How to Get More Real Instagram Followers?

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Do you want to be “instafamous”?

Well, of course, you do. Who doesn’t? These days, instafamous people are considered celebrities and often have more influence on people’s minds than politicians and social activists.

Below are five simple steps you should follow to gain more Instagram followers and become as famous as Cristiano Ronaldo or at least as Beyoncé.

Get More Real Instagram Followers

1. Follow Wisely

So, tip number one. You’ve heard that before but you’re probably doing it wrong. Have people told you to make sure you comment, and like, and follow the people considered popular on Instagram, so that way you get more followers? We’ll bet you have and believe you did your level best to follow this recommendation. But we need to admit that though that piece of advice can be quite useful it’s only halfway correct. And here’s what we mean.

Most people who have just embarked on their quest toward becoming instafamous make similar mistakes. They start following half-naked, mega attractive models with countless followers and start liking all their stuff. Imagine you also did the same and… After a while, these models’ followers start seeing your comments, come to your profile, start liking your photos, and eventually become your followers.

And everybody ends up happy! Right? Wrong. Truth is, with the passage of time, all these people are going to stop liking your posts and pictures. Why? Because those followers are really irrelevant to what you’re doing or promoting on your Instagram account. So, make sure you like, comment, and follow only those people who are within your industry.

See, Instagram has this algorithm, which looks at how many comments and likes you get when the post first gets published. And if people are following you within your industry, sure you’ll have a lot less followers, but the ratio of likes and comments are going to be way higher. This means that your photos are going to go more viral and appear on the discovery pages. As a result, you’re going to get more followers.

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2. Get Some Help

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Nowadays, more and more people take advantage of special services that provide Instagram likes and followers for money. Though some users frown upon such practice, even the most followed Instagram personalities don’t shy away from getting a little help.

It’s not shameful to buy Instagram followers to give your new account a boost up at its nascent stage. Once you attract the required amount of attention from real people, your target audience will warm up to you and gradually transform into your loyal followers.

3. Post Visual and Emotional Content

The third tip we have for you posts visual and emotional content consistently. If people aren’t bonding with your content, they won’t be following you. Visually appealing content, whether it is videos or pictures, will strike people and make them want to consistently follow you.

The reason why we’ve also mentioned “consistently” is because not everyone is going to see all your videos and photos right away. It is normal for people to take breaks. They’re not all on Instagram every single hour. Some check their Instagram once or twice a week, so you have to be consistent with your content as well.

4. Submit Content to Other Instagram Accounts

There are Instagram accounts on everything. It’s not a secret that lots of influencers are totally nuts but this doesn’t prevent thousands and even millions from following them. You may be surprised that a good many most followed people don’t even bother to generate meaningful content themselves. All they do is take curated content, publish it, and tag the person they got that content from.

So make sure you create content and submit it to other accounts. Let us remind you that those accounts should be dedicated to the same things as yours. It’s a great way to get tagged by popular accounts that boast more followers than you. Undoubtedly, some of those followers will come back to your profile and start following you as well. Leaving comments and liking your pictures.

5. Collaborate With Other Influencers

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Finally, the last tip for you is to collaborate with other Instagram influencers. You’ve probably seen this before on Instagram where people post pictures of each other and tag each other. It’s one of the surest ways to amass more followers. And we’re not really talking about that when it comes to collaboration, but that of course works as well.

And here’s what we mean with the collaboration. Let’s say you have a picture with your friend Sam, who’s also a popular Instagram blogger. You wouldn’t just put this photo up and tag each other, but you could also do stuff like “Hey, we’re gonna hold an Instagram give-away, say, ten iPhones or iPads.

Take care to tag us both and share this picture on your Instagram profile, or repost it.” If other users do that, not only will they be leveraging your audience, but also Sam’s audience. As you see, the key is to start with influencers who have a similar amount of following that you do. After yours grows, you can then climb your way up to more popular people on Instagram.

I hope you’ll be following these five tips and your Instagram will explode with tons of followers and likes!

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