Valorant Video Game – Basic System Requirement, Compatibility and FAQs!

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A team based video game, Valorant, is basically a first person hero shooter game set. It is designed around 13 characters developed as a reflection of cultures followed in different countries.

The players play this game as agents, and set of agents are either attacking or defending their position in the game. Agents are designed to have unique abilities, these unique abilities or strengths need to be charged from time to time. Charging or strengthening the abilities is only possible through deaths, kills or spike actions.

When you start the game, you shall have a basic classic pistol, and a couple of signature ability charges. While you move ahead in the game, you shall charge your abilities and strengthen your position in the game.

PC requirements for Valorant

PC requirements for Valorant

As far as the compatibility is concerned, Valorant can run on the very basic computer system having windows 7 and above. The minimum requirement of the machine depends on your demand, as to how high be the performance you expect. This game gives you the option to play in 30FPS, 60 FPS, and 144 FPS. The minimum system requirement includes the following;

  • Operating system- Valorant works on windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, 64 bit
  • CPU- It is compatible with Intel Core Duo 2, Intel Core i3, and Intel Core i5
  • RAM- Minimum 4 GB RAM is requires
  • VRAM- 1GB
  • GPU- Intel HD 4000, GeForce GT 730, and GTX 1050 Ti

Thus, these are the minimum requirement of a system for downloading and playing Valorant, which is the basic system requirement.

Can Valorant be played on Android?


Here’s sad news for people who have developed immense love and curiosity for Volarant. If you too are willing to enquire about whether this FPS game could be played on android devices, the answer is ‘NO’.

It has not yet made available for android mobile users, hence you might have to wait a little longer for it, and spend some more time on your PC.

Is Valorant compatible with iOS?


Not just android, Valorant has yet not been made available for ios either. Thus, you can only play Valorant on windows 7 and upwards. The wait for playing it on ios is still not over.

Can Riot Games account be used to play other games?

Riot Games account

Yes, your Riot games account is not only valid for Volarant but you can play other gamers made available through the same publisher. Like Volarant, you can download the other games of your choice, and play them on your PC. Also You Can Buy Valorant Accounts From

This global competitive gaming platform gives you a chance to explore your gaming abilities. With players from across the world, you get a chance to spend your time in the high spirited environment surrounded by passionate gamers.

With the help of Valorant boost, agents, or players, you can explore the aggressive playful environment. This game being open to everyone beyond 13 years of age makes this FPS game one of the most talked about topic in the recent times.

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