Top 10 Best Free Torrent Search Engine Sites 2024

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Ever had a problem finding something online for free? Wondered where all of your friends download all of those free games, movies, and anime? We have the list of best Torrent Search Engines to set of 2022.

Before we start, I have to warn you. We are not condoning pirating and free torrent downloading, if you do this, you are doing it at your own risk. There are many reasons to use torrent sites to download various things. Some of them are expensive. Others are unavailable in the country you live in and some of them, like some movies, you missed because you had a busy week or a family issue that You had you had to solve.

Some of the countries do not have any laws that forbid free torrenting, purchasing many digital items redundant. Any reason you have, there is always a multitude of options for your best torrent  Search Engine, and we have the top 10 list of them. With these torrenting sites, you are sure not to miss anything, if you are looking hard enough. These torrenting sites are also the safest out there, so you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware when browsing the internet for your favorite series newest episode!


1. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is one of the best Torrent Search Engines out there. The download speed of this software, paired with the popularity and nice layout make this torrent engine the unique site in my list. Torrentz2 is the meta-search engine that combines searches from other engines which makes it the most versatile torrent site out there.

The option to search from other torrent engine sites using this one is the most convenient option I have seen a multitude of times, but Torrentz2 takes this option to the point where there is no need to bother searching through other torrent search engines! If something is online, you will find it!

Torrentz2 Pors:

  • Reliable Search Engine
  • Easy searching of multiple sites
  • Decent download speed

Torrentz2 Cons:

  • All sites are in the same place. You have to choose a reliable one
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Torrents me is a specialized torrent search engines that, similar to Torrentz2, searches other quality torrent search sites, compares the popularity and gives you different options when it comes to downloading your content of the internet.

It is relatively simple to use, but still harder than torrentz2 search engine which is why this software ended up on the second place on our list. Again, the search engines might differ in these two, so they are both worth checking out for the broadest possible search and the ultimate torrent result. I suggest you check them out. Pros:

  • Specialized Searched Engine
  • Plenty of data
  • Widest possible search Cons:

  • Sometimes it has a low download speed
  • A bit harder to get used to

3. Utorrent Search

Utorrent Search

This is a torrenting software you use together with the torrent search engine, and this is one software you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE on your computer.

No matter which Torrent Search Engine you use, this software is the bread and butter of the torrenting business and money saving. Depending on the number of seeders on the search engine, the downloads can be extremely fast, but it can be downright impossible, but that’s up to the search engine you chose as your favorite!

Key Features of Utorrent Search:

  • The best software when it comes to torrent
  • Must have for every pc
  • Fast download rates
  • Easy download manipulation

Utorrent Search Cons:

  • Weird Updates
  • Some manual updates required

4. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Ahh, the Pirate Bay. The old king of BitTorrent search engines. I can’t describe how many hours I have spent on this site. You can find anything there. Movies, TV shows, video games, you name it.

Pirate Bay has it all! If something is on the internet, it is on the pirate bay. Throughout the years, the pirate bay had its fair share of issues. It has fallen and risen more times than anyone could count, but it still comes back. The only problem is, you can't search other torrent engines using pirate bay, but it makes up with the vast number of files you can find here.

Key Features of The Pirate Bay :

  • Bread and butter of the torrent engines
  • Most famous torrent engine
  • Plenty of movies, games, music

The Pirate Bay: Cons

  • Often falls of the server
  • Often unavailable
  • Possible Viruses
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5. Demonoid


Demonoid is a BitTorrent Search Website, created by an anonymous Serb. IT is a search engine designed to be a software that would replace ever- falling Pirate Bay. IT has similar search options, and it has proven to be one of the best BitTorrent Engines in the world.

It was very popular during the previous 2018 year, and the popularity of this fantastic torrent software is just growing and growing. The software is stable and easy to use. The only hiccup would be the fact that you have to register to use it, and many people hate that!

