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Looking for a streaming service that gives you an endless supply of educational and non-fictional content? Read on to know about Curiosity Stream.

For quite a number of years now streaming has been gaining tremendous momentum and is considered as the future of TV. In a nutshell, streaming refers to a technology that is often used to deliver content to computers, Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, mobile and handheld devices via good working and a stable internet connection.

As opposed to the native ‘cable TV’ technology and programming, streaming involves the transmission of data and information consisting of video and audio allowing the intended audience to watch and listen to whatever content they want and wherever they are.

With streaming the options are endless whether you are a fan of movies, series, sports, podcasts, animations, documentaries and many more.

Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms

A streaming service is simply your online store and a source of content. It is an ‘on demand’’ online source of content such as live sports, movie series, documentaries, and TV shows. Streaming platforms are the best alternative to cable and Satellite TV. All you need to do is pay a subscription fee depending on a variety of content that you want, or pay per view mode where you only pay for what you want to watch or listen to.

Amongst popular entertainment service providers, Netflix and Hulu have been around for quite some. However as competition continues to increase and many other similar content providers demanding a share of the pie, Curiosity Stream has also threatened to take up a major share of online content consumers with its variety of content.

More on Curiosity Stream

This streaming service is not your average platform by looking at what it offers on its menu. Curiosity Stream is designed exclusively for millions of diehard fans with a passion for nonfictional documentaries, series on science and technology and history among many more. To those who like to dig deep into fascinating and captivating real-life subjects and documentaries, then no other platform is better than Curiosity Stream. It is dedicated to offering hundreds if not thousands of nonfictional shows with vast libraries in science, technology, arts and civilization and a lot more.

Curiosity Stream

Established by John Hendricks who also happens to be the founder of Discovery TV, Curiosity Stream has a rich blend of original programming and is precisely designed for the curious population who may want to dig deep into a niche streaming service that offers real-life documentaries. This platform also features a mix of content from BBC, NHK and other producers.

Curiosity Stream rich content and original programming will just cater for everyone with a curious mind. From thirteen-year-olds who love building and making water-bottle rockets to academics and geeks or to sixty-year-olds who just want to relax and watch the deep commentary on the latest scientific research and breakthroughs. Regardless of the age bracket, Curiosity Stream is the most deserving and legitimate streaming service available.

  • Availability

One of the best features with Curiosity Stream is that it is not Geo-blocked.

Geo -blocking is a system that is deployed to limit what content you can access via the internet depending on your geographic location. Curiosity Stream does not have these limitations meaning that its entire programming library is available to its fans no matter where they are in the world.

You only need a Curiosity Stream account and internet connectivity to stream amazing content on your Smart TV, Streaming device, gaming console, on your mobile handheld device or laptop on the go.

Compared to other streaming services, Curiosity Stream is inexpensive and affordable to say the least. For starters, you have the option of trying the streaming service for a week to check if the content is worth the hype. The standard high-definition streaming plan will just cost you less than $4 a month or you can opt to subscribe for the whole year at only $19.99.

If you are a diehard fan of 4K content, you don’t need to be worried. Curiosity Stream has you're got your back provided you pay a little more. 4K content is available on both monthly and yearly schedules. You can pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or opt for the yearly fee of $69.99.

This is a huge bargain considering the variety of ample programming associated with Curiosity Stream.

  • Content and entertainment experience

Once you choose the subscription that suits you best, you now have a chance of sampling Curiosity Stream’s library that mainly focuses on videos that aim to educate, infuse knowledge and inspire. You will have access to over 2000 documentaries and short videos with an emphasis to fulfill a specific niche. Every film or documentary in Curiosity Stream’s library is undoubtedly a great choice for those who want to enjoy every educational and inspirational episode.

The paramount goal of Curiosity Stream is to entertain its fans with an endless amounts of content and to satisfy any curiosities out there. The content will cover anything to do with Science and Technology, Nature, History, Society, Lifestyle and more.

CuriosityStream entertainment experience

Curiosity Stream’s interface is also quite instinctive and though it may vary from one device to the other it is simple to use and very user friendly.

It has different categories to choose from as well as short descriptions of each documentary. You will also have a chance to interact with recently added categories that will have newer titles or the trending category.

Whether you want to learn about the history of World War I, the amazing Pyramids in Egypt, The earliest civilization, the future of Plane Earth or the science behind the latest technology in motoring then definitely Curiosity Stream has a lot in store for you.

Options are endless when you get into different categories that you will most likely not get on any other streaming services. Curiosity Stream is definitely worth every penny and a good choice for families, scholars, kids, documentary fans and to those with a ‘curious’ mind.

Final Thoughts

If you feel bogged down by regular television, get ready for a high-quality, educational but entertaining content by trying out Curiosity Stream.

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