10 Best insta no crop photo Apps to resize image for instagram

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Are you on Instagram? Sure, you are! Do you need Best No Crop App For Instagram, but you cannot decide which one is right for you?

How to use no crop apps for Instagram to make your photos even more amazing? What is the best no crop app for Instagram?

All of these questions might cause you some trouble if you are new to Instagram! No worries, we got you covered! We have searched the entire Play Store so that you don't have to do it by yourself. Sit back, relax and choose which of these no crop apps works for you!

Though we all know that Adobe Spark is the best photo editor that enhance and resize their images for social media posts, But,

adobe spark

Why Do You Even Need No Crop Editor App For Instagram?

Nowadays, people are using Instagram as their main social network. It started slow, and it grew to be the biggest social network on the internet! Posts about your daily mood or your favorite sentence of the day had been given a whole new look. Now everything is expressed throughout pictures and short videos.

Everything that you wanted to say with words was soon replaced by the expression of yourself throughout pictures! Many of the users feel that Instagram is causing them a lot of troubles when it comes to uploading their favorite pictures since it automatically crops the picture.

Surely, for every problem, nowadays there is an app that can fix it. Today, we pick our top no crop apps that can help you on your Instagram journey!

Top 10 instagram photo editor app to make photos square without cropping

Do you want to know How to make pictures fit on Instagram without cropping?  Want to find a Photo square maker for Instagram? Check out our Top 10 list for no crop apps for Instagram!

1. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker (Best No Crop App For Instagram)

Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Square InPic is our first choice when it comes to no crop apps! By the opinion of 500.000 and more users, it is the most useful app when it comes to cropping images for Instagram.

It has 4.4 rating on Play Store and great reviews from satisfied users. This app is rather interesting since it offers a lot of options and at the same time it is very easy to use which is important nowadays when it comes to apps.

Key Features of Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker:

  • You can easily add filters on your picture as well as text
  • It is the easiest way to post a picture without the loss of its quality
  • It has a no grid feature which can help you with transforming your photo into collages
  • You can change brightness, contrast and other things that can make your photo even greater
  • You can add emojis and use it to blur your background

With all of these options, you will have a far better experience when it comes to posting your photos on Instagram! The best part of this app is that it is 100% free and easy to download!

2. InstaSize: Photo Editing Made Easy

Best No Crop App For Instagram


The second app that you might consider is none other than InstaSize! This particular app has a rating of 4.3 on the Play store, and it is free for download. You can easily use it to make your photos and to prepare them for posting!

It transforms images from unedited into the images that can even look as though some professional editor had done the job! If you have decided to become an influencer or any vlogger on Instagram, this app will help you by making your photo look even greater than you could have imagined!

Key Features of InstaSize: Photo Editing Made Easy:

  • Easy custom editing
  • It has a collage feature which always comes in handy
  • Text editing and font changer, it will give you a lot of different options when it comes to font and style of your letters!
  • It can swiftly resize your photo to fit perfectly on Instagram
  • It has a premium version which can give you even more options
  • It is free and easy to use

3. No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop & Square for Instagram123

Now this one is great! No Crop & Square for Instagram is by the opinion of many users the best app for editing your Instagram photos. It has an amazing 4.6 rating on the Play Store and over 800.000 users!

Besides this, it has a wide range of abilities that other apps may have, but with less content. If you are searching for some filter that is not used by the other users or some text style which no one has used before, then all of this can be found on No Crop & Square for Instagram!

Key Features of No Crop & Square for Instagram:

  • 100% free and easy to use
  • It can post pictures on Instagram in full size
  • 200+ free background patterns for your photo
  • Various filters
  • More than 400 stickers
  • Resize, rotate and flip options

4. Blur Square – No Crop Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Blur Square - No Crop Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Blur Square app is not such a brilliant app on the Play Store since it is new, but it offers something that is a must-have on your phone.

The main ability of this app is no crop photo editor and blur which every Instagram user has today! This app is free for download, and it has a rating of 4.4 on the Play Store.