Key Features of Demonoid :

  • Descent competitor in the torrent engine industry
  • A wide variety of data
  • Fast download speed

Demonoid: Cons

  • Unstable server
  • Often unable to find the right proxy

6. 1337X


The reliable Torrent search engine with regular updates and fantastic staff members, 1337X  is tested and graded one of the best search engines out there. I started using 1337X for lots of stuff: legitimate games, movies, series and much more data I needed for my pc.

I also prefer this one over the Pirate Bay because of the stability the software offers, unlike many other torrent engines out there, such as Pirate Bay. I know that with 1337X, I no longer worry if the Engine is down or not. That’s how safe this software is.

Key Features of 1337X :

  • Plenty of options
  • Easy layout
  • Quick search

1337X: Cons

  • Some low download time
  • Multiple domains are confusing



Now this Torrent search engine is a website that allows peer-to-peer file sharing using the bit torrent protocol. It is a reliable software founded in 2008, and it is amicable and safe to work with. Files you can share using RARBG include but are not limited to movies, tv shows, software, anime, video games, music, and many more records.

It is a very reliable alternative for any torrent search website that uses BitTorrent protocols, like all of the other search engines on this list. IF you are sick of same old same old and want to try a driver with a bit different design, try RARBG, it will be worth the shot!

Key Features of RARBG :

  • Early access to movies, games
  • Get your data sooner than others
  • Gifts


  • Registration required
  • Multiple domains
  • Poor design

8. Lime Torrents

Lime torrents

Lime torrents is a reliable and verified torrent search site where users can upload and download movies, video games, software, and music. After testing this search engine for a couple of weeks now, I can say that I do not have anything wrong to say about Lime Torrents.

There is no requirement to register, such as some other software on this list, and that is a plus in my book. The downloads feel a bit slower than some of the more popular software on the list, but that might be due to the lower amount of people seeding the software so you can download faster, but still, a quick download is possible.

Key Features of Lime torrents :

  • Easy Search Options
  • Plenty of options to pick from
  • Multiple categories

Lime torrents: Cons

  • Registration and login required



YTS.AM torrent search engine, formerly known by the name of YFIY is my go to torrent website when it comes to downloading quality movies. You can't download a movie as soon as it hits the cinema, but if you are willing to wait for a little while, possibly two months, you will be able to get a high-quality movie using this site.

YTS also has a torrent branch for all of the subtitles which are usually accurate and well made. Yes, you can get a quality subtitle that will fit the movie without the need to tweak the timing! And there are plenty of languages to choose from. I often download English sub for English movie, just because it is easier to follow (My laptop sound is not the best)

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Key Features of YTS.AM :

  • High-quality movies
  • Quality choice
  • Multiple versions of the same film
  • No Registration Required
  • High Download Speed

YTS.AM: Cons

  • Weird search engine
  • Slow search engine
  • Categories are messed up
  • Old movies mixed with the new, no order

10. PickTorrent


Picktorrent is a humongous torrent search engine with a couple of millions of data, including movies, music, video games and many more! This search engine is very reliable, and it is used by millions of people every month. The updates are often and decidedly, and the staff is giving their best to make this one of the best legitimate search engines BitTorrent has ever seen.

I have only used this specific torrent engine a few times, but I never had any complaints. The search engine does not require registration, which is already a plus in my book, and it contains some unique data that could be found in no other site but this one.

Key Features of Picktorrent :

  • Unique data
  • Complete Web Search Engine
  • NO registration needed

Picktorrent: Cons

  • Hard to find
  • Requires VPN for faster download


This was our List for the Top 10 FREE Torrent Search Engines. Once again I must say that some of the countries do not allow these websites or free torrenting under the pirating law. Now that I have said that, please do not blame us if you get an enormous internet bill from your provider company. For those of you willing to take a chance, any of these torrent search websites are legitimate and working.

As with all sites of this type, you still have to be careful when it comes to downloading data off the internet if you want to preserve the good health of your computer system. Good as they are, these search engines are nowhere near perfect, and you do need to pay attention. If you are careful, nothing will happen.

I have been using most of this software for years now, and I never had any issues with any of the software I mentioned in the top 10 torrenting search engines list.

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