Top 15 Sites like KissAnime to watch anime online – KissAnime Alternatives 2024

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You love watching anime series online? Here are some fantastic websites like KissAnime where you can enjoy uninterrupted online streaming. Check them out.

People love to watch anime, they watch and watch until they finish the whole anime. That’s another form of entertainment and interaction that millennials love. Anime gives a whole new level of experience for all of the avid watchers and manga readers out there. That is why websites like KissAnime exists.

KissAnime is known as the worldwide king of anime websites that contains millions and millions of users located around the world in the past years. They use it to enjoy unlimited streaming. Compared to other websites that have a huge collection and database, KissAnime uploads everything in a consistent manner in every possible quality. They upload with the similar style on how YouTube does, from 1080p down to 240p.

Note: kissanime service unavailable and kissanime site is closed in 2018.

The interface of KissAnime is also very simple and understandable. Lots of genres are found around the website too. With this, you can look for your favorite anime in no time. There are also few features found in KissAnime, such as the regular updating of new series, user-friendly interface, fast streaming and of course, no ads.

Anime series are trending these days. They are watched by fans of all age groups with no restrictions. KissAnime is a very popular anime streaming site where you can watch many anime videos in HD quality and other video qualities. It comes with a rich variety of series and anime movies. Though there are a couple of other websites offering anime videos, they are nowhere close to what you get on KissAnime.

YouTube is one platform where you can also find anime collections, though with some restrictions. That is what drives many people to opt for alternatives that have no restrictions. There’s no better way to enjoy popular anime series like Naruto, One Piece, and Detective Conan than on a non-restrictive platform like KissAnime.

KissAnime is one of the most popular online anime streaming sites. It has the largest anime fan base of all anime websites. KissAnime has an extensive library of all your favorite anime shows. In addition, it also comes with a very user friendly interface. The homepage is notably clean and neatly arranged into tabs for easy access and site navigation. As such, users can easily access their favorite anime shows with no much strain and hassle. In the modern time of stiff business competition, a number of other emulator sites have cropped up with almost similar content as KissAnime. In this review, we have sampled some of the best KissAnime alternatives you need to try out.

List of 15 good anime site like kissanime for cartoons & american series

15. Gogoanime

Gogoanime for cartoons & american seriesGogoanime is an anime streaming website that has a very big database. It is a simple platform and at the same time, free to use. It allows you unlimited streaming with fewer ad irritations compared to the others. There are also millions of users found here, they love to enjoy the latest anime with very fast streaming.

Gogoanime : Pros

  • Fewer Ads
  • Huge Database
  • Millions of Users

Gogoanime : Cons

  • The release is an hour late

14. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreakAnother streaming website that offers services for free too. They have a subbed and dubbed version for every anime found online. Easily browse through the different sections of anime shows around the website. The platform is not that complicated to look at, so you could just do it all by yourself.

You can use categories to look for your favorite anime, search by latest, genres or how popular it is. It has a massive list and also, they do update everything regularly. They have almost the similar features as KissAnime has.

AnimeFreak : Pros

  • Similar to KissAnime
  • Free to use
  • Subbed and Dubbed versions

AnimeFreak : Cons

  • Streaming speed can be faster

13. WatchAnimeMovie

WatchAnimeMovieOne of the best anime movie websites that you can find out there. It gives out the most popular and the latest anime series. It is free to browse platform, but then the experience is fully premium. You can access everything anytime, anywhere in the world.

The site also has a very big collection of classic and latest anime movies that also does update regularly. New stuff is always uploaded in order to deliver more and more anime series to all of its viewers.

WatchAnimeMovie : Pros

  • Free Streaming
  • Premium feels
  • Massive Collection

WatchAnimeMovie : Cons

  • No dubbed versions

12. NarutoGet

NarutoGeThis is not just a website all for Naruto streams and details. It has way more than that. For anime series lovers, this one is probably the largest one that they could find. It is the leading online home for all of those anime addicts. You can access this website anytime, anywhere you may be around the world.

Delivers an immersive platform for those who love to watch anime and wants to enjoy the anime experience with a free cost. But to prove it is something connected to the Naruto series, it offers the best Naruto Shippuden clips. From the English dubbed to the English subbed versions, Naruto get has it all.

