10 Free Ebook torrent sites to Download Books Online

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Are you an ardent book reader? Are you finding it hard to have all the hard copies of books? Do you have a hard time finding the best torrent sites for books?

Enjoy the rush as we go through the best torrent sites for books that will significantly improve your reading experience.

Reading can be an addictive activity, as you will find it hard to live without a book around you. Such situations might be limited when you do not have a reliable source of books.

You will find it tedious to carry around books, thus developing a need for softcopies. As discussed below, these are the best torrent sites for books.

10 Best torrenting websites for ebooks

1. Ebookee


Ebookee is one of the most defined book websites that hosts a series of books with different genres; all included under one platform for you. Get lost on this site which makes one of the best Torrent sites for books. Ebookee has a superb design that makes it easy for you to check out books as per their categories and tags effortlessly.

Not only will you find recently viewed e-books but also top ten books as well as the latest added e-books which make it smooth to keep up with any new content. You will be mesmerized by the search feature on this website, which helps you to identify the e-book that suits you quickly.

You can only download e-books from this site which does not offer an online reading. You should, however, know how to handle some ad pop-ups and redirects on this site.

2. Smashwords


Smashwords is another excellent Torrent site for books that allows you to read a wide range of books for free. When you sign up on Smashwords, you get full access to the vast library of this site. Furthermore, you can effortlessly search for books, authors, and series to ensure that you have an easy time checking out your books.

Smashwords has an elegant user interface that enables you to publish your books easily on this website. Some of the books on this site are for sale to make this website partly free and partly premium. Enjoy easy distribution of books on Smashwords guidance on formatting and publishing of books.

3. Books-share


With a website of simple design, books-share is one of the best Torrent sites for books that gives you a marvelous experience when in need of the best e-books to quench your thirst for reading. Feel the ease in using the search feature that helps you locate your e-book using the title or author of the book in this library.

Furthermore, Books-share has the categories button which contains the arrangement of e-books in categories to facilitate smooth access. On Books-share, you have access to free books with a download feature that makes it possible for you to take e-books offline just after undertaking an unchallenging signup process.

4. MyPDFbooks

Just as the name suggests, MyPDFbooks happens to be one of the most useful sites that serve as best Torrent sites for books. Including books from different genres, MyPDFbooks features an attractive library which will suit your interest. Search through this site and locate an exciting book.

However, MyPDFbooks limits you on reading books online, which means that you have to download any book from this site before reading. You will find it convenient to get notifications via email on any updates on e-books. What makes this site even more convenient is the summary which enables you to understand the contents of a book before downloading.

5. Planet e-book

Planet e-book

Planet e-book is the way to go for free e-books coupling with its compatibility with many devices to bring about convenience. What makes Planet e-book one of the best Torrent sites for books is the bright display which has a menu button. On this button, you will find options such as authors where you can check out their books. Do not miss out checking the titles option that includes different sets of e-books.

6. Tech Books for free

Tech Books for free mainly focuses on providing you with free books on computers, science, and technology, making it one of the best Torrent sites for books. If you have an interest in all the matters related to technology, then Tech Books for free is the best stop for you.

Above all, downloading on this site is free, and you do not need to sign up to check out any technology content on this site. You will, however, encounter the limitation of this site, which lacks a search feature which makes it inconvenient for you to find a book that satisfies your interest quickly.

7. Zooqle


Unlike other torrent sites discussed in this article, Zooqle is one of the best torrent sites that focuses on movies and TV shows. You have to sign up and create an account on this site to gain access to some of the best shows.

Moreover, Zooqle has the popular and new releases displayed on this website to guide you through an easy viewing process. Calendar option on Zooqle will guide you through the scheduled release dates for movies and shows. Zooqle includes a search option with all genres of films and shows displayed well.

8. FreeBookspot


As the name suggests, FreeBookspot is a site that provides a free download of e-books, making it another great option for best Torrent sites for books. FreeBookspot does not require you to sign up for downloading e-books but creating an account enables you to leave comments and also upload books on this site.

With many categories to choose from, FreeBookspot includes different views, including the compact view to enhance reading. Each book contains views, cover, author, title, date published, and category making it smooth for you to choose a good read.

9. ManyBooks


ManyBooks is an impeccable library for book enthusiasts as this site includes a vast collection of books for you to enjoy every bit into reading. What makes ManyBooks one of the top Torrent sites for books is the search feature that allows you to quickly search for a book by the author, title, or keyword. Signing up on this website is optional for you.

In addition to that, ManyBooks is free, and you can smoothly wade through the different categories of books. ManyBooks has a sleek design with a website that is arranged neatly to give you ample time when looking for the genre of a book you need to read. What is even more convenient is that you can choose to read online or download a book free.

10. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

If you have not heard of Torrent downloads, then you are missing out on a lot of fun from this fun-filled site. Torrent downloads make a great Torrent site for books by including books, movies, anime, software, games, music and so much more to give you one of the best and unique encounters when it comes to reading, watching and listening to different content.

Furthermore, Torrent downloads enable you to take content offline free for reading and watching through an easy download option. You will find it easy using the search option, which provides you with titles that match your keyword. Torrent downloads undergoes content updates frequently to ensure that you engage with the best content. Signing in on this website is not mandatory, making it convenient for you.


To sum all this up, you will enjoy your time on most of the websites that offer you a vast collection of books online. Reading is an unquenched thirst that grows over time, but with the above options, you are likely to encounter a great time on these sites.

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