How to check website Score using Evaluation Tools

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Are you want to get a better rank on Big G? Do You want to why your content not get ranked? We suggest you check your SEO score at first!

Page Level SEO Analysis

It is a matter of concern for website owners when their website is not performing up to the mark. The most common issue for website owners is the lack of traffic.

This problem is usually experienced by new websites but even established websites can go through this problem. When there is the SEO rank downfall, it is required to check the reason due to which the rank has fallen. This can only be done if you have a complete SEO report of the website in hand, it becomes a lot easier to pinpoint the specific problem.

The SEO score checker is amazing tool recommended for this purpose.  It is a comprehensive tool that provides users with a proper picture of the website. If there are issues with the onsite SEO procedures, you would know through it. The report also highlights key statuses like favicon image and domain authority.

Website SEO score checker is the perfect solution

SEO issues can be damaging and the extent of damage increases if the problem is not identified on time. For instance, a lot of websites lose their rank and get off the first page of results if they have broken links. The rank continues to fall because the problem is not identified on time.

Here are some core points related to the SEO score checker tool.

  • Completely free online tool

There are lots of Free website SEP score checkers online, such as Neil Patel's Free Analysis Tool, Prepostseo, Smallseotools, and more…and one of I like to use is the Prepostseo.

SEO Score
SEO Score of

The Prepostseo score checker is a free tool without any limitations. To use this tool, the user does not have to pay anything. Other than that, there are no usage restrictions for the user.

The tool can be used the unlimited number of times without any stoppage. Users do not need any support installations or soft wares to use this tool. It is used online and users simply need to click the link to it.

  • Various SEO parameters identified

The SEO position/rank of a website are not determined on the basis of one parameter only. Several parameters are involved in this process. For instance, when Google awards a website with rank, it takes countless parameters into account. These include on page SEO, domain authority, and page authority and favicon presence. There is a very simple process which determines the details of SEO parameters.

  • When you open the link of the tool, you would be required to enter the complete URL address of your website. After entering the address, select the parameters on the basis of which the SEO report has to be produced. You can choose all the parameters or opt for selective ones. After selecting the parameters, click the button for generating the score.
  • The Prepost SEO checker provides a detailed snapshot of SEO results. In the beginning, you would see the SEO score. This would be a number calculated on the basis of selected parameters. For instance, if you want the score to be generated on the basis of on-page SEO only, a relevant report would be produced. Users can make selections according to their requirements.

Complete SEO analysis

Onage SEO

Complete information related to SEO fields is needed if you want to determine the reason due to which the SEO rank is falling. If the correct keywords have not been used, simply having this information would not be sufficient.

You would have to know the keywords that have been used along with densities of usage. This SEO score checker provides a complete analysis of the website. Here are some core areas addressed in the produced report.

  • Meta Tags and headings

Simply presenting text is not enough to get a good SEO rank. The formatting used is important as well. Meta Tags helps in improving SEO rank. If Meta tags have not been used, the rank of a website would go down.

How would you know that the correct Meta tags have been used or not?

For this purpose, a proper SEO score report is needed. Using the SEO score checker, this comprehensive detailed report about the website can be generated. If your website is weak in a certain aspect, you would know about it through this report.

  • Favicon Status clarified

The use of a favicon helps a lot in website branding. Branding is important to get the attention of customers. If you want potential buyers to notice your product, proper attention has to be given to branding. A favicon appears on the browser tab and helps in improving brand image.

If your website is failing to acquire a good rank, it may be because a favicon would be present. It is important to check the status by using a proper SEO score checker. The SEO Score checker is a fine tool that provides the complete status of a website. If your website does not have a favicon, you would know the status by viewing this report.

Summing It Up

SEO problems can ruin the rank of a website or prevent it from increasing. To solve the problem properly, you need to start by drilling down to it properly. Using SEO checker is an amazing way to accomplish this task. This is a simple online tool that provides users with a complete SEO picture of the website. For instance, you can determine the domain authority and page authority through this tool as well.

The SEO score checker is a completely free tool without any usage limitations applied. You can check the SEO score of as many websites as you want the without paying for anything.

This tool determines the overall SEO score as well as various core SEO parameters. After looking at this report, it becomes very easy to determine the reason due to which the SEO rank is going down.

For instance, if you have the wrong keywords being used in the content, the SEO rank would not increase. Instead, it would suffer. You can determine the keyword status of your website content by using this tool.

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