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Travel with thousands of other players across mysterious game worlds. Cast spells, fight demons and dragons, seize lands and castles and that’s all with an excellent team. This is what awaits you in the world of MMO games for PC!

When looking for real deep and unique games, you will surely stumble upon MMO games. This genre has existed for more than a decade, and many players have completely stopped looking towards single-player games due to their passion for this genre.

The main feature is social interaction between people. To defeat the players, you need to unite into clans and fight together, side by side. These games bring together players from all over the world. Also, browser games are very popular, one of the most popular browser games is Agario. This game has many fans, and some of them created a special agario to play with friends. They can modify the game and play agario modded.

MMO also has a classic gaming element. You need to spend a lot of time improving your character, learning skills, and leveling up. As you upgrade and complete special tasks, you will receive unique weapons and armor to fight against many powerful monsters.

MMO games give players a sense of freedom. They seem endless, but even infinity is not enough for you to explore the big worlds and complete all the exciting quests. There will always be something new on your way.

Despite its immense popularity and a large gaming base, there is also a lot of competition here. According to the classics, the strongest players get all the best.

In these games, everyone will find something of their own. Of course, everyone has their preferences and TOP games will be personal for everyone. But we have selected the most significant ones that are definitely worth your attention. Let's see them.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Even if you are not a real gamer, you have heard about the successful game that Blizzardreleased in 2004. World of Warcraft is constantly updating and expanding its functionality so that new players will not remain indifferent either. Azeroth is the most stunning world of MMO games.

The battle to develop Azeroth promises to be exciting, and you must choose your side – command the forces of either the Horde or the Alliance. Especially for you, a huge number of dungeons, different character classes with specialization for every taste, Covenants and Bonded Souls, with which you can fulfill your character with unique abilities.

Each update has a new location. In the latest update, the Shadowlands location takes you to the realm of the dead for new research.

2. Black Desert

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss's creation has garnered a lot of attention, but beginners will have to work hard to master the world of Black Desert. It has incredible deep graphics. Your adventures are accompanied by interesting tasks: collect resources, turn them into useful items and use them in clan wars, and capture castles. There is a strong social interaction here. You will need diplomacy skills for creating alliances, strategic skills for successful battles and trade.

Periodically, tournaments are held here, which push players to improve their level. You are always in action and doing something. Use your skills and talents to keep your actions productive.

3. Eve Online

Eve Online

Space empire – what could be more exciting? You are immersed in a fantasy world, but without swords and unbridled magic. In space, things are different, and space starships and pirates complete a unique atmosphere.

Here, the players themselves rule the world, everything rests on the players' corporations and the Alliance wars. This is a real social experiment, where players interact at every step. Don't think that everything is easy here. Fierce users are waging a fierce battle for leadership.

Use your skills to survive, whether you are a simple Eve dweller or real killer.

4. Destiny 2

Destiny 2

A dynamic fantasy game that brings players together into teams. You are like the great Guardians of the Galaxy but on a somewhat smaller scale. Traveling through the Solar system, your task is to destroy interplanetary threats. Various additions expand the story, add new planets to the system and missions.

A truly fun and rewarding journey.

5. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

This game has five parts and a sixth in development. The Elder Scrolls has the biggest fan base among Zenimax Online franchises.

The Elder Scrolls story begins with Coldharbour Prison, where you are a prisoner. After escaping, a world full of monsters and unexplored dungeons opens up in front of you. It is an alive world with many colourful stories. Choose any location – Murkmire, Skkyrim, or Summerset – and take part in legendary events.

Easter eggs, secrets, and legends are hidden throughout the game world. Therefore, even if you do not follow the main plot, you can spend your time in a fun way.

6. Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

A potential competitor of World of Warcraft is on the horizon. The game was updated in 2012 and began to gain popularity. The key feature is a well-thought-out history, which is constantly updated every 3 months.

The game has everything a real gamer needs: epic stories, deep graphics, and high-flown characters. You can choose any class for your character with special characteristics, and from level 10 you will have the opportunity to switch between classes. You can try any one, and you don't have to sacrifice anything. The game leaves you free to choose.

7. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic

The plot of the game unfolds three and a half thousand years before the well-known Darth Vader and the Death Star. This is the third part after the legendary Knights of the Old Republic. It is distinguished by well-developed and versatile storytelling. Each class in the game has its own dramatic story and they are all good. The spirit of those same Star Wars immerses everyone in its universe.

By subscribing, you can improve your character, but this is not necessary. You can already take on the role of a character.

8. Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The Green Poison epidemic has already been liquidated, but the destruction continues. After the apocalypse, new settlements appear, but their safety is threatened by gangs of marauders.

Many conflicts over resource scarcity are wreaking chaos, and only an underground organization called the Division can bring peace in real life. As a member of the Division, your goal is to ensure a safe life and revitalize the District of Columbia.

How? It's simple – travel through the game locations, explore new settlements and of course fight. With every action you take, you improve your game character.

If you love a military theme and the same setting – you will like this game.

9. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

The world of ancient dragons and other creatures will not leave you indifferent. Choose the Deathmatch or PvP mode and fight.

The game consists of mini-events based on a general storyline. They have different difficulties depending on the level of the players and their skills.

The game is paid but only requires a one-time payment. After that, you will be presented with full functionality and an incredible game world.

10. Warframe


Starting as an online game with simple tasks, Warframe has grown over the years into a large-scale dynamic game. There are already millions of fans, so you will find a travel companion.

Two fractions are fighting for control of the Solar system – military from the Corpus and the Grineer military. You are a member of the third faction, the Tenno, who controls powerful combat exosuits called Warframes. Each of the 30 Warframes has its own unique set of skills for combat. A large selection of weapons will help you complete missions.

These are our TOP 10 PC MMO games for all tastes. Share your favorites in the comments.

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