Lastpass Review [2023]: Is It the Best Password Manager?

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Lastpass is a password manager that is as effective and easy to use as 1Password. It features multi-factor authentication, easy registration, easy login, security, auto-filling, and password generation.

Overview: Lastpass

Lastpass Overview

Lastpass is a credible software that safely backups your passwords and usernames. This is mainly on your browser, phone, or computer. It is effective and rated among the best software that you can use. It easily houses your passwords under one roof to ensure security is maintained. Lastpass also helps to remove obstacles while using accounts and auto-fill passwords when you need to make payments or other online transactions.

Are hackers worry about you? You don't need to fear a thing!It helps to generate strong passwords to help against hackers that can frustrate you. All your digital records will be safe as long as you take care of your account and who has the password to it. Also, sharing is much easier to ensure sensitive data reaches the intended person safely.

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What we like:

  • It detects the strength of your password to enhance security.
  • It features dark network monitoring to ensure the safety of the websites you visit.
  • It also secures shared passwords and features Two-factorcertification.
  • It is also convenient to help protect your passwords.
  • It allows you to safely log in to websites and auto-fills.

What we dislike:

  • Unfortunately, it does not support U2F.
  • There have been data breaches.
  • There is no easy way to import databases.

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Pricing and services for LastPass

Lastpass Free

Lastpass Free

It is convenient, reliable, and accessible on all your devices. When you sign up, it features a 30 day trial of the premium version. This helps you to test LastPass before you can try the premium version. There is no limitation in trying the free version.

Price: Free

Advanced features of Lastpass:

  • It allows one user to use the account.
  • Lastpass has a secure password vault and allows access on all devices.
  • Whenever you create a new account, it generates, saves, and auto-fills passwords.
  • It also allows for one-one sharing.
  • In terms of security, it features secure notes, multi-factor authentication, and LastPass authentication.

Lastpass Premium Plan

Lastpass Premium Plan

This premium plan allows for multi-device password sharing. This is with 1GB encrypted file storage for personal security. Hence, you won’t have to save your password on a word document or excel document which is troublesome. Lastpass will work the magic for you.

Price: $3 per month, but offers a 30day free trial

Advanced features of Lastpass Premium Plan:

  • It allows one user to save passwords, features a secure password vault, and allows access on all devices.
  • You can use Lastpass to generate, save, and auto-fill passwords.
  • It also allows one to one sharing and one to many sharing.
  • In terms of security, it features a security dashboard, dark web monitoring, secure notes, multi-factor authentication, last pass authenticator, and advanced multi-factor options.

Lastpass Family Plan

Lastpass Family Plan

This plan is ideal for families and allows up to 6 users to use it. Hence, it also features a 6-premium license for easy password sharing

Price: $4/month with a 30-day free trial

Advanced features of Lastpass Family Plan:

  • It is accessible by 6 users, allows a secure password vault, and access on all your devices.
  • It generates, saves, and auto-fill passwords.
  • It allows one to one sharing, one to many sharing, and unlimited shared folders.
  • In terms of security, it features a security dashboard, dark web monitoring, secure notes, multi-factor authentication, LastPass authentication, advanced multi-factor options, and emergency access if you get locked out.
  • On top of that, it also features self-guided and emails that support 1GB encrypted file storage, 6 premium licenses, and a file manager dashboard.

Lastpass MFA

Lastpass MFA

If you are considering getting an effective business plan, you can try Lastpass MFA. It features increased security for your business through multi-factor authentication.

Price: £3/user/month with a 14-day free trial.

Advanced features of Lastpass MFA:

  • It can support unlimited users but must pay a fee of $3 per month each.
  • It features an offline mode where your passwords can still be saved.
  • For security purposes, it features a security dashboard, standard two-factor authentication, adaptive biometric authentication, contextual authentication policies, workstation login, and authentication reporting.
  • Even with some form of limitation, it also has self-guided support and a customer success manager to ease your usage.

Lastpass Teams

Lastpass Teams

The team's package offers password management for a team of 50 users or less. This is the recommended user number for more effectiveness.

Lastpass Teams for small business

Price: $4/user/month with a 14-day free trial.

Advanced features of Lastpass Teams:

  • It is highly recommended to have at most 50 users and features more capabilities.
  • You can use it in offline mode, has an admin console, and vault for every employee.
  • It also features a password generator, saves and auto-fills passwords.
  • Lastpass teams also feature shared folders, a security dashboard, and dark web monitoring.
  • It also features a standard two-factor authentication and self-guided support.

