Dashlane Review [2024]: Is It the Best Password Manager?

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Dashlane is a highly secure password manager. It has enhanced security, VPN capability, multi-factor authentication, password generation, webpage capture, password autofill, and saving.

Overview: Dashlane

Dashlane Overview

Dashlane is among the best password managers in the world. Not only does it help you to create, save, and autofill passwords, but also helps give you a safer and simpler life online. You are guaranteed your data safety. The free version is ad-free, accessible, and you don't need any credit card to use it.

It is one of the best full-featured password managers around. It easily auto-fills passwords, payments, and personal information. We love Dashlane because it is secure and offers unique features to ensure your online presence remains great without hackers managing to access your accounts. Also, whenever choosing a password management software, ensure it will suit your preference, if it doesn’t then you should think twice about it. There is also LastPass and 1Password(you may insert link)that are equally effective and cost-effective if you want the premium versions.

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What we like:

  • It features VPN protection and can scan dark web infected accounts.
  • It supports the U2F key.
  • It is easy to organize passwords, save login information, and share information with other employees.
  • It also shows you data on how many of your accounts are using a similar password.
  • It can connect with your browser as an extension and features high encryption.

What we dislike:

  • It is unable to upgrade paltryde cloud storage.
  • The free version can’t be synchronized hence, you must use the premium version.
  • Sometimes the sharing function isn’t as intuitive as it should.
  • It has some trouble with multipage logins.

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Pricing and services for Dashlane

Dashlane Free

dashlane free account

If you need to use Dashlane for your accounts, you can opt for the free version. However, it has some limited features.

Price: Free with a free 30 day trial of premium.

Advanced features of Dashlane Free:

  • It can save up to 50 passwords.
  • Accessible on only one device.
  • It also features a form and payment autofill.
  • It can securely share up to 5 accounts and has personalized security alerts.
  • It has two-factor authentication.

Dashlane Premium

Dashlane Premium

If you want a more advanced account, you can opt for the premium version and get a more optimized experience. This is great if you want to secure any sensitive accounts and information.

Price: $3.33/month

Advanced features of Dashlane Premium:

  • It allows you to save an unlimited number of passwords.
  • You can use it on unlimited devices.
  • It allows dark web monitoring.
  • You can use VPN for WIFI protection.

Dashlane Family

Dashlane Family

This family plan has more features and fewer limitations. It is effective if you want to use it with many more users. It helps you manage members and billing in the family dashboard.

Price: $4.99/month or $59.99 annually.

Advanced features of Dashlane Family:

  • It allows you to invite up to 5 other people and get a private account for each member.
  • You also get unlimited passwords, unlimited logins, and use on many devices.
  • It also features form and payment autofill.
  • It features personalized security alerts and dark web monitoring.
  • It also features two-factor authentication and the use of a VPN for WIFI protection.
  • Identity theft protection
  • Credit monitoring

Dashlane Team Plan

Dashlane Team Plan

Using this package is a simple way to manage all your passwords in a team. Hence, every user can safely save their passwords securely.

Price: $5/month per user but billed annually. Dashlane teams plan also offers a free 30-day trial

Advanced features of Dashlane Team Plan:

  • It is secured with the US-patented security architecture.
  • It features a security dashboard and policy management for extra security.
  • It allows for advanced reporting and directory integration.
  • You can use it for group sharing, two-factor authentication, compromised password alerts, and the use of public WIFI VPN.
  • It also has two-factor authentication, SAMP provisioning, enforceable policy settings, and remote deletion of company accounts.
  • Enterprise mass deployment
  • It also features a customer success manager, live chat support, 24/7 support, and technical onboarding support.

Dashlane Business Plan

Dashlane Business Plan

This is the most advanced plan that you can use. It allows you to have full control of Dahslane software for password management.

Price: $8/month

Advanced features of Dashlane Buisness Plan:

  • It has all the features in the Teams package plus two more advanced ones.
  • This is the SAML-based single sign-on(SSO).
  • It features a free family plan for every seat ($60 annual value).

