10 Incredible Photoshop Artists on Instagram

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Do you know the kind of designs you can make using Photoshop? Here is a compilation of ten of the best photoshop artists on Instagram that will make you be amazed by their creativity.

There are different artists around, each one with a different perspective of life. Hence, these ten Photoshop artists use their sense of imagination to make simple images to look appealing, unique, and attractive. They all have a different theme that identifies them. Art requires a touch of imagination, idea, love, and creativity. Here are some of the best Photoshop artists on Instagram.

10 Incredible Photoshop Artists on Instagram

1.Skip closer

The creative artist behind skip closer knows how to use contrasting colors to match elements perfectly. The imagery seems to be inspired by nature and dreams.

The artist uses colors that are not too shouting to ensure the images get the required focus on what's important.

The mix of two concepts helps to bring out a new meaning of the picture. The moon, clouds, sky, homes, and wild animals seem to be the major focus of the artist. The design is so aesthetic and brings a calm mood.

Not only does the designer use imagination but also relates to the day to day lives of beings.

2. Nogar007

Have you ever seen a picture and wondered how it was made with such a background? Well, this Photoshop artist utilizes space well with a little cyberpunk style.

The artist uses normal images and makes them look unique leaving no room for doubt. Nogar007 uses the concept of imagination to make various image modifications.

Disaster, escape, war, technology, strength, and nature manipulation seems to be the major theme. Not only do the designs make you curious to know the meaning behind the photo but also brings a feeling of victory.

3. Pulkit Kudiwal

This designer uses various characters to bring images to life. The mix of the characters and elements makes his work to be outstanding.

Most of the images are a mix of imagination, wild animals, animations, nature, and worldly concepts. A normal image can be made to look like it was taken from a different occasion.

Hence, bringing out the beauty of the images. The color combinations also bring a dream-like feeling that makes one fantasize about a certain concept.

4. Iambrandon747

This particular photoshop artist uses pink as the main color. This is while combining with various architecture, clouds, and nature.

The pink theme helps make the images seem similar and provide a calm feeling because not many colors are stressed on the images.

Hence, brings out a dreamlike feeling. The designer also uses the home or hotel concept to bring creativity to life. Hence, a simple image can be made to look amazing. This artist can make your normal house pictures to get a heavenly look.

5. nevershinerroom

The designer is good at combining animals with water and adds a floating feature that makes the images look appealing.

The spiral cuts on the subjects make the images have a unique look. The artist also uses an imaginary thought to make the images, breaking subjects, cut subjects, floating paths, buildings, and architecture. That is a smart combination that makes the images stand out.

If you are looking to edit your normal images to look outstanding, this is an ideal artist to work the magic for you. Who would have thought that spiral cut images would have such an outstanding finish?

6. limitlessmindgames

Limitlessmindgames likes to use nebular that lets the person feel the universe. However, it also brings out a lonely aesthetic.

The images tend to bring a feeling of pouring your feelings out. This is also with being one with nature and the universe.

The images seem to be messing with the mental feeling of an individual to bring you closer to nature and feel it.

The nature combination with the subject makes the individuals feel they have their own space while bringing your senses to life. “Feel the nature, let it out”.

7. The life of aivax

The Photoshop artist translates children's life into artistic creation. This is also through making the images to be full of fun.

The combination of nature and animations makes the images look outstanding and unique. Would you have ever imagined such a concept?

Children are the main subject and the props used to make the images look so outstanding.

The artist also combines the concept of children's games, adventure, and fun to bring life to the images. The best option to amaze your children or for family photos.

8. Benny productions

The picture style is dark with some light elements. The artist uses a variety of colors to bring life to the images.

Benny productions uses the concept of space, nature, and different color combinations to make the subject stand out without a doubt.

The images also bring out the concept of determination, perseverance, and warlike spaces.

It also brings a heroic feeling of victory with the combination of nature, teamwork and different struggles won. Would you have ever thought that such an imagination would be a winning concept?

9. Annamacnaughty

The photoshop artist uses the sky concept to make various designs. The images make one get a girly feeling and sense of style.

The color combinations also bring a light, calm feeling essential for making pictures to stand out. Looking at the images make you want to just go out, breathe the clean air outside, and just clear your mind.

The images put you out there, hand in hand with nature, and live in the moment. The artist also uses imagination to unleash creativity. The artist tries to remind us of the beauty of nature.


The designer uses nebular for the secondary processing of film characters. This helps bring different feelings to people.

The combination of colors and film characters makes them seem like they have come to life. The thoughts behind the image concepts bring a relaxing feeling.

The aesthetic nature is also characterized by how well the characters blend well with the colors used. This brings a feeling of wanting to watch the films and know what goes on. This is one amazing artist with unique design feelings.


How far can your imagination take you? Well, for these artists their imaginations make them travel to a different universe of ideas. Not only are their designs unique, but also stand out from each other. The feeling that comes with the various images is also pleasing and even while looking at them, you can easily fantasize about a particular concept. Each designer has a unique theme and message to pass around.

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