Lastpass Enterprise

Lastpass Enterprise

The Lastpass enterprise plan features a single sign-on and password management solution. It even allows for an unlimited amount of users.

Price: $6/user/month with a free 14day trial.

Advanced features of Lastpass Enterprise:

  • An unlimited number of users can use it but must pay the monthly fee each.
  • Lastpass allows you to use the offline mode, admin console, vault for every employee, password generator, save and autofill passwords, and allows shared folders.
  • For security purposes, it features 100+ customizable security policies, a security dashboard, dark web monitoring, and standard two-factor authentication.
  • In the sign-in, it features 1200 +integrated SSO applications, contextual access policies, SSO portal for employees, Detailed SSO login reports, Federated login, API access, directory integration, self-guided support, and customer success manager.

Lastpass Identity

Lastpass Identity

This is one of the best plans that has many capabilities. It features a unified single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and password management. If you are looking for better password management, you better opt for the identity package.

Price: $8/user/month with a 14 day free trial

Advanced features of Lastpass Plan:

  • It can be used by unlimited users, has an offline mode, admin console, and vault for the employees.
  • It also features a password generator, saves, and autofill password capabilities.
  • Are you looking to sharing folders? Lastpass allows shared folders, 100+ customizable security policies, a security dashboard, and dark web monitoring.
  • In multi-factor authentication, it features a standard two-factor authentication, adaptive biometric authentication, contextual authentication policies, workstation logic, and authentication reporting.
  • It also features a single sign-on with 1200+ integrated SSO applications, contextual access policies, and SSO portal for employees, and detailed SSO login reports.
  • You also get a federated login, API access, directory integrations, self-guided support, and customer success manager.

Equipment and Platform

Lastpass Equipment and Platform

LastPass is flexible and can be used on the browser as an extension. Also, you can access the app on your Android play store or iOS apple store. Lastpass apps are easy to download and install. The function more or so the same as the browser plugin. However, the mobile app tends to be aligned to ensure you get all the features as required.

If you are looking to install LastPass as a browser extension, it is supported on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. If you are not a browser extension fan, you can opt for the desktop app for Windows and macOS. It functions the same as mobile apps with the same kind of interface. However, ensure you install and set up in the right way to ensure you don't miss out on some features.

Registration and Login

To register and create an account, simply navigate to the website: Lastpass. Then choose a plan that you think is most suitable for you. Then create an account using your email address. Choose a strong master password that will be used for your account.

Lastpass Registration and LoginEnsure you think appropriately about your master password to ensure it is as effective as possible. For this, it requires a master password of at least 12 characters. There must be a mix of numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters.

If you don't follow that procedure while making a password, you can’t create an account. It must be strong enough. It also offers a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and opera.

We love Lastpass because of how straightforward it is while creating an account and making changes here and there.

Multi-Factor Certification

In the case, that you want to login into a new device vendor, you have to realize that LastPass offers a one-time password that you can use to verify it's you. The randomized passwords replace the three-way validator applications.

Lastpass Multi-Factor Certification

First login to your LastPass account, go to the accounts settings which have the multi-factor authentication. Then select grid, you can edit and enable it, and allow you to access LastPass offline. The grid option also helps to secure your account. The grid is a printable spreadsheet of numbers and users that has different values when logging in. You should download it to ensure you never get locked out.

You can also set up a credit device that has all your credit information. Hence with each login, it will only require the master password. The trusted device tends to expire in 30days but you can manage other login devices.

Security Dashboard

Lastpass Security Dashboard

The security dashboard is not as complicated as you may think. It is where you can analyze your overall password strength, lists all your passwords, and identifies the weak passwords duplicates, and old passwords. Hence, you can even get an overview of your frequently used password and how it can easily affect the security of your accounts.

If you are on the free version, it may have some limited features, however, premium customers can even use the security dashboard to see the dark web of all email addresses. The premium plans tend to have advanced features that are effective in ensuring the security of your accounts. We would recommend its use because of the enhanced security features.

Password Generator

While creating an account you must create a master password with 12 characters. In this, it must include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and any unique features. This helps to enhance the security of your account. It is recommended to use four character sets to create your password.

Lastpass Password Generator

This is because it allows you to create the strength of your password. If it may seem tricky for you to do that, you can let Lastpass generate a secure password directly for you. This makes it easier to create a password.