Equipment and Platform

Just like most tools and software, Dashlane offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can easily download the android app through the play store. If you are operating an iOS, you can simply download the app from AppStore. It will effectively help store your passwords to ensure they are under one roof, and you won't need to keep guessing the specific password you used for an account.

dashlane Equipment and Platform

The autofill feature helps prevent you from having to guess the passwords you used.Dashlane also offers a browser extension that you can use on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, and much more.

The browser extension offers three options. These are the safe deposit box, the site, and the generator.

The safe deposit box is where you can view and manage your saved passwords. In the site feature, it allows you to add logged in passwords there. Hence, whenever you access that site it will always remember you. For the generator, it generates high-security passwords for you, these ranges in length from 4 to 40 bits.

Registration and login

Dashlane helps provide applications for devices with Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. Also, you can use it on your android phone or IOS device. You should first navigate into Dashlane's official site and either get Dashlane and add it as an extension on your browser or download the app.

Dashlane Registration and login

If you are a new user, you will need to register with your email address. However, it doesn’t bind your credit card information. As with how other password managers function, even with Dashlane, you will need to set a master password of at least 8 characters, including numbers and mixed-case letters.

Therefore, when done, you can import passwords from any of the other password managers like 1password, Lastpass, Roboform, and much more. You can also export your old passwords from your browser in CSV format and then to Dashlane. It is not as complicated as it may seem.

However, Dashlane extension features are limited with only three functions

  • Vault – This is practically where you can manage your passwords. To open it, simply click the Dashlane icon in your browser and search for the credentials you need.
  • Website – This shows the sites for which you have credentials. Hence, if you have saved accounts, you can easily see your username and password.
  • The generator – It helps you generate a password that is strong enough for enhanced security.

Web page capture and replay

Whenever you navigate to any site and log in, if you have enabled the Dashlane extension, it pops up a dialog asking if you want to save the login information. It then captures the details. Hence, whenever you want to log in again, Dashlane fills in the information automatically. You should never worry about losing any login information at any one time.

Dashlane Web page capture and replay

You may fear that someone may easily hack your account, hence, when you know you will be giving out your computer device to anyone, ensure you log out of your account to ensure you won't have any regrets.

Password generator

Dashlane helps you generate strong passwords that can't be guessed easily. This goes for the master password that should be strong enough not to allow hackers to easily access your account details. It typically generates a 12-character password by default.

Dashlane Password generator

If you input a fewer number of passwords you will be prompted to have a much stronger one. If you input a weak password, be assured that Dashline will notify you to create a stronger one.

Secure shared password

Dashlane shared password via email

Are you worried about sharing passwords? Worry no more! It helps secure shared passwords. Hence, don't worry about the passwords getting to the wrong person. To do this, simply, select the password you want to share in Dashlane and click share via email. Also, remember to input the restrictions on the access level.

However, even if you share passwords the recipient can use the shared login, but can't view or edit your password. Hence safety is enhanced to the highest level.

Emergency channel

Dashlane emergency contact feature

The emergency contact feature ensures that your passwords are passed down to the next allowed kin. Anything can happen when you least expect it. Therefore, whenever there is an emergency, there should be an emergency plan to ensure everything goes smoothly, and if they want to access something, they can access it.

To do this, simply click the Emergency TAB at the desktop software and click add. You can also set up the emergency contacts of people who you trust. This will help whenever a crisis occurs.

Filling Form

Dashlane Filling Form

Just like most password managers, it helps you fill in personal data in web forms. However, it is not as flexible as you d wish it to be. It also doesn’t easily allow you to add custom sections and fields. If you have any saved data, whenever, you are filling in some data, it auto-fills for you, reducing the work you would have done filling in and out.

Hence, whenever there is some data that you frequently use, it saves it, and whenever it sees similar fields’ auto-fills for you. At times, it may be tricky when you don’t want some specific websites to be auto-filled, but you can disable some for your convenience. However, never make the mistake of resetting because you might lose all your data.

