Top 10 LimeTorrents Alternative & LimeTorrents Mirror sites

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Are you a movie enthusiast who likes high-resolution video torrents? Are you bored with LimeTorrents Proxy and want to update to a new torrent site?

Well, worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of best torrents site alternative to LimeTorrents.

As we all probably know, no torrent site will live forever because of legal or piracy issues. But as a movie enthusiast, that fact shouldn’t worry you because day by day, tons of torrent sites with more advanced features arise.

LimeTorrents has for a long time been one of the champion sites in the world of torrenting, offering authentic torrents that you can download at a breakneck speed. The torrent provider site boasts of providing a comprehensive collection of movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games… and much more.

Official LimeTorrents:

LimeTorrents Mirror sites & LimeTorrent Proxy Sites

If you can not access to, that means, Your Home IP is probably already restricted to your ISP, You may try your luck to test those LimeTorrents Proxy sites at first.

LimeTorrents has undisputedly been one of the most popular torrent sites in the world, boasting of over 20 million visitors each month. Unfortunately, just like its peers, LimeTorrents face piracy issues, which is threatening its future.

But be glad that there are some alternatives to LimeTorrents and you won’t miss an opportunity to download your favorite torrents.

Factors to consider before you begin torrenting

  • Be on the look for commanding sites with a large number of visitors.
  • Look for sites that have tons of torrents of different genres.
  • Go for torrent sites that do not have pirated content to avoid landing yourself in legal troubles.
  • Consider torrent sites that give you an opportunity to hide your privacy before browsing using VPN’s to protect your IP address.

LimeTorrents Alternatives: 10 torrent sites similar to

Below is a list of sites we feel are better alternatives to LimeTorrents, providing you with high-quality torrents file in 2019.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the best overall and most popular LimeTorrents alternative. The website is famous due to its impressive collection of torrents of various genres ranging from movies, TV series, games, eBooks, software, applications to name a few.

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The website is a contender in this list because of its simplicity and engaging UI which is a crucial reason why it has won the heart of many users. Moreover, the Pirate Bay gives torrent fans an opportunity to upload files on the site without any complications.

Key Features of The Pirate Bay:

  • Free download but one can sign up to access more exciting
  • Offers a variety of torrent files to download.
  • Torrents have VIP icons to help users identify safe downloads.
  • Supports instant downloads.

2. RarBG


Are you a movie enthusiast who likes a great collection of high-quality torrents? Then RarBG torrent site is your go-to alternative.

RarBG is a contender in this list as one of the best LimeTorrents alternatives because it offers high-resolution video torrents. The site has won the hearts of movie lovers because of the impressive collection of tons of torrents; thanks to the large database.

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Even though RarBG was founded in 2008, it has experienced some legal pressure to the extent of being blocked in some countries such as the UK but has survived in a majority of countries.

Key Features of RarBG:

  • Offers a wide range of torrents.
  • In case the site is blocked in a country, users can still access it using a Torrent VPN.
  • Offers free downloadable torrents but one can sign up to access more exciting
  • Each torrent has information regarding the size of the file, the date added, and the number of seeders for download.

3. 1337X


1337X might be least popular in this list, but it is among the best LimeTorrents alternative. The website has gained popularity among folks due to its impressive collection of torrents regularly updated.

1337X lacks a large database but offers an amazing collection of old and new torrents; suitable for those who like digging in past movies or TV shows while at the same time update their movie list with new content.

Torrents are structured in various categories, each containing useful information that might become handy before you consider downloading a torrent. Even though the website might contain a lot of frustrating pop-up ads, it is worth your try.

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Key Features of 1337X:

  • An impressive collection of free downloadable torrents.
  • Simple user interface.

4. Torlock


If you only want original and not pirated content, then Torlock is your go-to alternative torrent site. The website has gained popularity among users who prefer genuine content that won’t land them in legal troubles.

The search engine was established in 2010 and mainly focusses on popular movies, TV shows, music, eBook, applications, among others. To show its commitment to provide genuine content, the website recently introduced a policy that pays $1 per fake content user finds on the site.

