Streaming Vs Cinema – Why People like Streaming service better?!

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Why you should consider streaming movies rather than Cinema – conventional ways of watching movies?

Content streaming has a number of advantages such as instant playback, affordability, and a wider content variety. Read on to find out why you should consider streaming.

Over the past few decades, a lot has changed in exactly how media is transmitted, relayed and eventually how it is finally consumed by the target audience. In recent times most people are relying on computers, tablets, smart TVs, smartphones and handheld devices to stream and watch movies, listen to music and podcasts, read journals and books amongst other benefits that streaming facilitates.

A huge population globally will quickly think of internet-based services such as Netflix or Hulu when the term media streaming is mentioned, but in the real sense, media streaming includes music, movies, weather updates, sports and even on-demand streaming services that allow the consumer to access variety of world’s media libraries from a number of streaming platforms.

Present-day streaming 

Cinemas and movie theatres were once a major thing, they were the venues where family and friends could gather and watch a movie. It was the only way to enjoy a movie for those who didn’t have the privileges of owning a TV set or found the variety of native cable TV menu boring.

With the Internet increasingly becoming available and TV sets becoming affordable, cinema is fading away and streaming is arguably the best alternative.

Present day streaming

Today, streaming relies on a functioning and a stable internet connection to transmit media and broadcasts. It is a technology that is often used to deliver content to computers, mobile and handheld devices via the internet.

This technology involves the transmission of data consisting of video and audio allowing the intended audience to watch and listen, making it one of the most popular means of entertainment and live broadcasts.

Streaming began in the early 90s and has progressively gained popularity through service providers such as Hulu, Spotify, and Netflix. These providers often transmit and deliver popular TV shows, movies, music and podcasts, and even games to millions of their users globally.

Whether one is using a computer, handheld device or even a television set the options are endless so long one has access to a good internet connection.

Streaming movies from content providers such as Curiosity Stream and Amazon has revolutionized the way movie lovers globally access and watch movies.

If in any doubt or if you haven’t considered streaming as the best alternative option as opposed to other conventional methods, perhaps reasons below will.

  • Convenience

Going to the cinema or movie theatre involves queuing which time is wasting. It also means having to endure noisy people ruining your viewing experience.

movies viewing experience

Nowadays streaming services are increasingly being integrated in most of our devices. Most smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and handheld devices can access Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify among others so long as one has internet connectivity.

Some of these service platforms have modernized the entertainment experience by the use of dedicated intelligent apps that suggest what to view based on your viewing habits. Other apps can even keep track of your choices and letting you carry on watching from where you left.

Streaming services specifically tailored for your handheld devices and mobile phones ensure that you also catch up on your favorite movie on the go.

  • Variety

Cinema releases on the other hand may only be available on selected few cinemas and this could prove to be a huge disadvantage.

Online streaming services have no limits to what you choose to watch. Whether you are a fan of the backdated movie or a diehard fan of new releases, streaming offers such an excellent opportunity for your viewing pleasure.

Online streaming services

For those who have a preference of watching movies authored by specific characters, then streaming offers this convenience. You can watch specific shows that you are interested in or even watch a specific category of movies like thrillers and horrors something that you can’t get in a cinema.

  • Cost

A regular movie ticket will cost you between $10 and $20 on average depending on the theatre. On the contrary, the best streaming platform will not cost you as much per month.

With streaming, you will be surprised that it is nearly half the cost of the cinema ticket and you can also have the option of renting movies online at a much cheaper cost.

  • Complete control on your hands

Consider this, while at the cinema your favorite movie or show is never paused no matter what. Whether you need to go for a short call, need to get some burger or snack. The movie continues to roll.

Sometimes you may need to rewind in order to understand certain scenes and you will certainly not be able to do this whilst at the cinema.

Complete control

On the other hand, streaming allows you to enjoy the content at your own pace. Pausing and rewinding is pretty much possible.

Another reason why streaming is popular is because you are able to attend to other duties as you watch your movie. If something like an emergency happens you will be able to pause and carry on later after you are done.

  • Content Quality

Content Quality

Due to competition amongst streaming companies for large market shares, the result is having access to content that is both high quality and original. Streaming services are also creating their own content and this brilliant idea gives so many options.


While going to the theatre is an adventurous and sometimes enjoyable event, it can be an expensive affair and the experience might eventually not be worth it.

Streaming and the diverse privileges that this technology offers will definitely be the best choice of entertainment.

Streaming continues and makes movies easily accessible to the majority of people with lower sources of income and to those can’t make it to the cinemas.

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