Git it on google play

5. Memedroid


Do you need original memes and reliable app for making it? This one is surely one of the best! Memedroid is an app that can be installed on both Android and IOS system and it is 100% free app to use. It has a fantastic 4.6 review on the play store, and by the opinion of many meme makers, it is the real thing when it comes to making an awesome meme! Still, it offers more than just making memes; you can also search and comment other memes and members of a large community that is offered to you by the Memdroid.

It is straightforward to use, and it can make you laugh at any moment, yet there is also a downside, there is a lot of ads which you may dislike, but if you are up to it! Then Memedroid is the right choice for you!

Click to Download Memedroid Download on the APP Store  Git it on google play

6. iFunny


After Memdroid, one of the best-rated apps for making memes is undoubtedly no other than iFunny, it has 4.4 rating on the Play Store, and it is also free! iFunny may be the right choice for you because it offers some great features and the layout of the app is gorgeous. iFunny also comes with the chat options which means that you can talk with other meme creators and have a discussion about anything, especially memes!

Key Features of iFunny:

  • Excellent tech support from iFunny Team
  • New updates with good algorithms
  • Constant stability improvements

Click to Download iFunny : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. InstaMemes


InstaMeme is an excellent and 100% free app for both Android and IOS. It has a rating of 4.0, and it will surely provide you with loads of fun!

The good thing about this app is that it can be easily linked to your Instagram profile which means that you will be able to share your memes with your friends instantly. It is effortless to use and has a decent range of abilities. The only thing that does not go well for this app is the ability to manipulate the style of the text that you want to insert into your meme.

Click to Download Mematic :  Git it on google play

8. Pictophile: Meme Maker and Generator

Pictophile - Meme Maker and Generator

Pictophile is also an excellent app for making your memes. It has a rating of 3.0, and it can be installed on both Android and IOS for free!

A great thing about Pictophile is that it serves many different purposes, you can search through many different categories of memes and at the same time be a part of the community and share your memes! It offers a lot of functions, such as creating gifs, altering the style of your text and editing of your pictures.

Click to Download Pictophile:Meme Maker and Generator: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

9. Tumblr


There is almost no person on the internet that did not use Tumblr at least once! What is rather great about this app is the fact that it is not only the app; it is the actual social network that is pretty famous in the world! It is free and easy to use, what is even better is also the fact that it can be installed on both Android and IOS system!

It has both Photo Editor and GIF editor which gives you the ultimate combination for creating memes and sharing it instantly on your social networks! It has a fantastic 4.3 rating and three million users around the world. It also gives you the ability to create your profile and to add info about yourself.  This means that you can connect with people and your friends and spread the joy of meme-making much faster!

Click to Download Tumblr : Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

10. Modern Meme Maker

Modern Meme Maker

Modern Meme Maker is one of the most excellent apps for making memes! This powerful app contains over 200 different templates that can be used to create a perfect meme that you are searching for. It comes with good editing abilities; also you can leave watermarks on your memes which you may not do with other apps for meme creation.

Almost all of the social media support this fantastic app. This means that your memes can easily be uploaded to Instagram without many adaptations; it can also be easily shared on Twitter or Tumblr. Even though it does not have a lot of use since it is not very old, it has a rather good rating on Play Store; it has 4.0! The best thing about this Modern Meme Maker app is that it is 100% free for all of the Android users!

Click to Download Modern Meme Maker :  Git it on google play


The meme world is spreading fast, and the communities of different types of meme makers are proliferating. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly the new form of communication amongst people so we should all be equipped with the best apps that can provide such content.

This was our list of Top Meme apps that can be found on the internet! Don't miss your chance to try some of them even today!

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