NarutoGet : Pros

  • Best Naruto Shippuden source
  • Has dubbed and subbed versions
  • Largest community
  • Free cost

NarutoGet : Cons

  • Not that complete database

11. Anime-Planet

Anime-PlanetA streaming website that will allow you to choose from lots of streaming videos. It is the world’s first and the most trusted database that will help you have an idea what should you watch next. Also, it has a feature that will set up a list on what you will be watching next time.

This website was launched last 2001 as one of the first anime and manga recommendation website that has a huge database with a basic level. Now, it has millions and millions of anime and users around the world.

Anime-Planet : Pros

  • The first anime and manga website
  • Set up list feature
  • What to watch next feature

Anime-Planet : Cons

  • A little bit complicated interface

10. AnimePark

AnimeParkAre you looking for a simple online streaming site full of anime? Here is one of the best options for you. AnimePark is a free anime streaming website that is made for all of those anime lovers out there. It is a leading website and has been there giving out quality service to all of its users. It is a very simple website that gives you almost all of that anime-related content.

It offers not just anime series, but also it has movies, dramas, episodes, and all new kinds. It offers a massive variety of different content with different genres and classifications. It makes the browsing experience even better because of its simple interface and a wide range of collections.

AnimePark : Pros

  • Not just series
  • Free
  • Simple interface

AnimePark : Cons

  • Not a fast streaming website

9. Horribulesubs

HorribulesubsAnother new anime streaming platform found online that is making a huge buzz to all of those anime lovers out there. It is probably the best option of all of those internet users out there. It offers a very big collection of anime series that is also hosted by third-party servers.

Not just that, this site also allows you to download HD anime series, unlike other websites that only allow you to watch it. There are lots of movie contents that are engaging stored in the database of Horriblesubs, this is to make sure that you are not far and away from the league of the anime found online.

Horribulesubs  : Pros

  • New on the market
  • Can download the series
  • Hosted by third-party servers

Horribulesubs  : Cons

  • Many Ads

8. Animenova is one of the very best places to look at the anime movies that you want to watch. Not just that, they also have an anime series and some anime dramas, so you will really love to enjoy your time here. Do not worry about not understanding or poor sub quality videos, there are also dubbed versions of certain contents out there.

You can also watch their videos in high-quality streaming, this is done so that you will enjoy the video so much. Even if the streaming quality is high, the streaming speed of the videos in Animenova is also fast. There are lots of categories on this website, anime series, Naruto manga, cartoon and movie, dub anime and more.

Animenova : Pros

  • Different categories
  • Not just series
  • Can watch high quality
  • Fast streaming

Animenova : Cons

  • Lots of ads

7. Animeheaven

AnimeheavenIt is a free streaming website for anime that will allow you to watch different anime series with absolutely no limitation at all. The site contains more than about 3000 titles that also does regularly update with new titles.

Each of the anime series that are found on the website is shown with a brief description. This is for you to know and have a brief overview of what the series or movie is all about. Not just that, the characters are also shown with their brief descriptions as well. This makes you know some things about the series even if you are not watching it yet.

Animeheaven : Pros

  • Character description
  • Series Description

Animeheaven : Cons

  • Less Database
  • Not that many

6. Netflix

NetflixYou may not have thought of it, but Netflix also offers different anime online. It may look like it is a western application that only has movies and series that are live action, but it also contains different anime there. The streaming quality in Netflix is so good and you can also choose to download it.

The subtitles in Netflix are easily understandable and the platform is very friendly to whatever your device is. One thing about Netflix is that you need to purchase the subscription in order to watch movies. The subscription is paid per month. After purchasing the subscription, welcome yourself to endless counts of movies and series available. If you want to take a break from watching anime, then go watch other movies as well!

Netflix : Pros

  • Good quality
  • Fast streaming
  • Premium platform
  • Netflix

Netflix : Cons

  • Not free

5. Hulu

HuluHulu is a source of entertainment. Lots of different versions of entertainment is found on Hulu. In fact, it is one of the leading entertainment sources in the world. It deals with streaming services, mainly movies and series. It houses thousands and thousands of different types of content.

