8 Best SEO Tricks & SEO Trends – Website Owner Should Know!

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The latest SEO trends are constantly changing. For 61% of marketers, refining SEO is the topmost important priority for getting organic traffic. While, for 1.3 million nonprofits, website creators, and business owners, Google advertising brings in a considerable amount of profit.

Based on the recent statistics, 64% of a site’s traffic comes from organic searches, and 75% of that traffic comes from the Google search engine, making the constant SEO landscape changes intimidating to keep up with.

Following the latest SEO updates is the only way to stay on track, especially when writing research papers, articles, or publishing any content on your website. But, with the right focus in place, it will be much easier to keep up with these trends.

Best SEO Tricks

  • Optimizing the featured snippets
  • Site Optimization
  • Adding Videos
  • Expanding the backlink profile
  • High-end mobile indexing
  • Adding a profile on “Google My Business.”
  • Voice Search and AI
  • Zero/No-Click Searching

2019 and 2018 experienced a lot more changes and updates then what’s expected to happen in 2022. Even though it’s early to tell whether or not the latest SEO updates will take hold, it’s safe to say that you should expect plenty of updates to appear this year.

Google keeps refining its algorithm and AI to give users the best experience they can get. That’s where the best SEO tricks online can come in handy.

If you want to provide the best service, get plenty of traffic, and still be open for business, you have to come to terms with SEO.

To become the best term paper writing service, for example, it is all about polishing your writing skills and SEO knowledge. If you are stuck on a paper, it can be a good idea to depend on your reliable research paper writing service. That way, you can always make top-quality content without having to invest hours in completing the whole assignment.

If you look out for any of these latest SEO trends, you will always outmaneuver your competition:

1. Optimizing the Feature Snippets

Google Feature Snippets

Since 2017, snippets have changed dramatically, shifting all the SEO attention towards the most important website keywords. These snippets dominate the SERP retail space, making them the most important visible query users can see.

Google is getting sneakier with every update, especially with advertisement placement. In 2022, the latest SEO trends are expected to evolve with a lot more features and visible options for zero-click traffic searches.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Create new and trendy content.
  • Ask an SEO agency to search for keywords that are best suited for your type of business.

2. Site Optimization

With Google focusing on improving user experience, your site must be quick to load and best optimized. Otherwise, you stand no chance against your competitors.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Get the site optimized and improve loading speed.
  • Get an SEO audit.

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3. Adding Videos

A lot more people are now interested in watching videos over reading long content. Mobile networks have evolved, which has made online streaming a trend.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Create more videos to share engaging content.
  • Add more videos to already existing articles.
  • Share videos to advertise your business on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

4. Expanding the Backlink Profile


External and internal links keep the website going. Recently, they’ve become more used. When searching for free research papers online, people expect to see backlinks from reputable sites that support the content. Without these links, the paper loses its credibility and truthfulness.

Link diversity plays an important role in SEO. Creating a natural backlink profile is becoming more and more important. Google wants its rankings to reflect the needs of its users. Therefore, you have to use legitimate link building strategies in order to achieve a top position in search results. One of the most useful methods to enhance your Google positions is to gain many incoming links to your blog. But not just any type of incoming links. You should obtain dofollow backlinks.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Add more relative links to your content to support the information you use.

5. High-End Mobile Indexing

Based on recent statistics, people invest 90% of their time on mobile apps and 13% browsing the internet, which makes Mobile SEO the key part in boosting organic traffic.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Update all websites with top-quality content, compatible with the AMP version.
  • Pay attention to the visual appearance of the site’s mobile version.

6. Adding a Profile on “Google My Business”

No matter what kind of business you are working with, SEO is crucial for everyone. A lot more people are now googling for a business before they contact it. If they can’t find the information they need online, they are less likely to ask around for more information.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Update your “Google My Business” profile.
  • Optimize the profile for mobile devices.

7. Voice Search and AI

Google is upgrading its algorithm to allow users better search options. That includes AI and voice search. With BERT tech, Google can now process many languages in a way we could never have imagined.

This is most likely going to be the future of Google Search. This will make keeping up with the latest SEO trends more important than people realize.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Make sure you are writing top-quality content that fits BERT demands.
  • If your ranking is dropping after an update, get in touch with the SEO Melbourne agency to help out.

8. Zero/No-Click Searching

Almost 50% of Google searchers are no-click results. When users Google for a question, the answer will pop up in the snippets, making it less likely for users to open up the entire article.

How to keep up with the trend?

  • Select the type of keywords that drive most of your traffic. Prioritize them.


Keeping up with the latest SEO trends is not a “walk in the park.” It’s a lot more complex than people believe. Now that you have a general idea of the updates to expect, it will be much easier for you to plan your strategy to generate more traffic.

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