10 Marketing Tips to Increase the Number of Likes on Your Instagram Page

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If you're working to build a brand, either for a business or your own personal brand, you've probably agonized over ways to increase Instagram likes. It can be challenging, in particular, if you have a new or small account. It isn't surprising since Insta is the second most-downloaded app in the world, with 1.22 billion monthly users. How can you stand out in such a big crowd?

There are many actions you can take to get hearts for your content and grow your engagement stats. However, these tricks usually work better when more people see your posts, and IG tends to favor the most famous content and accounts. In other words, to have likes, you need to get some likes! To get around this problem, it's an excellent choice to buy 50 Instagram likes. It will help get the post in question more attention, so you can also earn hearts organically.

Here are a few more marketing tips to increase your taps once you get a boost:

Make Sure You're Using A Business Profile

Make Sure You're Using A Business Profile

Go to your settings and click the option for “Switch to business account” if you haven't already. Here are some benefits:

  • You are not required to pay or provide critical company data.
  • Once you switch, you can run IG ads independent of Facebook.
  • Even if you don't want to run paid ads, you can still use the Insights analytics panel, which helps you figure out which kinds of Instagram posts are getting the most hearts so you can focus on the kind of content your audience likes most.
  • Insights also contain a treasure trove of other data you can apply to learn more about your audience and better design future posts to meet their needs.

Post At The Right Times

Choosing the wrong time to post can be detrimental to the number of Instagram likes you get. It can vary depending on your target market, but weekdays, particularly Tuesday and Wednesday, tend to be popular times for surfing the site. People often have other activities on the weekend, and Mondays may be busy at work (for the most part, standard business hours are busy times on IG, proving a lot of people are Instagramming at work). Late morning and early afternoon may be good times to try.

There are many theories on the best times to post on Insta. Start by experimenting with different posting times per day, then check your IG Insights panel to determine which hours work best for your profile.

Get Inspired By Accounts You Admire

Ideally, these accounts should be similar to yours in terms of topics covered and the characteristics of your primary audience. However, you shouldn't try to be like them in every way. Study the most popular accounts in your field, consider what they do well, then think about what they don't – that could be your niche. Maybe you're an Insta fitness influencer who focuses on doing a particular kind of exercise uniquely.

Perhaps you're a food blogger who looks at each recipe in a broader historical or cultural context while showing how to make it. After deciding on your niche, look at those popular Instagram accounts that gain the most likes to see if there are trends in their visual style or design choices, as this may give you more ideas about your unique look.

Run A Contest That Requires Likes For Entries

You may have seen some of these contests on Insta before. The first requirement is always to like the photo. Some people also require commenting on posts for more engagement or following the hosts. It would help increase traffic to the post if you can collaborate with another well-known IG account in your industry. For example, a travel blogger might share the contest with a hiking expert, and the prize could be a free copy of both their books.

Tag People And Brands Who Appear In Your Photos

It is a beneficial idea if you're trying to build a career as an influencer on Instagram, but it can work for anyone. When you take photos that have people or brands in them, be sure to tag them. Many brands will repost content that makes them look good (and tag you back). Tagging also helps followers of the accounts you tag to see and give IG likes to your content as well.

Invite Users To Send Their Photos

The same idea also works in reverse – encourage your fans to send you their pictures or tag you in the posts. One possibility is to try running a daily Insta post where you ask for picture responses in the comments. It could be something like:

  • “Show us a picture of your last vacation.”
  • “How would you use this product?”
  • “What would you rather be doing right now?”
  • You could also hold an IG contest for the best photo of a particular subject, with an appropriate gift as a prize.
  • Be sure to include in the caption that you'll tag the winner and possibly any notable entries you decide to repost.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Many Instagram influencers put a lot of time and effort into hashtags. Insta allows 30 per post, but many people push them down several lines under the caption or put them in the comments. Insights can assist you in discovering the trendiest hashtags for any subject.

One idea is to dedicate 5-6 hashtags for the topic (cake, dogs, party décor, etc.), 5-6 hashtags to help people find you (#travelblogger, #author, #scifi, etc.), 5-6 hashtags that are both popular and relate to the photo subject (look at trending hashtags and choose one that fits), and the rest should be brand hashtags (you can make up your own hashtags describing a feature of yourself or your product or summing up your brand personality).

That will help you increase the Reach and gain more IG likes.

Tag The Location For Your Post

It also helps draw in local viewers and helps people nearby find your Insta post. Even if you aren't a travel blogger, you can tag your city, local businesses (like a coffee shop, a clothing store, etc.), or local events.

Even if you're not going for a strictly local approach, it will still help more people see your Instagram post, which should lead to more Instagram likes.

Don't Neglect Your Caption

Everyone has heard the adage, “Images are more powerful than words,” and it may seem even more true on a primarily visual medium like Insta. But your caption is still essential, and the right hook may help to reel in your IG audience.

Try to come up with something brief and to the point but emotionally resonant. You might say a few lines about the subject of the photo and why it means so much to you. Opening lines that take people by surprise are also a big draw.

Hop-On The Trend Bandwagon

Hop-On The Trend Bandwagon!

You don't have to adhere to every Instagram trend, but you should keep up with them to capitalize on any opportunities you notice. For example, there are thousands of versions of a meme with an angry woman pointing and a white cat looking unhappy. Insta users have changed the text on this meme to fit with a wide range of brands and accounts.

Another example is a picture of a theme park employee snatching an engagement ring after a parkgoer tried to propose in a restricted area. Thousands of IG users have added text to make this meme about all sorts of brands and situations. The possibilities are endless, but the closer you make the trend fit your brand, the better.

With these 10 Marketing Tips, you should be well on your way to boosting your Instagram engagement and improving your account's number of likes.

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