Moreover, the website boasts over 4 million torrents, something that has made it stand out from its peers and become the best LimeTorrent alternative.

Key Features of Torlock:

  • Torrents are structured in a way that tells when they were uploaded, their size, seeds, and peers.
  • The website has an extensive collection of popular torrents.

5. iDope


iDope was only established in 2016 but has gained popularity in the subsequent years due to its massive database which offers tons of torrents. iDope is a contender in this list because of its simple user interface and the existence of tons of popular content to download.

The website boasts of offering more than 18 million torrents updated regularly. iDope is one of the best LimeTorrents alternatives because it is not banned in any country and additionally supports a mobile version.

One notable aspect that makes iDope score beyond the board is the engaging and straightforward interface that makes it enjoyable as you browse your favorite torrents. Moreover, iDope deserves to be your go-to LimeTorrents alternative due to its impressive collection of torrents including movies, music, eBooks, xxx, or games.

Key Features of iDope:

  • Torrents are easily downloadable.
  • One can download torrents without registration or logging in.
  • Simple UI with a search and browse option.

6. Torrent hound


If you need a torrent site with a fantastic user interface, then Torrent hound is your go-to alternative. The homepage is quite neat but straightforward on the same measure with no tons of annoying ads.

What's more? The website has a search bar which allows you to search for your favorite torrents, making it one of the best alternative site to LimeTorrents even though it might not be as popular as its peers.

Key Features of Torrent hound:

  • Torrents on the website have valuable data indicating total downloads, file size, and other useful
  • The website has comprehensive genres including movies, TV shows, games, applications, music among others.

7. YTS/ Yify Torrent

Yify TorrentYTS/Yify is an excellent LimeTorrents alternatives because it rocks similar features to LimeTorrents. It is a contender in this list because it offers an impressive collection of torrents consistently updated.

Moreover, the user interface is quite simple, making one to download all their favorite movies in high-quality easily. In case the site is blocked in your region, one can consider using a VPN to access high-quality content.

Key Features of YTS/ Yify Torrent:

  • It offers high-quality movie torrents.
  • It doesn’t support instant downloads.
  • Free torrents but you can still sign up for more fantastic
  • It contains an impressive selection of movies; from past to the latest.

8. Zooqle


Even though Zooqle is not as popular as LimeTorrents proxy, it can suitably fit in as one of the alternatives. This amazing torrent site allows users to watch the latest movies using verified torrents.

On its dashboard, the website lists the content it offers, categorizing them in the most seeded torrents. The easy-to-navigate website boasts over 3 million torrents classified as either movies or TV series.

Some of the popular content formats one can find in the site includes TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Applications, and Books. Zooqle is slowly gaining popularity because it has not been burnt in any country.

Key Features of Zooqle:

  • Supports instant downloads.
  • Massive collection of torrents.

9. SeedPeer


This torrent site was initially called Meganova before transforming to SeedPeer. The prominent feature of the homepage includes clean and simple UI which is easy to navigate.

Apart from the eye-appealing design, the site offers impressive torrent files a majority of which are popular or latest. On the homepage, you can find new torrents with indications when they were added. Some of the contents you can find include TV shows, movies, music, apps, books, anime, and movies.

Key Features of SeedPeer:

  • Clicks have annoying redirects.
  • Has an extensive collection of torrents.
  • The search bar at the homepage.

10. EZTV


EZTV was established in 2015 but has gained popularity in subsequent years due to the quality of content offered including TV shows and documentaries. The user interface is a bit bulky, but the site has a handy search bar where you can search for your favorite torrents.

Key Features of EZTV:

  • Has a sign-up option where one can receive regular latest updates.
  • Popular content formats available on the site include TV Series/Movies.
  • Supports instant downloads.


We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best LimeTorrents alternatives. It is now upon you to choose one and start enjoying the torrents. All in all, torrent sites can put you in trouble with copyright infringements.

As a result, we highly recommend that you use a VPN for your safety. A slight leak of your IP address can give you some avoidable troubles. To prevent any of that from happening, it is recommended to use a VPN service. We hope this guide helps you figure out the best alternative site for downloading LimeTorrents.

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