Top 10 Worst Movie Characters Ever (According To IMDb) Who is the most bad?

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There are movie characters who have an impact on you. And there are movie characters who easily forgettable.

Movies have given audiences all around the ability to imagine and welcome us into new and exciting worlds. Not only that but we only have a story if we have characters. Whether the hero or the villain, movie characters have made quite the impact.

Movie characters give audiences the ability to think, root for them, or just downright detest them for their cruel actions to overrule the world. Whether you love them or love to hate a character, some movie characters are so hated that you can’t even think about them.

Who are the top 10 worst movie characters of all time you ask?

Read this article, and see who has been ridiculed by moviegoers.

Worst Movie Characters – Are you hate them?

10. Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

Jar Jar Binks is considered to be one of the worst characters in the whole Star Wars franchise. Aside from trying to get a few unfunny laughs, he is the reason who caused the problems. Won’t you be glad the second he is offscreen in the Star Wars prequels?

Be careful of what you say in the Star Wars fanbase. Fans have lashed out about Jar Jar Binks at every possible moment to unleash their detestation. However, Jar Jar Binks is a learning lesson on how to write a character. What impact do you want your characters to have among viewers?

9. Bella Swan from Twilight

Bella Swan from Twilight

Even as the protagonist in a fan favorite series, Bella Swan is loathed by many for her unfavorable personality and one of the worst role models. She's one of the worst female characters She is an easily forgettable character in the Twilight series for having no personality and cannot do anything for her own good. Bella is only trying to impress Edward Cullen by getting in the way.

When writing a movie character, give them a personality. Not all characters have to be nice, but having emotion helps fans better attach to a character.

8. Jailbreak – The Emoji Movie

Jailbreak - The EmojiConsidered to be an awful movie to begin with, Jailbreak is loathed by moviegoers for her character and motivation. Having run away from a life she didn’t want, Jailbreak is only making life hard for those who she runs into. She only becomes a love interest to distract the main characters from their journey.

Causing a negative impact from the beginning, viewers cannot wait until Jailbreak leaves the screen to carry on with the story filmmakers were trying to send out.

7. Whip Whitaker – Flight

Whip Whitaker - Flight

Whitaker is supportive of his own terrible actions especially when smuggling drugs that are harmful. A worst male movie character with a horrible personality that audiences instantly dislike, the story ends with Whitaker getting away with his actions, blaming others for his own wrongdoings.

In the end, there is nothing redeemable about his character. He continues to do drugs making that his message to the world.

6. Tony Stark Iron Man

Tony Stark - Iron Man

Marvel has brought many fans together from all over the world to talk about their favorite and least favorite characters. There is much to talk about all the Marvel films, especially regarding Tony Stark.

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Tony Stark is a selfish being who takes advantage of others and cannot do anything for his own good. You’re better off asking another superhero to save the day from destruction. Or better yet, make a hero defeat Tony Stark so he won’t put anymore harm to the Marvel series again.

5. Corporal Upham – Saving Private Ryan

Corporal Upham - Saving Private RyanCorporal Upham is the reason why so many people get killed while in the ferocious war battles of Saving Private Ryan. If you pick up on the instances, Upham isn’t on the hero side, rooting for the Nazi’s half the time.

Corporal Upham does not deserve to be a soldier. His character is easily the worst part about Saving Private Ryan. Although, bad characters make good for audiences to learn who is on your side and who is not. War was a tough time for all testing you to your greatest limits. You cannot trust every person.

4. Betty Rubble – The Flintstones

Betty Rubble - The Flintstones

It wasn’t so much as her character, but audiences loathed that she was performed by Rosie O’Donnell. O’Donnell didn’t give a performance close to the Betty Rubble that we all grew up with. Other than mimicking the right laugh, Betty Rubble is an easily forgettable character.

3. Pauline from Everything, Everything

Pauline from Everything, Everything

Pauline is everything (no pun intended) a mother should never be. She lies to her own daughter that she has a terminal illness to keep her from seeing the world. And Pauline only lied because she didn’t want to be alone if something terrible happened to her only surviving family member.

Audiences are shocked to learn that Maddy wasn’t suffering from an incurable disease. Maddy’s decisions to leave her mother and explore the world is for the better so she can get away from her mother to make the best of her life.

2. Lily Moskovits from The Princess Diaries

Lily Moskovits The Princess Diaries

Who needs a friend who isn’t even on your side? After Mia gets a complete makeover Lily is not onboard with it, even going so far as to insult her best friend about her appearance. She even makes Mia cry. It’s not until Mia tells Lily her secret that Lily completely changes her attitude and supports Mia for her royal change in lifestyle.

Get rid of toxic friends. They’re not going to make life any better. Friends are here to support us and be there for you when you need them. Lily just goes to show audiences that not every person out there is your friend. Choose wisely.

1. Buck Ace Cluck from Chicken Little

Buck Ace Chicken Little

Speaking of parents, Buck Ace Cluck is a horrible father. Unsupportive and telling his son that he metaphorically should turn invisible is not a good parental figure. Obviously struggling as a parent, Buck fails to give his struggling son any good advice to face the word after a mistake.

His biggest fail is calling out his son for his wrongful actions at trying to tell the truth. Buck is the most loathed Disney character of all time.

If you’re a parent, be there for a child when they need you most.


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