Key Features of Blur Square – No Crop Photo Editor & Collage Maker:

  • It has a lot of filters, backgrounds, stickers, overlays, gifs and other utilities
  • It has a blur option and sticker add an option

5. Square Quick

Square Quick

For the people who like to make funny photos with a lot of stickers and speech bubbles and at the same time have the option of fitting their picture for Instagram Square Quick does a perfect job!

No matter if you are a simple user of Instagram or an influencer trying to get as many followers as you can, this app will provide you with loads of funny and interesting content, and it may be the next best app that you may download for free on your Android device.

It has over 30.000 users, and its rating on Play Store is the amazing 4.8 which tells more about the app itself than anything else!

Key Features of Square Quick:

  • 100 funny stickers for your photos
  • Funny emoji stickers
  • Text creator
  • Background effects and blur option
  • Posting photo without cropping it
  • Free and easy to use

6. No Crop

No Crop123
No Crop is probably the simplest app for Instagram out there! Even though it does not have a lot of fancy options, it does what it says! So if you want to avoid a lot of options that you might not need, than this app is certainly for you. It is free to download and it a 4.2 rating on the Play Store.

No Crop: Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Makes your pictures fit the Instagram platform

No Crop: Cons

  • It has some ads that might be troublesome for some users
  • It has limited options

7. Squarely- No Crop Photo Editor

Squarely- no crop photo editor

Many users think that Squarely is the best app out there in terms of no crop photo editor for Instagram! Why is that? Well, firstly it has a lot of satisfied users, and it is rated 4.4 on Play Store. This photo app can easily turn your photos into high-quality content for your Instagram page. It is good for both insta stories and simple publishing. This app is 100% free, and it is really easy to use.

Key Features of Squarely- no crop photo editor:

  • You can post the entire photo without the loss of any content
  • You can add film photo editing which is rather amazing
  • You can transform your text into many forms and styles
  • It has a simple interface that is easy to use
  • It provides photos in high resolutions

8. InSquare Pic – Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage

InSquare Pic – Photo Editor- No Crop- Collage123
InSquare Pic is a powerful tool in the world of Instagram, it has over 50.000 grateful users around the globe, and the rating of this app is 4.7 on the Play Store.

This app is 100% free to download, and it is really easy to use. Still, it can provide you with a wonderful experience and a lot of options that other apps that you may come across might not be able to do for you!

InSquare Pic will surely help you stay authentic and different and at the same time help you with fitting your perfect image on the Instagram platform.

Key Features of InSquare Pic – Photo Editor, No Crop, Collage:

  • Light leak effect
  • It has a lot of different filters
  • Funny emoji stickers
  • Hashtagging option

9. SquareFit – insta Photo Editor-Beauty Photo Effect

SquareFit – insta Photo Editor-Beauty Photo Effect123

If you were looking for an app that is not so famous, but that has a lot of unique options that other Instagram users might not know about than SquareFit is a perfect fit for your Android device!

This interesting app is free and has a lot of abilities that are easy to use and can provide you with loads of fun while editing. It also does a great job when it comes to fitting your favourite photo on the Instagram platform.

Key Features of SquareFit – insta Photo Editor-Beauty Photo Effect:

  • Text adding
  • Full-size photo publishing
  • Blur and other background effects
  • Free and easy to use
  • Photo mirroring
  • Square and no crops which work in two ways, white and blue background

10. No Crop Pics for Instagram

No Crop Pics for Instagram123


No Crops Pics for Instagram is the app which works as the photo editor and can make your life easier by helping you create the best photo for your Instagram profile.

With this app, you can post full-sized photos on Instagram and edit them as much as you like. It can also post multiple photos to your profile, so you can make your photos great and save them for later when you have the entire content for the album.

No Crops Pics for Instagram comes with many different filters and amazing content. By the opinion of many users, it is one of the best Instagram apps for Android devices.

It has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store, and it is free to download. This app is really easy to use, and it will provide you with loads of fun!

Key Features of No Crop Pics for Instagram:

  • Many templates to choose
  • Funny and cute stickers
  • Post-full-size photos
  • Many different filters to choose


This was our Top 10 list of best no crops apps that you can find in your Play Store for free! No matter the reason for which you may need no crop app on your phone, you will find the best app for you here! All of the apps are different in some ways; thus you can choose whatever fits you best!

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