  • If you have the browser extension, simply click the LastPass icon and click generate a secure password.
  • If you are creating an account, simply click the generate password icon n the password field.
  • If using from within your vault, click the LastPass icon, then select open my vault, go to more options, advanced, and generate a secure password. As easy as that.

Import Password

Lastpass Import Password

LastPass is a tool that supports all password managers and generic CSV files, but it doesn't import them automatically.

Once you have created your account and installed the LastPass extension or app.  Open the LastPass extension menu then account options > Advanced > Import.

You will see a list of over 30 password managers to import from. Once you select the correct option, follow the prompt to import the data file. It is as easy as that.

Password Sharing

At times you may want to share your passwords securely. However, different plans offer different sharing packages. There are certain limitations in like the free users are only allowed one to one sharing in which you can only view and accept shared folders, but not edit.

Lastpass Password Sharing

Those advanced users are the ones who can easily create and edit folders. To share passwords on LastPass, both users need to have Lastpass accounts. Due to how secure encryption works, both you and the person you are sharing with needs to be a LastPass user.

If you need to share a password, just go to your LastPass vault and search for the item you want to share. In the vault, when you hover over the website entry, click the share icon, enter the email address of your recipient and click share.

Automatic Form-Filling

Lastpass also allows the storing of multiple addresses, usernames, contact information, bank accounts, and personal information. Hence, whenever you want to login into your accounts, it becomes easier to do it

Lastpass Automatic Form-Filling

It allows your form fields to be automatically populated with your relevant information. This is majorly for accounts for which you saved their passwords. We love this capability because when familiar fields are noted, the software simply fills them for you and allows you to verify.

However, for some personal data such as driver’s license and passport information, it can’t be filled automatically. The automatic form filling feature is also supported on Android and iOS mobile devices. However, android and iOS requires version 8.0 and above.

How does it work?

You can easily create an autofill item by clicking on the + symbol on your Lastpass vault. Then start adding items in your Lastpass vault. For example, if you want to enter a payment card, home address, work address, insurance card, or other items. The data is then normally encrypted locally on your computer.

On your iOS 8 and above, LastPass syncs all the passwords and stores them across your iOS devices. Also, you can enable the LastPass extension by tapping the security option where you will see the Lastpass extension option. You can then enable the extension.

For Android, simply open the Lastpass app on your android, tap the menu> settings, and open autofill then permit to autofill. Also, click the radio button next to LastPass to enable the app for autofill.

Password Capture and Replay

Lastpass offers to save secure credentials that you enter manually. Hence you can assign a new or existing category to the saved credentials and assign the display name of your choice, add notes, and set the various options. Also, you can choose whether Lastpass will automatically login for less sensitive sites to require re-entry for sensitive sites.

Lastpass Password Capture and Replay

If you revisit a site with saved credentials, LastPass simply auto-fills the username and password. However, if you have many credentials for the specific site, it lets you choose from a dropdown to choose the details you want to use.In the case, that it is a new account you are creating on a website, it offers to generate a password for you.

Emergency access feature

Accidents do happen and it may be critical if no one has access to your information. Hence, you can set up a successor in advance by entering the email address to receive and define the time. Hence, when your loved ones want to access your accounts, it will be easier for them. There are also similar features in Dashlane and keeper.

Lastpass Emergency access feature

This offers an easy way to give others the passwords and logins when they need to manage accounts on your behalf. This may be after an emergency or death. Hence, they can get access to your accounts without being locked out. Requesting emergency access should only be done when serious.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lastpass

Can LastPass restore the account?

Yes, you can. In the case that you lose your master password, the password manager allows you to recover your account.

How can I restore my Lastpass account?

You can simply set a master password problem or bind it with your phone number. Hence, when you forget it, you get a notification on how to get it or solve a problem to help you know your master password. However, it is recommended that you use the two-factor authentication validation.

Is LastPass secure compared to other password managers?

Lastpass also uses Aes 256 Bit Encryption, which comes with the same trusted security as other password managers and allows you to store it safely. Hence, it is as secure as most password managers.

Verdict: Do I Recommend Lastpass ?

Yes, we recommend using LastPass. Not only is it easy to create an account, but also has amazing plans that can suit anyone's needs. This also comes with various password management, security, access, sharing, password generation, and authentication features. It is a great choice for both personal and group usage. Hence, you can choose the packages that allow you to have multiple users. While using LastPass, there is no third party interference, hence really secure for your use.

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