Dark web scan

How do you think Dashlane verifies your email? Typically, it uses Dark Web data scanned by SPyCloud to verify your email. Whenever you scan your email with the identity dashboard it detects a list of possible problems. The premium version is stronger on this matter.

Dashlane Dark web scan

There are often breaches here and there. However, Dashlane offers dark web monitoring in the premium version. It is a tool designed to scan your web for your compromised personal information and to allow you to take action to secure your account after a breach.

You are even able to monitor up to five email addresses. Dashlane runs a scan to find instances of personal information related to that email address. This is mainly usernames, passwords, credit card information, phone number, postal address, IP address, and much more.

Emergency Access

The emergency contact feature allows your loved ones to access your account in the case of an accident or death. Emergencies happen and they might need some of the data to help out with something.

Dashlane Emergency Access

Hence, it is recommended to enable emergency contacts, who can get access to your account. You just need to input their email address and choose under what circumstances they can access your account.

VPN function

Dashlane VPN function

Just like most ideal password managers, Dashlane has a built-in VPN network that sets up a secure channel between your computer and your VPN service company when you connect to an insecure network. With a VPN network, not just anyone can access certain websites. This feature is not available in the free version or premium version. If you have already purchased a VPN, you need to consider whether you need to use Dashlane or not. You have to consider that having a VPN comes with a cost.

It is the only password manager that gives users access to a virtual private network. A VPN helps to reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted, secure protocol. Dashlane can prevent hackers from stealing your passwords and other personal information. VPN's typically slow down your internet speed, while Dashlane uses one of the fastest VPN providers in the business.

Password changer

Dashlane Password changer

Most ideal password manager only generate strong and unique new passwords. However, for Dashlane, it makes it easy to replace od and weak passwords. It even allows you to change the passwords in over 300 websites. This helps ensure the security of your accounts is enhanced. During Dashlane’s setup process, the password changer brings up a list of the existing passwords and ranks them according to their safety level. It also gives a breakdown of any security issues associated with the passwords.


At times, the Autofill function can be a bit of a headache when someone gets your device and tries to make modifications to it. Whenever you are about to fill in some field the Dahslane D logo tends to change color.

Typically, it helps let you know what your next step can be. If it is gray, it means that Dashlane has detected the field, but doesn't see the appropriate data in your account to fill. A dark-gray D logo means that they have detected a field and that there is data in your Dashlane account to fill it. Simply click on one of the login fields and choose the credentials you want to use.

Also, you may not want your passwords to be everywhere, so you can turn off the browser’s built-in password manager. This is to help the data from conflicting. Dashlane helps make your online experience easier, hence it will log you into websites automatically. However, you can remove the auto-login feature for certain websites easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dashlane

Can Dashlane's VPN be canceled?

No, it is bundled with Dashlane, hence, even if you have already bought a VPN, the price doesn’t go down.

How secure is my data on Dashlane?

Dashlane takes security seriously. For starters, it requires a strong master password. It also doesn’t store your master password on their servers and doesn’t collect or store a password hint. Also, whenever you use a new device, you must enter a token each time which helps ensure the security of your data.

Can someone steal my master password when I am using public WIFI?

Not at all. This is because your master password is never stored or sent over the internet. Also, no Dashlane employee can get access to your master password.

Verdict: Do I Recommend Dashlane ?

Yes, we highly recommend using Dashlane. Not only has it been in existence since 2009, but has improved over the years. Also, it has some great features that can help secure your passwords. We recommend it because it helps store most of the private logins without failure.

It has powerful security features like 256 bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge protocol, encrypted storage, VPN capability, and multi-factor authentication. Hence, if you are afraid of your data getting compromised, you should try Dashlane. Another great feature you will love is the multi-factor authentication, in which along with your master password, you can log in using a temporary one-time password or even biometrics on your smart device.

The emergency access feature is essential because whenever something unexpected happens, your next of kin can get access to your information if you had allows it.

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