The collections that are found on this website are also those that are award-winning and highest rated. So not just that, you also get to watch thousands of smash hits that you do not regularly see around. TV programs can also be accessed here, so you will be updated on whatever happens on the outside world. Way more than just watching normal anime series and so.

Hulu : Pros

  • Huge database
  • Not just series
  • Can watch TV programs

Hulu : Cons

  • Paid subscription

4. Masterani

MasteraniMasterani is the leading anime site to watch and stream English dubbed anime online. It also houses with more than 300 complete and the latest anime series in full high definition quality that you can just access wherever you may be in the world, anytime. The site has a very modern user interface that you will make you think you are looking at a premium website.

You can also easily search whatever content you wish to watch here. The interface makes the searching and the watching experience easier and simpler. You can search for your favorite anime and then select it from the large drop-down search bar. You can also choose the series that you want to watch from different and lots of genres.

Masterani : Pros

  • Premium design
  • Simple design

Masterani : Cons

  • Less database

3. Funimation

FunimationFunimation is one of the biggest streaming websites that you can find out there that is based in North America. Not lots of websites are based there, that is why this is a huge gem for Americans. The experience while watching from this website is extraordinary and not normal. It is not just anime here.

In Funimation, you can see the details of the movie. Intense and in-depth details are found here which makes everything more explained. You can easily get all of these details without suffering or having a hard time. The anime series, games, guides, trending ideas, popular shows, home videos, accessories and much more than that. It is a completely free website that will give you more than what it is expected to give.

Funimation : Pros

  • Free
  • Shows many details
  • Learn more about the series

Funimation : Cons

  • Slow sometimes


Because.moeWatch all of those anime movies and series in a very high-quality format with faster streaming service. is one of those websites that will allow you to fully immerse yourself when watching the movies and the series. You will learn more about the fantastic and amazing online world full of entertainment.

Get inspired by the site of because this website offers almost the most similar features that KissAnime has. They have almost the same designs and features that KissAnime has, but then they do give some new features and updated ones, which makes it a little bit new. The objective of this website is to deliver the best content and experience to all of the viewers and watchers out there. All the anime lovers would love to spend time here. : Pros

  • Almost similar to kissanime
  • High definition videos
  • Has new features : Cons

  • A little bit confusing interface

1. AnimeLab

AnimeLabThe best site to watch anime online. It has anime hits and fast-tracked simulcast shows that are directly gathered from Japan in full High definition. It has thousands and thousands of episodes that are available to be watched for free and also new series are added every single week. It is almost as similar as for how Kissanime gives their services to all of their customers.

All of the stuff that are found on the website are consisting of multiple categories like the popular shows, genres, latest series and more. Each of the categories found is also consisting of different options. It does not require you to register in order to watch the series that they offer. But if you wish to register and watch, you may do so.

AnimeLab : Pros

  • Similar to Kissanime
  • Has lots of categories
  • Modernized interface
  • Updated videos

AnimeLab : Cons

  • Nothing

Watching anime

Truly watching anime is one of a kind. It is probably one of the best inventions in regard to watching contents in the TV screen. One of the best innovations directly related to anime is to make it available online. It is not easy to make anime and show it off online for free. That is why it is just enough for all of us to watch anime in these websites.

If ever KissAnime shuts down or it may not function at your home, then these websites are the websites that you need to go to. No other websites, just these. They give out the same anime, only with different viewing experiences. It does not matter though, we are all appreciating good Japan work and art.

Watching from manga to the anime is one of the things that people look forward to nowadays. That is why people are getting into it, it such a big thing in some countries and probably everywhere else in the world. Imagine watching something that is just literally made from scratch and then pumped up into a digitalized art that is shown on screen.

That is the power of anime in this current generation. It adds up the spice and the life of those who read the manga. The art of creating the anime, the story, the lessons, the emotions that you feel when watching these are not that easy to be acquired from somewhere else.


Remember, these are the alternatives for Kissanime. When Kissanime goes down, you now know where to go, what to watch and when to watch them. There are some that are not free, some are slow, some have lots of ads in them. But they do give out their best just for all of us to experience anime like no other.

So if you are thinking of watching anime but not in Kissanime, go do it now. Learn to look at the other platforms and experience different services that each website offers to all of its viewers. Remember, never forget to enjoy all the anime!

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